poly ropes

Incorporating food into your parrot’s enrichment can help increase their interaction with toys! A few things to consider:

- Your parrot wants to work for its food!
- You may need to shape the foraging behavior first (teach them how by helping them “find” the goodies a few times first)
- Start with minimal complexity and then increase as they get the hang of it (first one layer of news paper or coffee filter, then increase to two, then three…then shove all of it into a toilet paper roll for a large challenge!)
- Create toys that have a variety of activities for them; this one has the foraging pouch, then the wood to chew up, and then underneath everything there is a layer of plastic pony beads as a last surprise. This will keep them interested longer!
- If your bird seems uninterested in toys, keep offering different items and I’m sure something will pique their interest eventually.
- Hold onto disassembled toy parts (wood blocks or chunks, beads, gears, etc) and use them as foot toys, or re-string them on a piece of poly rope later and re-hang!
- Remember: it doesn’t have to be pretty! As long as it’s safe, your bird will love it just the same.