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Occasionally, monogamous people tell me that I’m one of the few polyamorous people they know whose love life isn’t full of drama.

I’m realizing there’s a two-part response to that, which is:

1. You probably know more quietly happy poly people than you realize, working through the inevitable challenges with compassion, but without massive bouts of drama. I’m visible as one of these people because I’m just a little louder about polyamory than average. And, also worth noting, people’s relationships in general are often most visible when things are going wrong. That can skew your perception of how often things go wrong.

2. I set boundaries. That’s the main difference I see between myself and the poly people I know with a lot of drama. Has complicated stuff come up in my love life occasionally? Sure. My secret for not getting wrapped up in it isn’t some snazzy trick. It isn’t about magically changing how other people behave. It’s simply a process that goes something like this (not a magic formula, not a rigid procedure I promise will work for everyone or that I even follow consciously, just a fuzzy outline):

-introspecting about what I’m flexible on and what would require me to alter (or discontinue) my relationship (big or little r) with someone

-gauging whether the person is trying to take advantage (this certainly isn’t always the case, and isn’t required in order for me to set a boundary, but is a problem if it does happen)

-(unless I judge the situation as clearly intractable, which as an autonomous person I, like everyone, have the right to judge unilaterally) communicating with the person in order to see if negotiation could solve the issue

-and–the least fun part–actually altering my relationship with the person if necessary.

Does this mean I’ve sometimes had to give up something that I wanted with someone? Absolutely. In the short run, it can be a real bummer. In the long run, it has led to me having a quietly happy poly life.

Or, well, because it’s me and I like to talk about my love life, not actually all that quietly. I’m poly and my partners are super-great, y'all.

you know what i take everything back if they don’t just recreate the opening animation for GioGio’s Bizarre Adventure (2002) then what the hell are they even doing. it’s bullshit. if it isn’t at the very least ¼ as cheesy and bad as that im usurping davidpro’s director and redoing everything

Pancakes - Ga//me Gru//mps Big Bang

Title: Pancakes

Author: TheseusInTheMaze (theseusinthemaze.tumblr.com)

Summary: Suzy is hit with a bout of insomnia, and messages Barry for some company. She ends up discovering many things, including things about herself that she’s not expecting.

Warnings: This fic is Adults Only. It contains BDSM, Gender Dysphoria, Graphic Sex, and Poly Drama. (More warnings can be found on the AO3 Link). 

Pairings: Table Ship, Egobang, Egoflap. 

Art Link: The ever lovely @gayest-of-the-grumps illustrated a scene from it! https://gayest-of-the-grumps.tumblr.com/post/163741143969/its-here-the-thing-ive-been-working-on-is

Fic Link: http://archiveofourown.org/works/11691390

anonymous asked:

I feel like there would be time for a Clexa sex scene next week, just because based on the promos and stuff it seems like the whole episode is going to be Lexa/Clarke/Grounders/Polis drama with hints of Octavia/Indra? Or would you say that's just my wishful thinking getting in the way

That’s entirely possible! And that would actually give me more hope that it isn’t a simulation and that there will be time in the episode. So yay!! (guys i don’t really want that simulation theory to come true fyi. i was just throwing it out there as a possibility.) But, we are going to be getting flashback in this episode, so I’m not sure how much time that will eat up. However, it this episode is solely based in Polis, i could see the sex scene for sure fitting into the episode (near the end though, i still don’t see it happening in the beginning or middle of the episode) 

It’s possible that episode 7 might entirely be centered in Polis (the other cast members might just be listed on the episodes because they are ‘main cast’). PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD THIS BE TRUE!!! This would then make sense for episode 8 to then be entirely focused on Arkadia to make up for the previous episode being entirely in Polis and focused on that storyline. 

I’m going to jump on this wishful thinking train! 

I’m actually really looking forward to this next episode of The 100 - is anyone else actually finding the Bellamy/Pike/Kane/Abby conflict really interesting? Plus I love seeing Miller and Monty involved. Everyone’s complaining about the show at the moment but I’m actually enjoying seeing the interactions between this new mix of characters