And the cities with the worst air in America are …

According to the American Lung Association, not really. Though air pollution in America has gotten better in the past decade, the group’s latest report found that a whopping 147.6 million people in the United States live in areas with dangerous air quality — that’s nearly half the entire country and almost 16 million more than what last year’s report found.

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Beijing’s Toxic Sky

In Beijing, awareness of the dangers of the polluted sky is now on the rise, thanks to growing data. China will “declare war on pollution,” Premier Li Keqiang told parliament in an opening address in 2014. A tougher environmental law took effect on January 1, while a new environment minister took charge on Friday. Residents continue to cope in various ways, from wearing filtered masks to keeping children indoors to expressing frustration through art and fashion. The Reuters photographer Kim Kyung-Hoon recently took the following images, including six before-and-after shots (photos number 2 through 7). We’ve made them interactive, allowing you to click and see the difference between a sunny day in Beijing and a polluted one.


by Brin Levinson. #Love it!

Levinson’s paintings are postcards of a place where time stopped, snapshots of intense drama where nature bumps into the dream of a failed progress.
Factories have been abandoned , trains still on interrupted rails, human beings disappeared, maybe run away somewhere else.

#love and hate #loveandhate #Hate it! #Love it!