polo vest


Commission - Pokemon Trainer Alec

Finally had some time to get a commission from a year ago started and finished!

This is Alec and his Poliwrath. Alec is a water polo player, hence the lack of trousers, and it fits very nicely that his favourite Pokemon would be exceptionally good at the sport.

I’m pretty pleased with how Poliwrath turned out design wise. I have seen some versions that are just pure frog based, but i figured that the exposure to compounds in the water stone would take Poliwhirl away from its current evolutionary path and more towards a form suited for combat. Hence why i looked into giant salamander legs to make him look more muscular, but still amphibian in nature. Frog hands are almost similar to human hands, so that wasn’t too far of a stretch. I also felt that the ‘visible intestines’ idea would be cool for poliwag, and maybe young poliwhirls, but for a large Pokemon of this size, the intestines wouldn’t make the same pattern now as they did as an infant. So instead, i decided to make them skin markings, so that i can still keep the distinctive pattern.

I imagine Politoed to be the more frog-like of the two evolutionary paths, so this form works perfectly for what i had in mind.

Hope you like him!

okay but imagine gansey holding seasonal fashion shows at monmouth and forces ronan, noah and adam to be there for moral support. and he struts out in a polo and khakis and boatshoes and has them comment on whether or not the outfit makes sense. and at first ronan rolls his eyes and makes fun of it but at some point he gets in to it and makes gansey do turns and try on a combination sweater vest and polo. and adam loves it and puts on his best tim gunn voice and comments on gansey’s lack of flair jokingly (which really offends gansey and adam has to assure him that no he did not mean it richard and yes you look beautiful in everything). and noah just lays on the floor shouting about how pastels are always better and where the fuck are gansey’s pastels.

Okay so it just occurred to me… Imagine Sam and Dean in school uniforms, the cheapest they could find used. Imagine them in sweater vests and polo shirts and ties with school logos on them.

Dean hates them, obviously. Sam doesn’t mind as much.

Alternately, Sam somehow ends up with one of the pleated plaid uniform skirts one day. Maybe he stole it, maybe he borrowed it. Dean didn’t know and he didn’t care.

He didn’t hate the idea of school uniforms quite as much after that, either.

Carol locking Daryl in the bathroom with Dad jeans and a polo and not letting him out until he changes and “blends into society.”

So Daryl caves and drags on these damn jeans and tugs on a fucking yellow polo and comes out of the bathroom looking like a grumpy cat and glares at Carol before reaching behind him and grabbing his vest and tugging it on over the polo.

“’M keeping the vest.”