Čitati naglas svake večeri pre spavanja. Čak i
ako si pod gasom:

Ne plaši se starenja. Kako kaže stara poslovica: ne plaši se ničeg sem samog straha.
Nađi svoj parfem pre tridesete. Koristi ga sledećih trideset godina.
Niko ne sme da ti vidi desni dok pričaš ili se smeješ.
Izaberi nešto što svi vole: operu, mačiće, jagode… I zamrzi to.
Ako imaš samo jedan džemper, neka bude od kašmira.
Nosi crni grudnjak ispod bele košulje, kao dve note na notnom papiru.
Moramo da živimo sa suprotnim polom, a ne da se borimo protiv njega. Sem kada je seks u pitanju.
Budi neverna: prevari svoj parfem, ali samo kada je hladno.
Uživati u kulturi je kao jesti svežu hranu; tenu daje izuzetan sjaj.
Budi svesna i sopstvenih kvaliteta i mana. Neguj ih u osami, ali nemoj biti opsednuta.
Potrudi se da sve deluje lako. Sve što radiš treba da izgleda graciozno, bez napora.
Nikada previše šminke. Nikada previše boje. Nikada previše modnih dodataka. Udahni duboko i pojednostavi sve.
Tvom izgledu uvek treba da nedostaje jedan detalj. Đavo je u detaljima.
Ti si heroina. Ponašaj se tako.
Ošišaj se sama ili zamoli sestru da te ošiša. Naravno da poznaješ frizere slavnih, ali su ti oni samo prijatelji.
Uvek budi seksi. Nedeljom ujutru u pekari, kada noću kupuješ šampanjac, pa čak i kad ideš po decu u školu. Nikad se ne zna.
Ili budi skroz seda, ili sakrij svaku sedu.
Moda vlada svetom. Parižanke vladaju modom. Je li to istina? Nije ni važno.
Svetu su i danas potrebni mitovi.

—  Kako
biti Parižanka gde god da si - An Berest, Odri Duan, Karolin de
Megre, Sofi Mas

Names:- Palom and Porom
Classes:- Black Mage and White Mage
Signature Weapons:- Staves and Wands
Starred in:- Final Fantasy 4

Though these two are individual Characters, they are a package deal so taking about one without the other seems a bit pointless.

We first meet them while Cecil is alone and being sent to the Mount of Ordeals to become a Paladin as his guilds, (the game makes sure this happens by making it so you can’t climb the mount till you have them, the idea being that if he tries and fails, they have to kill him, something Porom had trouble keeping secret, the pair decide to stay on with Cecil to help him say the world, along with Tellah who the found on the mountain and who had learned Meteor up there

They are a great help in navigating the devils road and the water ways underneath Baron Castle, and even identify Baigan as a monster almost as soon as he turns up.

However, it’s what happens next everybody remembers, after besting the drowned king Cagnazzo, as one last blow he trapps the party in a room and has the walls close in, the twins, brace themselves against teh wall and twincast break on themselves, making them permanently hold the walls back and somehow unlocking the doors.

What makes this harder is the game will let you try to heal them with magic or times, only to tell you that because this was their choice you can’t undo it.

It isn’t until much much later in the game, and what I can assume is a metric butt of reading, that the Elder of Mysida heals them, and the pair are helping out with the dwarves and thier tanks holding off the Giant of Babel

During the ending, Palom cuts class to try and flirt with a girl, only to be cock-blocked by his own sister, and to be honest, I could have told you just that and you would know everything about these two, simple but powerful characters, Palom and Porom are two youngster willing to make what they believed to make the ultimate sacrifice, and even if they aren’t the most fleshed out of characters, that alone rates them highly to me.


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Forest Retreat - Uhlik Architekti 

En el momento que nos fuimos a nuestra oficina y se llevó a cabo con las manos, un martillo,  un ratón de ordenador, taladro y soplete. Nos instalamos en las rocas de la región en la frontera de Bohemia Central y del Sur.

Sin una fuente constante de energía tan solo a partir de madera de la Polom, cerca era un objeto negro. En un terreno montañoso se alza sobre los cantos rodados, escondido en el borde que mira a la extraña tierra de los hobbits. Cerrado, decir lo que puede ser, tal vez el arca de Noé. Sólo resiste el mal tiempo, a la espera para lo que fue creado. Sólo después de su aparición especial consigue un sentido claro.