poly comic

Here’s Raven for #titansmarch. I’m sorry I didn’t post it on the correct day, but I’ve been working on this model for the whole month and I couldn’t wait to post it as soon it was done.

I might do more animations in the next weeks. It would be a waste to have done all this work only for one animation.

sparklesmctwink  asked:

One of my partners sent me your poly terubokuro comic and im!!! So happy??? It's so beautiful like I haven't felt so good after reading something in a long time I'm so happy!! Thankyou!!

It!!! Always makes me so happy when poly people like my poly stuff!! oh man!!!! Thank you so much and I’m so so glad you enjoyed it!!!!

You will probably need to click into another window to embiggen it.

I was looking at some people talking about poly on my dash and a lot of people haven’t really seen any poly relationships other than one man two women, or how mormons do things sometimes.

But hey! There’s lots of poly relationships and this is mine.

coloured in yesterday’s jezebel! shes an electric lady