• Aries: Hides in closets and screams demonically at night
  • Taurus: Doesn't really do much, usually found in inanimate objects.
  • Gemini: Knocks shit over, scrapes nails against walls, smashes glass.
  • Cancer: Comforts small children, protects their loved ones. Acts as a guardian angel.
  • Leo: Terrorizes crowds, has a soft spot for children.
  • Virgo: Rearranges everything, frequently haunts the same place.
  • Libra: Shows up in mirrors, leaves clues where to find them.
  • Scorpio: Seeking revenge, haunts people that did them wrong.
  • Sagittarius: Sets shit on fire.
  • Capricorn: Summons Lucifer in people's houses
  • Aquarius: Possesses people.
  • Pisces: Little girl ghosts, often plays with other little kids and becomes their "best friend." Can be either good or bad.

The Poltergeist ad that Tumblr is promoting is a GIF.


It is designed to scare you by making you think it is a still photo, but it is animated.

Once the red ball reaches the nose area, the doll will stand up and lunge at the camera.

Please keep safe babies, and take care to avoid that ad if you know you cannot handle it.

Please reblog if you believe in ghosts/spirits

Wether it be the kind you see in movies, demons, souls with unfinished business, poltergeists, or just imprints on old objects.

I just want to know.

“Peeves usually showed some respect toward the teachers.”

Come on guys, THIS SCENE. We know Peeves has been lurking around Hogwarts for centuries, possibly since its founding, so he would’ve seen all the teachers as students when they attended Hogwarts. He knew them as students, but he still respected them as teachers. He saw them in their awkward pimply preteen years, but he still respected them as teachers.

But Lupin was a troublemaker. He was a Marauder, sneaking out of bed and going on adventures with his buddies James, Sirius, and Peter under the Invisibility Cloak. Peeves would’ve loved those guys, just like he loves Fred and George. I would bet money that Peeves used to call Remus “loony, loopy Lupin” when he was at school. 

So when he sees Remus back at Hogwarts, now as a professor, why should he show the kid the respect he shows the other teachers? Their relationship, I’m sure, went beyond Peeves seeing Remus in his awkward gangly preteen years. He probably helped the Marauders get into all kinds of trouble. 

And then you’ve got Professor Lupin who’s just like “dammit Peeves, you act like I don’t know how to deal with you.”

Guys, Peeves


I thought maybe sixpencee might be interested (dont know if she already saw/heard of this)

But youtube user MichaelDMagee records and uploads his experiences with the paranormal.

It starts out small, but the spirit/poltergeist/demon gets more intense with each upload. 

If it’s fake then it’s really well done, but by the way he’s acting it doesn’t really give me the fake vibe. You’ll be the judge.


Enfield Poltergeist

11-year old Janet Hodgson was the center of a horrifying poltergeist. Janet was photographed, by Graham Morris, in mid air. She was believed to be channeling the spirit of the former residence of their home in Enfield, he called himself Bill Wilkins.

There were also reports of furniture being moved through the air, and flying objects swirling towards witnesses. There were cold breezes, physical assaults, graffiti, water appearing on the floor, and even claims of matches spontaneously bursting into flame.

Janet was also the mouth piece of Bill Wilkins. Paranormal investigators were brought in to figure out what was happening. Voices of dogs barking and growling also started to come out of Janet, along with Bill’s voice. No explanation was given to what happened in Enfield, other than from paranormal investigators. The voices coming from Janet were taped, I will upload those as well.


  • Aries: Were you murdered?
  • Taurus: Do you miss eating food?
  • Gemini: Prove you’re actually here lmao
  • Cancer: How did you die?
  • Leo: Are you watching me right now?
  • Virgo: Are you good or bad?
  • Libra: How old were you when you died?
  • Scorpio: How will I die?
  • Sagittarius: Am I alone right now?
  • Capricorn: Give me proof that you’re real
  • Aquarius: Numquid et vos Satanas? (Are you Satan?)
  • Pisces: Do you need a friend?