poly comic

ID #78800

Name: Claudia
Age: 17
Country: Canada

Hey there, I’m a high school senior looking for a pen-pal whose cool with snail mail, cause I think it would be fun to send pretty letters and fun things to.
Things I like:
> Art (I’m an artist)
> Aesthetic
> Marvel comics (but really any kind of graphic novel)
> Books!!! Especially discussions about books!!!
> Catherynne M Valente
> Welcome to Nightvale
> Neil Gaiman
> Harry Potter (excluding the cursed child)
> Voltron
> A ton of other stuff!! And also super down to be introduced to cool new things

Preferences: You should know that I’m bi and poly, so I would appreciate it if you weren’t weird about that. Donald Trump is a demon, and I would prefer you share that opinion. I’m also a feminist, so no anti sjws or whatever. I really would prefer that you were between 17-20. 

ID #85407

Name: Elliot
Age: 20
Country: USA

Hey-o!^^ My name is Elliot and I buy anything that has anything to do with mangoes because I have no self control. I’m turning 20 soon (like next month soon), and I’m living in California, the state where we don’t shut up about In ‘N’ Out. I’m in college majoring political science… so yeah I can get political.

I have a thing for reading comic books, watching tons of movies, drawing, and getting lost in stores because I wonder around too much. I also play video games from time to time, fashion (i.e trying to coordinate my outfits), and improving my makeup skills. I actually collect pins too! I also really like plants and I’m trying hard to get some but alas, I have no more space in my room.

Mythology is one of my favorite things! Also anything to do with cryptids or aliens or conspiracy theories. Also in my free time, I like reading police cases, animals, and space related things.

Eh, I’m actually pretty anxious and shy (even through the internet) but I will talk about anything and everything!

Preferences: Anyone 18+ who likes to talk almost all the time. it doesn’t have to be all the time though, just every other day. It would be amazing if we did snail mail but it’s not a requirement. Other than that, not much. But note that I will not stand for anyone who is offensive.

I wish people would more openly warn for love triangles and/or jealousy in their fics. I don’t have anything against those types of fics but because of personal reasons I can’t stand reading them myself. Others enjoy it? That’s great! But I wish I knew before hand so I didn’t start reading the fic then find out halfway through it, halfway through great development and already being invested in it, then having to drop the fic. It’s so taxing and so stressful