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Headcanons ; Poly!Relationship OHSHC

Oh mi godd you’re going to take requests for OHSHC?!! Nicee! Well if it’s okay I’d like some hcs about the twins being in a poly relationship with a fem!reader? Thanks in advance💞   Hey I’m the one who requested the poly between the twins and their s/o I meant is as a V relationship 😅

fucking love the twins oml

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  • Hikaru would definently be the one to get jealous easier than Kaoru would. It’s in his nature, so he can’t really help it.
  • Kaoru would be the more romantic one in the relationship. Hikaru would feel embarrassed to do so in most situations whilst Kaoru doesn’t really care what other people would have to say. 
  • They’d both tease you. Like, a lot. They’d part their hair differently to trick you into thinking they’re the other twin, say embarrassing stuff about you to their friends, and get you in the ‘mood’ only to leave you there.
  • Whenever Hikaru loses his temper and says something cruel to you, Kaoru would lead you away and comfort you. He’d beat the shit out of Hikaru afterwards, make him apologize, and make a big dinner for all three of you.
  • Hikaru would be the most active in bed. He’d be the most experienced and would have you begging for more within seconds.
  • Kaoru loves to lay his head on your stomach and hold your waist and Hikaru loves nuzzling up to your chest while you play with his hair. 
It Started Off With a Feeling- Smiinicat

@cuddlysmii7y @dtk15 for your smiinicat needs! (And everyone else’s, of course.)

The new and much better (and shorter) version of Ten Days! Featuring a rarepair and a little brother who just really wants ice cream (also still, fuck titles.) Enjoy, folks!

Wildcat was not having a good Thursday morning.

He’d forgotten to charge his phone last night, so now he couldn’t listen to music on the school bus. Some idiot had spilled cereal on his seat – who the fuck brought cereal to eat on a moving, jolting bus? – so he’d been forced to steal his friend Terroriser’s seat, and Terroriser had taken what was normally Ohm’s seat. And now Ohm was staring down at both of them, fiddling with his gray omega hoodie as he tried to figure out where to sit instead, not wanting to cause a fuss.

The bus driver was yelling at Ohm to sit down, and Wildcat felt awful for putting Ohm on the spot. The kind senior was one of the two kids at school literally everyone probably liked, and what was more Wildcat knew he liked to sit next to Terroriser. The junior was Ohm’s long-time crush, and since Wildcat knew the feelings were reciprocated he felt shitty for forcing them apart.

At least, until Terroriser patted his knee with a grin and said, “You can sit right here, bunny boy.” Neither Wildcat nor Terroriser were expecting anything to come of it, but Ohm, after a quick pause, shrugged off his backpack and pulled out a book with a smirk.

“Not how I expected you to ask me out, Terroriser, but I’ll take it,” he sighed as he settled on Terroriser’s lap, shifting until he could comfortably get his legs out of the aisle. Wildcat just stared, and Terroriser flushed bright red, turning to Wildcat with eyes the size of plates.

“W-what?” he squeaked, not moving at all under Ohm’s weight.

Ohm was turning red too, wholly aware that Wildcat was watching and would tell everyone the second they got off the bus. “I said, not how I expected you to ask me out. You idiot, I’ve liked you all year. Please tell me I wasn’t imagining that you liked me back.”

Terroriser just flopped his mouth for a second, then pulled Ohm into a long kiss, making the senior squeak with surprise and the bus driver yell at them to behave. Wildcat started laughing at the beautifully unexpected situation, wishing he could tell the group chat what was happening. Underneath it all, though, there was a pang of sadness.

If only his love life were so simple. If only he weren’t in love with his best friend. 

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The Eurovision High School AU

- Jamala the overdramatic history teacher that everyone loves anyway
- Petra and Måns the vice principals who do the morning announcements. They’re hilarious. Måns is an alum.
- Donny, Poli, Greta, and Ira the seniors. Donny has this sort of fuckboy reputation which is absolutely unwarranted because he is really sweet actually and was a very dorky freshman. Poli is everyone’s best friend, she’s super cool and everyone loves her. Greta is less well liked which is weird because once you’re her friend she’s…so cool? and Ira is highkey sophisticated like she seems like she’s in college already
- Jamie-Lee the freshman. This should surprise no one.
- Laura and Sandhja leading the dance team
- Hovi and Sanja the super cool juniors who are best friends with Poli but no one really knows how. It just sort of happened.
- Jüri and Justs the hot sophomores (which is kind of an oxymoron because /sophomores/…but it’s a thing. Somehow.)
- Frans is also a freshman but he’s that freshman who is weirdly chill. There’s always a freshman like that trust me
- Zoë and Francesca the leaders of the gardening club. They’re underclassmen or something.

Plot 143: L.O.V.E. T.R.I.A.N.G.L.E.

Muse A is looking for the perfect extracurricular to cap off their school experience and it just so happens that there’s one spot open on the cheer-leading squad. The only problem, apart of Muse A’s total lack of natural ability, is that the squad is super competitive when it comes to picking new members. Muse B, a former friend of Muse A who’s been on the squad for 2 years already is Muse A’s only shot of getting anywhere near ready for tryouts in just a few weeks, so Muse A swallows their pride and begs Muse B for help to impress the rest of the cheerleaders. It’s hard work memorizing complex routines and stretching muscles Muse A didn’t think were possible to stretch, but spending valuable practice time with Muse B after school and on weekends starts to pay off. As an added bonus, Muse A and Muse B start to rebuild their friendship, which went sideways when they entered high school for some reason. 

Muse A is optimistic as tryouts approach, but the closer they get to D day the more Muse C (Muse B’s significant other and star athlete) invites themselves to practice sessions. It’s uncomfortable for Muse A to be shaking their ‘pom-poms’ in front of Muse C, considering Muse A’s crushed on Muse C from afar for several years but Muse A tries to be discreet about it. One afternoon when Muse B isn’t able to make it for practice, they send Muse C as a stand-in and things get even more awkward. Muse C is more ‘hands-on’ than Muse A anticipates and Muse C confess their growing attraction to Muse A. When Muse C sees an opportunity to make a move, they seize it and Muse A doesn’t stop them (at least not right away). Now Muse A must decide whether a fling with Muse C is worth upsetting their chances of acing tryouts and risking the friendship they’ve just started to repair with Muse B.                 

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alright but like some dick in the hallway makes fun of the junker boys s/o, or like slaps their ass or says something demeaning, in an instant mako and jamison are LOOMING over theyre shoulder, jamison has a terrifying smile, meanwhile mako is devoid of all emotion except murder

The dude doesn’t even last the half hour before he’s singed and bruised and apologizes quickly to the Junkers’ s/o while the Junkers watch from the background with narrow eyes.

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Poly Roadrat high school AU?

You didn’t specify whether you wanted headcanons or a scenario, so I’m going to go with headcanons!

-You met them when the entire school was evacuated due to a mishap in a chemistry experiment. Junkrat loudly exclaiming the properties of the chemicals they had to use and the different reactions it causes when you change the amounts while Roadhog stood next to him silently.

-As much as you may find them annoying, they did get you out of an awful test that you were pretty sure you and your entire class would fail, so you warn them when a teacher’s coming.

-While the entire faculty pretty much already knows who did it, Junkrat gives you a giant grin as he hooks his arm around you “Oi, Roadie! Come ova here, check out this sheila!”

-Junkrat talks to you about the explosion he created (quieter) and when you mention it getting you out of a test his grin becomes smug and he looks even more proud of himself

-Roadhog later points you out, reminding Junkrat that you helped them causing Junkrat to go over to you and swing his arm over your shoulders like your old pals

-Its an odd friendship at first, but you grow used to them

-They love using rewards as incentives to finish things, the rewards being kisses.

-They viciously protect you from any bullies at the school

-They both totally walk or drive you home, regardless if your house is in the complete opposite direction of theirs

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Poly Cool kids number 16, please? :3

((Aw hell yeah! How about some Junior high school Poly Cool Kids first meeting? Also Sour Cream is Agender in this(and any other stories I write about them) so I’ll be using they/them as their pronouns.))

Things you said with no space between us.

Jenny was never a fan of gym class not because she didn’t like exercise or because she was bad at it she just hated the teacher with a fiery passion. She couldn’t drop the class but she had gotten good at faking illnesses and injuries to get out of it. Of course today the teacher wasn’t buying any of her lies and was forcing her to participate. They were playing on those dumb scooter things trying to kick a ball around. Jenny was staying as far to the side of the gym as she could and away from the action. The ball was kicked towards her and someone yelled for her to catch it. Instead she scooted to the left slightly and gave a very insincere “Opps. My bad.”

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Okay but poly highschool Genji and Zenyatta wearing very large (sometimes very uncomfortable) sweaters their s/o makes them, even if some people laugh at them because their s/o is so happy when they wear the sweaters they worked for hours on.

That’s so cute omg Genji would also make sweaters with their s/o and Zenny loves wearing them so much

not trying to rain on anyone’s parade or anything BUT I really think from all the pictures I’ve seen MY graduation pictures were & still are thee best no one can top them. hahah just sayin’ ((: don’t wanna sound all cocky but it’s kinda sorta SUPER true! hahah 

hahah congrats to all the youngsters who graduated this year. Time to be an “adult” hahah