It happened.

They finally met.

It finally happened

…and I’m not sure how I feel about it.

Overall it went great, there wasn’t awkward silence, they held conversation, and everything went smoothly.

BUT my girlfriend was still being cold to me. she kissed me goodbye and I knew instantly something was wrong. She said it hurt hearing stories of things we did together. And what did I think was gonna happen, that everything was gonna be great after.

I knew meeting wasn’t gonna solve everything but it was suppose to be some sort of relief. And the way she acted towards me didn’t help me feel better at all. Ultimately she apologized and talked everything out.

It just makes me worried for whatever the future brings us.

Also thank you to everyone who wished us luck! It was very very very much appreciated! ❤️

Practicing some self love. redyourebeautiful encouraged me to write some stuff about myself that I think are awesome. So here it goes in short form.

I’m cute. I’m trans. I’m poly. I’m kinky. I’m fun. I’m funny. I’m silly. I laugh with my whole heart. I love purely. I love freely. I love love. I’m intelligent. I’m talented. I’m strong. I’m courageous. I’m forgiving. I’m giving. I’m ridiculous. I’m adventurous. I’m excited.

Okay that’s all for now. Gonna hit the old bed stack. Have a wonderful time you beautiful people. I love you all!

You know what I want?

More Soulmate AUs for polyamorous relationships.

I mean, I see these aus everywhere, and I’ve read more than my fair share of them, but I have never once seen a poly soulmate version.

Using some of the popular soulmate aus as examples:

• The very first thing your soulmate says to you is appears written on your body when you turn a certain age. But imagine waking up one morning with two or three different words/sentences scribbled on your wrist/back/neck/etc. Or imagine you originally get one, but as you get older, more appear on your skin.

• You can’t see in colors until you see your soulmate for the first time. But imagine meeting somebody, and the world erupts into color… for a moment, then it fades into showing only certain colors while the rest are still black and white. Then you two meet your other soulmates, and the world gradually gains more and more color until you can see the entire rainbow.

• You get a certain charm or necklace when your born that nobody else in the world except you and your soulmate has. But you get more than one charm. So you walk around with a whole charm bracelet until you find the people with the matching charms.

• The red thread that connects you to your soulmate leads to more than one person.

I just want more soulmate au stuff for poly people.


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4 Important Lessons a Monogamist Can Learn From Polyamory
Anything could happen.
By Mic

1. Jealousy is not caused by others. It comes from within.

With social media injecting itself into every corner of our romantic lives, jealousy triggers abound. Why did our partner just “like” that photo of that person from his past? Why does she look so happy? Why don’t I have a nice house and an expensive car like him?

But instead of thinking, “I feel jealous of him or her,” it helps to ask yourself, “What am I really feeling that’s making me experience jealousy?”

2. Don’t expect your relationship to always stay the same. Your partner is constantly changing, and so are you. 

Expecting someone to remain the same person they were when you fell in love with them is unrealistic and unfair. A lasting relationship requires a constant willingness to address change within ourselves and each other. It’s a good thing that we’re always growing, and if that means growing apart, then honesty and openness will hopefully help us cope with that shift.

3. One person will never check all the boxes.

If you’re monogamous and you find yourself obsessing over your partner’s unchecked boxes, it might do you well to stop thinking about checklists altogether. Find someone whose good qualities outweigh the bad and don’t hold them to an unattainable standard. If there’s something you like to do and your partner isn’t into it, you can negotiate other ways to have your needs met.

4. It’s OK to keep an open mind when defining your relationship.

The rise of polyamory might make dating more complicated, but it also has a clear upside: We’re seeing more and more examples of alternative approaches to love and dating. Whether it’s polyamory, monogamy or something in between, non-normative models of relationships are providing much-needed examples for people navigating our modern dating culture.

shoutout to the poly bi/queer femmes who are perceived as straight no matter what gender their primary partner is (and no matter what their own gender identiy is)

shoutout to the poly bi/queer femmes who are rendered invisible as queer because they have a masc/male primary partner

shoutout to the poly bi/queer femmes who have a hard time finding new partners because they have a primary partner and everyone assumes they’re unavailable even though they do not attempt to hide being poly

shoutout to the poly bi/queer femmes who get creeped on by ppl who are hunting unicorns

shoutout to the poly bi/queer non-binary femmes who are assumed to be women just because they’re femme

shoutout to the poly bi/queer femmes who are “secondary” partners and get downplayed/ignored by others who demean/belittle their relationship(s)

Vocabulary Builder: Polyamory Edition

The word of the day is: compersion.

Compersion is an empathetic state of happiness and joy experienced when another individual experiences happiness and joy, and the term is regularly used by members of the polyamory community in the context of polyamorous relationships. It is used to describe when a person experiences positive feelings when a lover is enjoying another relationship.