Bien lo dice la química , un enlace iónico es la unión de átomos formada por iones de distinto signo es decir, uno fuertemente electropositivo y otro fuertemente electronegativo. La atracción entre los iones con cargas opuestas hace que se unan , que se atraigan y formen un compuesto químico simple. No se fusionan , si no que uno da y el otro recibe. Así es con algunas personas , con algunas parejas , son polos opuestos que se atraen para formar algo.

Greek Terracotta Goddess, Tanagra, Boeotia c. 580 BC

The body of this terracotta figure is made from a rectangular plank of clay, bent at the waist. A prop at the back forms a chair. The details of the face and hair, and the patterns on the dress and polos are painted in the same dilute clay slip that was used to decorate contemporary pottery. The headdress and the long robes worn by such figures are similar to those worn by Greek orthodox priests; Greek workmen on early excavations named these figures ‘Pappas figures’ from the word for an orthodox priest.

The polos is especially associated with the underworld goddesses Demeter and her daughter Persephone. The pomegranate ornament around the figure’s neck is another attribute of these goddesses. According to Greek mythology, after eating a few pomegranate seeds in the house of Hades, Persephone was condemned to spend half her time in the Underworld, returning to the earth with the spring. Model terracotta pomegranates are sometimes found in tombs, either as an offering to the underworld deities or because their thousands of seeds seemed to promise a renewal of life.

anonymous asked:

Is it appropriate to wear a polo/turtle neck sweater with a JSK or skirt? I'm a beginner Lolita and I don't have enough money to order a Lolita blouse.

I would definitely say no to the polo (unless it’s part of a school uniform or something and you absolutely have no choice but to work with it because they usually don’t have a very cute or feminine look like what Lolita aims for) but turtlenecks can work sometimes if they look pretty and fit the overall Lolita look. They’re usually best for Casual Lolita, but even a few little add-ons can make them look really cute in Lolita. For example:

They usually look better with a skirt than a JSK though.