poltical cartoons


HELLO THERE!! I need some money so COMMISSIONS are OPEN!!

Terms of Service:
• I work primarily with traditional mediums (pencil and ink) so that’s all I’m offering for right now, I may open digital commissions soon!
• Commissions will take me anywhere from a couple days to a week to finish, but I can promise you know I’ll be as quick as possible.
• Pay me half up front, and half after the job is done!

• Bust - $5
• Waist Up - $10
• Full Body - $15
• Additional Characters - $3 Each
• Bust - $12
• Waist Up - $15 
• Full Body - $20
• Additional Characters - $5 Each

What I Do and Do Not Draw:
• Humanoid
* Objects/Furniture
• Various Fanart
• Poltical Cartoons/Caricatures
• NSFW (anything sexually explicit, violent, gory, etc.)
• Animals 
• Backgrounds, landscapes, machinery 

How To Contact Me/ How To Pay:
Drop by on the Tumblr Chat, shoot me a message, or hit me up at my email (jinwooknathanlee@gmail.com) 
• I’ll be accepting payment through Paypal at paypal.me/trace101 (remember to send the payment as goods and services, not a gift); or feel free to pay me IRL if you know me!

If you wanna see more of my art, check my art tag #my_art or my Instagram @buenos.adidas!