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If you are scared and freaking out...

Remember. Trump has failed at literally everything he has set out to do. If his past track record is any example, he will make big promises, and they will turn into so much shit. He will be fighting two parties the whole way, because he has made so many enemies just in the campaign. 

Just watch the Trump presidency become as big a joke as most things with Trump plastered on them. Trump steaks, Trump University, Go-Trump.com, Trump airlines, Trump Vodka, Trump Mortgage, Trump magazine, Trump the board game, Trump Ice, Tour de Trump, A bunch of the Trump resorts, Trump TV, Trumped radio, Trump new media, the list is endless.

Let’s stick together for four years while the people who put faith in this cheeto dusted hairy yam realize that they have put a con artist in office who has a history of making big promises and delivering exactly zero percent of them.  Hopefully both sides will be so upset, that he will get nothing done, and people will be so mad at republicans next election we can have a better shot at **cough BERNIE cough** someone who will actually try to make this country great for the first time, without reverting to when it was built on the suffering of anyone who was different and was only great for specific races and religions.

I love watching people dig their own graves in the comment section. Like I don’t even have to do anything, you came here armed with your own shovel and were polite enough to ensure your argument would collapse on top of you, meaning I don’t even have to fill you in.

Wonderful. Thank you.

Oh don’t worry though, I’ll make sure you get a lasting epitaph.

No I’m just kidding, enjoy your unmarked resting place, you small minded, hateful little bigot.



Honestly the whole we need more women in a certain field  or vote for this person because she is a woman . Always bugged me  , I mean not that I don’t mind more women trying to get jobs in more men dominated areas . I support a women to get any job she wants . But I don’t agree we need more women in those fields . We just need people who would do a good job in general.

Quick story of how I got harassed by a racist

So me and my cuz are in his car when at the parking lot a Latino man in downtown Chicago mind you, where like 90% of the pop is pretty progressive. KEYS OUR CAR AND SAYS THIS

You SAND N****** better get tf out my country! You’re banned.

And then went in his car and drove off

I’m not even Muslim but still this is fucking outrageous what this election has done to us. The racists are rising and I’m pissed