poly studio

imagine rapper line working on some new songs in the studio and when hoseok reads through namjoon’s drafts he lets out this exasperated sigh and says, “are you rapping about your dick? again? seriously namjoon, at this point i’m just wondering if it’s really as big as you say–” before yoongi pipes up absent-mindedly “yeah, it is” then going completely still when he realizes what he just said but it’s too late bc hoseok’s face is already morphing from confusion to realization then finally to Pure Horror as he whips his head from yoongi to namjoon, who is looking Very Smug and Filthy while watching yoongi get 3 shades pinker, “i don’t even want to know” is all hoseok says as he scrambles to put his headphones on before namjoon can even throw in a dirty comment

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