👻 Spirits and Entities 👻

The existence of paranormal entities is widely debated. Some people have direct experience with non-human and non-living beings, while some dismiss the idea as ridiculous. No matter what you believe, you have probably heard the following terms in reference to supernatural entities and while some terms seem interchangeable, these refer to specific presence.

Spirit - General term for any non-physical entity.

Ghost - The most common term used to refer to a spirit is “ghost”, but “ghost” refers only to spirits of once-living things, like humans and animals.

Poltergeist - The term  “poltergeist” refers to two kinds of supernatural activity. One involves spirits, human or otherwise, that cause havoc or chaos. These spirits often manipulate electronics and objects to elicit a reaction from the living. The second form of poltergeist haunting has to do with energies emitted from children or adolescents that manifest physically and cause chaos.

Thoughtforms - Thoughtforms are entities created by thought energy. Though they are usually created for a certain purpose, they can often develop a mind of their own and their own agendas.

Residual Hauntings - Residual hauntings are caused by leftover energy or emotions from a specific event that leaves an imprint in the physical world. These hauntings may manifest as a recurring physical events, such as a certain object being moved over and over again or a specific sound being heard with no source.

Shadow People - Shadow People are figures seen on the edge of one’s vision. They are considered to be bad omens

Parasitic Entities (Demons) - Parasitic entities (including what some refer to as Demons) are supernatural beings that feed off of the energy of a living host or victim.

Doppelgangers - Doppelgangers are spirits that appear in the form of a living person. They are known to appear to a person as themselves to warn them of their imminent death.

Guides - These spirits could have once been human, but do that is not always the case. They linger close to certain people in order to watch over them. These spirits are known to communicate with mediums.

Spirit Houses

I haven’t seen any posts about it, so here goes.

We as people tend to dramatise spirits. (Especially Americans let’s not even lie, there’s a huge culture around occultism and ouija and all that shit that’s been blown out of proportions.)

“They’re all evil! They must be gone, exorcised, banished!” 


The truth is, a lot spirits don’t even know or care that you’re there, they have a right to be there and were probably there before you. Possessions are really, really rare. Legit ones that is. 

However, minor hauntings, such as things being knocked over, spirits nicking things and putting them elsewhere, banging on walls and such aren’t really a threat, and more of an annoyance. So there’s no need to call the exorcist and put fear and negative energy into it (because the spirit feeds off your fear and only grows stronger.)

Trust me, if the haunting was really serious, it would be much more than banging or losing things.

So! How to deal with a minor haunting without getting your exorcist mallet out? The answer is simple: Build a spirit house. 

Offer the noisy or cheeky spirit a home. A space of their own that they keeps them occupied and content. 

There are tons of methods to build spirit houses, may it be in skulls/bones from other animals, large jars, little doll houses, an intricate structure of thread stretched over a frame, a woven cage of wicker, anything! It depends on what you can provide and also what the spirit may want/need. 

The interior decor varies just as much. From a little zen garden to a shiny little room fill with mirrors, and pretty things, it depends again on what you feel is necessary. The idea is to provide the spirit with something that’ll keep it occupied through it’s beauty, intricacy or shiny qualities. Keep them amused. So make an intricate little doll house, or a miniature garden, or a mirror room, it’s up to you! 

Once that’s said and done, invite the spirit into it’s home and welcome them there. From there, the annoyance should stop and the spirit may even become willing to aid you in your magical workings! 

Next time, consider that before being scared out of your wit and feeding bad energy into it. Sometimes, call it takes is a little compromise! 

Oh, and PRETTY PLEASE send me pictures of your spirit homes! I’d love to see them.

To Remove a Troublesome Spirit or Poltergeist

You will Need:

  • A white candle
  • A dish of salt
  • A bowl of water with five drops pf lemon juice added
  • A silver-coated letter opener


Sunday morning, early

 The Spell:

Light the candle in the room where the paranormal presence is most active, saying: “By this bright flame, go now into the light, no longer linger here, by day or by night.”

Drop three pinches of salt into the water, and with the letter opener make a cross three times on the surface of the water, mixing it nine times counterclockwise. Say: “By Water and by Earth no longer linger here. Go to those waiting to whom you are dear.”

Carry the water to the front door, making a rail of water drops.

Open the door and throw out the water, saying: “Go now to the light.”

Carry the candle to the front door, step outside with it, and extinguish it, saying: “Go now to those who wait.”

Shut the front door.

- “1001 Spells: The Complete Book of Spells for Every Purpose, by Cassandra Eason.”

This home, located at 30 East Drive Chequerfield Estate in Pontefract, West Yorkshire, was the scene of what was described as “the most violent poltergeist haunting in European history” during the 1970′s. The ghost that apparently haunted this home became known as the Pontrefract Poltergeist, but was also commonly referred to as the Black Monk of Pontefract due to the fact that it was believed to be the ghost of a monk who was killed during the 16th century. The occupants of the home were the Pritchard family which consisted of Joe and Jean and their children, Philip and Diane. The family claim that they were tormented by the poltergeist who insisted on “throwing things around, freezing rooms down, creating water puddles and making noises” They also reported that he would take bites from their food and smear things over door handles. He was also said to throw eggs around the house. Eventually, his menacing escalated and on one occasion, he dragged 12-year-old Diane upstairs by her neck, apparently leaving a hand print on her neck. The family also claimed that the ghost attempted to strangle Diane with an electrical cable. While many people are skeptical of these claims, one woman who believes them is Carol Fieldhouse, who lived next door to the family. She said that the ghost would often wanders through the wall of the Pritchard home and into her home and just stared at her.