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Teddy Duchamp

ahh my baby! i love teddy okay

- he looks a lot like his dad

- his bad eyesight comes from his mom, though

- he taught vern how to smoke a cigarette

- he’s always giving gordie random plots to write about but gordie never ends up writing them

- he dated a girl with dark hair and ‘ice blue eyes’ throughout all of high school but they broke up when teddy insisted on joining the military

- when he was trying to enroll in the military but they wouldn’t let him in, it consisted of a lot of swearing, crying, “my dad stormed the beach in normandy!” and a lot of cigarettes smoked

- he’s only read one book he liked, and that book would be the lord of the flies

- he has a lil poloroid camera that he takes a whole bunch of pictures on (his thumb ends up getting in the way a lot, though)

- he sleeps with like a bazillion blankets omg

- he’s never ever ever plans ahead

(thank ya I hope ya liked these