poly high school

The Eurovision High School AU

- Jamala the overdramatic history teacher that everyone loves anyway
- Petra and Måns the vice principals who do the morning announcements. They’re hilarious. Måns is an alum.
- Donny, Poli, Greta, and Ira the seniors. Donny has this sort of fuckboy reputation which is absolutely unwarranted because he is really sweet actually and was a very dorky freshman. Poli is everyone’s best friend, she’s super cool and everyone loves her. Greta is less well liked which is weird because once you’re her friend she’s…so cool? and Ira is highkey sophisticated like she seems like she’s in college already
- Jamie-Lee the freshman. This should surprise no one.
- Laura and Sandhja leading the dance team
- Hovi and Sanja the super cool juniors who are best friends with Poli but no one really knows how. It just sort of happened.
- Jüri and Justs the hot sophomores (which is kind of an oxymoron because /sophomores/…but it’s a thing. Somehow.)
- Frans is also a freshman but he’s that freshman who is weirdly chill. There’s always a freshman like that trust me
- Zoë and Francesca the leaders of the gardening club. They’re underclassmen or something.

wanted: f/nb (change the pronouns if you need to) - poly ship, high school or college

     “i thought we were staying in tonight.” indi reminded, giving the book in front of her another once over. really, this was her fault for inviting her girlfriend and boyfriend over when she had planned to study, but she couldn’t help herself. technically she could spare the night if she pretended she was helping them as well. she reached up, tightening her ponytail before she looked over at them again. “i really do have things to get done, although you’re both adorable.” she smiled fondly even if she was trying to be more stern about it. they were such a distraction. 

     teddy could barely keep still on the bed, his eyes on india as his hand grazed the back of his other girlfriend’s thighs, a hint at teasing that might tickle her but not rile her up. he was trying to coax her closer to where he sat on the edge of the blonde’s bed, wanting affection.  “if we stay in you’ll forget about the books just as fast.” he reminded, pulling the other girl closer as his arms wrapped around her waist and he pressed his face into her stomach, still glancing at indi. “convince her.” he said, finally looking up. 

inspieos  asked:

So, what kind of teacher do you think Coulson is inside the Framework? History? Social Studies?

I would guess social studies if it’s high school, poli sci if it’s college? Could be a whole course (a gen ed requirement nationwide) about Inhumans that basically is propaganda against them. 

Whatever he is, the school either has a low budget or doesn’t allow technology in classrooms because ugh who uses chalk anymore? :P

What did graduation mean to me?

Before I entered high school, I was going through a lot in middle school. I wasn’t the best daughter. Certainly not the best student. And because of my decisions, it ruined my relationships with my family. Things were pretty tough of course and at many times from freshman year all the way up to my graduation, I thought about suicide. I never attempted suicide because I was too scared but I really wanted to. Just because I couldn’t take life anymore. Yeah yeah yeah, all of those reasons. But at one point, I was convinced I wasn’t going to be alive for my own graduation. At one point, I thought “I’m not going to make it. I’ll probably be dead before that happens." 

And that’s why graduation means a lot to me. More than anything. Because even after all that I’ve been through, I’m still here. Alive. Graduated from high school and off to the rest of my future. 

So congratulations to the Class of 2012. <3 

not trying to rain on anyone’s parade or anything BUT I really think from all the pictures I’ve seen MY graduation pictures were & still are thee best no one can top them. hahah just sayin’ ((: don’t wanna sound all cocky but it’s kinda sorta SUPER true! hahah 

hahah congrats to all the youngsters who graduated this year. Time to be an “adult” hahah