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Fashion police

It’s uniform time at work.  That means we all order new uniform polo shirts.  Some people order basic, primary colors.  Others try to get as many outlandish colors as possible–hot pink, bright orange, lime green, and so on.  

I do something different.  I only order neutrals: White, black, gray, and brown.  I always order them one size too big, too.  Why?  Layering. :D  I want to be able to wear a thermal or turtleneck under my polo, and a sweater on top of it, before putting on my coat…I get cold.  And since my base layers are black, brown, purple, and pink, I want to get polos that will go with everything.

Still, when the polos come in, there’s always that one coworker…

“Ugh, gray gain?! Do you have ANY colors?  Your uniforms are so boring! Don’t be afraid to be yourself!* You should have fun when you get dressed! Why aren’t they more form fitting? Get some color next time!”

* She has actually said that, multiple times.  Don’t be afraid to be yourself.  LOL.  I’m pretty sure choosing a shirt based on how easy it is to wear over a base layer and then pile clothes on top of it is the most Jen thing I could possibly do. :D

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Vocabulary list: Одежда и Украшения/Clothes and Jewelry

Одежда - Clothes

рубашка - shirt
блузка - blouse
костюм - suit
брюки - trousers
свитер, джемпер - sweater, jumper
футболка - t-shirt
тенниска - t-shirt, polo-shirt
майка - singlet, tank-top
кофта - cardigan
джинсы - jeans
юбка - skirt
платье - dress
водолазка - poloneck, turtleneck
жилет - waistcoat
жакет - (women’s) jacket
пиджак - jacket
куртка - (light) coat
пальто - (winter) coat
шарф - scarf
шуба - fur coat
шапка - (woolly) hat
шляпа - hat
спортивный костюм - sport suit
бюстгалтер - bra
нижнее бельё - underwear
трусы - briefs
бикини - bikini
носки (носок)- socks
чулки - stockings
пижама - pyjamas

Обувь - Shoes, Footwear

туфли (туфля) - shoes
кеды - sneakers, canvas shoes
кроссовки (кроссовка) - sneakers, trainers, sport shoes
ботинки (ботинок) - boots, ankle boots
сапоги (сапог) - winter boots
бутса - football boots
босоножки (босоножка) - sandals (also сандалия)
тапочки (тапочка)- slippers
туфли на высоком каблуке - high heeled shoes

Украшения - Jewelry

кольцо - ring
цепочка - chain
браслет - bracelet
ожерелье - necklace
сережки (серёжка) - earrings
кулон - pendant

Backstage at the ABC Cinema all the performers including the Beatles were crowded into one large dressing-room. A few of them play cards on upturned suitcases; others are tuning their guitars. Paul McCartney walks in and out among the groups.
‘Is everybody having a good time?’ he asks.
John Lennon in a black polo-necked sweater is walking around shouting, 'All visitors ashore, please, the ship is leaving.  All ashore’
Someone comes over and shows Lennon and McCartney a picture of them smiling.
'Lots of teeth in that picture’ says Paul.
'We like to get our teeth into things’ says John
—  Michael Braun - Love me do.

The sixth Beatle Stuart Sutcliffe met photographer Astrid Kirchherr when The Beatles were in Hamburg. They fell in love instantly and became each other’s muses. In 1960 they got engaged but it was short-lived. Stuart died in Astrid’s arms on April, 10, 1962 of a brain hemorrhage. To this day, Astrid still loves Stuart immensely. He was her soulmate. 

“Eventually Stuart and Astrid got off with each other; Astrid was really cute—so was Stuart, you can see from their pictures that they were.” - George Harrison.

“[Their relationship was] like one of those fairy tales.” - Pete Best.

“They always looked magnificently cool—black polo-neck sweaters, narrow tailored jeans. Stu was our James Dean and Astrid was a waiflike figure who looked like Mia Farrow.” - Mike McCartney.

“I love you Astrid, with all my heart and soul.” - Stuart.

“I love you forever and always. You are the love of my life.” - Astrid.