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anxiousoribitaryobject  asked:

One of my partners sent me your poly terubokuro comic and im!!! So happy??? It's so beautiful like I haven't felt so good after reading something in a long time I'm so happy!! Thankyou!!

It!!! Always makes me so happy when poly people like my poly stuff!! oh man!!!! Thank you so much and I’m so so glad you enjoyed it!!!!

Our Doll

Jason x Reader x Dick Grayson

Summary: Poly relationship.

Warnings: Over-protectiveness 

Word Count: 1,527

Note: It was a request. Sorry it is not up to standard. It is my exam period and I didn’t want to neglect you guys.

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STRINGS OF FATE is an angsty story about a naive boy who tries to find his place in the world. His fated path is a long one, where he experiences the joys of first love and adventure, but some aren’t so keen on where it’s taking him.

Stay with him as he unravels the bittersweet truths of the world.

Sorry about the poor resolution for the summary ! You can read the typed version on the Strings of Fate tumblr page (link in bold). 

Updates are every Wednesday!

Dear younger and/or closed minded fan-goers

There’s more to the fandom than just your favorite ship

-Love, a fellow fan-goer that enjoys the fandom for more than just the ships