poly drama


Jesus, what happened?

-A couple people got terrible Anon hate (not the usual bland trolls)
-Someone told someone they’d like to see her character r*ped
-Someone was hospitalized for a breakdown over rumours.
-Someone vagueposted about someone’s character concept and shota, cue shitfest.
-Which turned into a shitfest about futa and “trap” fetish.
-This shitfest quest chain is now turning into something about slut-shaming and sex work due to accusations of flashing tits for money.
-Someone vagueposted about personal drama between poly friends, inevitably vilifying polyamoury as a whole, cue shitfest side-quest.

And surprisingly, contrary to the usual Tumblr drama explosions, the Lalas have gone by unscathed.

I’m actually really looking forward to this next episode of The 100 - is anyone else actually finding the Bellamy/Pike/Kane/Abby conflict really interesting? Plus I love seeing Miller and Monty involved. Everyone’s complaining about the show at the moment but I’m actually enjoying seeing the interactions between this new mix of characters