zeldary  asked:

Ohhhh might I request cute(and maybe nsfw, unless you don't want to) headcanons for a poly relationship between France, 2pfrance and an S/o? Thank you!!

aaaaa an actual writing request! nice!!((I’ll be using the names Francis for 1p and Francois for 2p)) and NSFW is under the cut


  • These two do not go out much together with their s/o since they always disagree on something. But it’s sincerely so hilarious, Francois will just start roasting Francis in the middle of their ~romantic~ dinner and Francis will try to retaliate, but it’s never as good as Francois’s skills. Meanwhile there s/o is laughing their ass off.
  • Francis prefers more aesthetic dates and popular places around where he lives. Aquariums, zoos, botanical gardens, cute local cafes, those are his favorites. His very fond of taking pictures of his s/o too (which he texts to Francois who thinks they are WAY past cute).
  • Francois prefers stay at home dates or late night adventures (nightclubs, underground parties, bars). Francis will join for the stay at home dates but the night ones…..no thx….he needs his beauty sleep *cue Francois insisting he should go for a beauty coma*
  • Francis is a highkey cuddle lover while Francois is more lowkey about it (Don’t get me wrong tho, cuddling is his fave). Expect plenty of unplanned cuddle piles at any given time….no exceptions.


  • They usually don’t fuck each other? They don’t mind kissing each other and a little foreplay but they prefer double teaming their partner. If their s/o isn’t around for a while tho, Francois will likely have to jump Francis’s bones.
  • Francois, of course, is the kinkier of the two (unless their s/o is more~) he’s mainly into shibari, teasing, bdsm, and power play. And he’s usually domming. He prefers taking his s/o from behind while Francis takes them from the front/gets sucked off. 
  • Francis is slower and tries to keep a little passion and love into the act but once he gets close he can go pretty fast and get a bit rough.
  • Together….they are just competitive lovers. They often tease their s/o and each other during sex.

So today I realised something -
These skittles are cool, sure. But let me get needlessly deep a sec.
I always thought I didn’t like the yellow skittles, or the orange ones. So if I saw them in the pack I’d leave them or give them to someone else.
And today I’m munching on these white Skittles thinking “oh no I’m going to come across a yellow one any minute” and you know what? I must have come across a yellow one by now because almost the whole pack is gone. But you know what else? I’ve enjoyed every flavour I’ve put in my mouth this morning. I just think skittles have summed up the way things like homophobia work. They see the label, the ‘colour’ and think “wow, better stay away”, but if you take that away, chances are they’d enjoy the different flavours all the same.
Back to your regularly scheduled poetry soon everyone !!

listen @ all you girls who are questioning your sexuality: i will love you no matter what. there is no pressure to be anything.

 i will 100% love you if you turn out to be a lesbian. 

i will 100% love you if you turn out to be bi. 

i will 100% love you if you turn out to be pan. 

i will 100% love you if you turn out to be ply. 

i will 100% love you if you turn out to be ace.

 i will 100% love you if you turn out to be lith, or demi, or grey or anything else, or just decide there is no label that fits. 

and you know what? i will 100% love if you do turn out to be straight. there’s a lot of sapphic positivity going around right now, but that’s mostly because there hasn’t been a lot in the past. a lot of the problems that i had while questioning were “what if im just doing it to join the lgbtq+ community? what if im an intrusive hetero™?”  and i promise you, you’re not. youre completely valid in your search for who you are, and i love you for that. 

Poly things

-Only half joking about threesomes
-When your partner! Talks to your crush!!! And they are so cute together!
-Feeling different attraction for different people. Actually really cool.
-Frustration because you know your mono partner will never get that you can love more than one person equally.
-Guilt when you have a crush while in a mono relationship. Sigh.
-But also holding hands with two people at once! It is so nice!
-Same with cuddling. And hugging. The more the merrier.
-Getting such different things out of each relationship, but having them all equally important and satisfying and ahhh it makes me cry
-When your partners aren’t dating each other but still get along great
-Srsly poly relationships are the sweetest