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Vocabulary list: Одежда и Украшения/Clothes and Jewelry

Одежда - Clothes

рубашка - shirt
блузка - blouse
костюм - suit
брюки - trousers
свитер, джемпер - sweater, jumper
футболка - t-shirt
тенниска - t-shirt, polo-shirt
майка - singlet, tank-top
кофта - cardigan
джинсы - jeans
юбка - skirt
платье - dress
водолазка - poloneck, turtleneck
жилет - waistcoat
жакет - (women’s) jacket
пиджак - jacket
куртка - (light) coat
пальто - (winter) coat
шарф - scarf
шуба - fur coat
шапка - (woolly) hat
шляпа - hat
спортивный костюм - sport suit
бюстгалтер - bra
нижнее бельё - underwear
трусы - briefs
бикини - bikini
носки (носок)- socks
чулки - stockings
пижама - pyjamas

Обувь - Shoes, Footwear

туфли (туфля) - shoes
кеды - sneakers, canvas shoes
кроссовки (кроссовка) - sneakers, trainers, sport shoes
ботинки (ботинок) - boots, ankle boots
сапоги (сапог) - winter boots
бутса - football boots
босоножки (босоножка) - sandals (also сандалия)
тапочки (тапочка)- slippers
туфли на высоком каблуке - high heeled shoes

Украшения - Jewelry

кольцо - ring
цепочка - chain
браслет - bracelet
ожерелье - necklace
сережки (серёжка) - earrings
кулон - pendant



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some joly headcanons for you:

  • joly dresses like a very trendy fifth grader with outer space backpacks and animal print polo shirts and weird socks and this makes him courfeyrac’s favorite (as much as courfeyrac could have a favorite considering its courfeyrac)
  • joly is the shortest (also why he’s courfeyrac’s favorite) but he quite likes it because it means he gets to be carried everywhere he if whines hard enough or feigns his leg is acting up again (sometimes it is and he genuinely needs a piggyback ride but he’s not above abusing this power)
  • joly has three different canes: a fancier one that’s sleek and black and with a silver raven’s head for the top (it makes him feel like poe so he likes it, wears it with a top hat when he feels fancy); a daily one made of a nice dark wood (scratched by now of course), riddled with grantaire and jehan’s doodlings, with a hollow on the inside (weed and candy) and a changing topper (he has an octopus, giant eyeball, and saturn); and another daily one, metal and sturdy and slightly boring except for the cat head topper.
  • joly is excellent at cooking because he is a medical professional and he does everything precisely. This mean it takes forever for joly to make cookies or bloody marys or literally anything, but its always worth it because whatever he makes is delicious. (this annoys grantaire to know end who cooks like an artist, all messy countertops and flash and random measurements but bossuet is grateful because honestly surprises arent the best in his life anyway)
  • joly manages to find bandaids of the weirdest designs, like seriously where do you even find a robot riding a dinosaur in space bandaids?? sometimes joly gets blank ones and lets grantaire and jehan and bahorel and courfeyrac decorate them however they want (courfeyrac was suspended from this for a short while since he was putting glitter on all of them and bossuet nearly got an infection from it)
  • joly’s hair is impossibly neat and impossibly straight except for a few tufts at the front that stick in weird directions if he doesnt constantly comb them
  • sometimes people at the hospital think joly’s a little kid playing dress up and sometimes they treat him that way but joly loves his job so much and he’s so good at it
  • joly used to work at the hospital on rotation in the kid’s ward but he took a job at a small pediatrician office instead so he could get to know the kids better and watch them grow up and get to joke with them. the office is in a refitted house and all the exam rooms have a different theme and joly is a favorite because he’s so great at talking with little kids and gets genuinely excited about the same things as them
  • joly seriously loves disney and pixar movies and goes to the premieres with bossuet and courfeyrac and grantaire whenever he can
  • joly loves museums so much, and the foundation of his and combeferre’s relationship is based off going to history and science museums together and spending hours there talking until the security guard tells them its closing.
  • joly likes art too but he doesnt always get it but he makes sure to go with grantaire every month (bossuet doesnt do museums much, just to be safe, but he meets up with them in the cafe and listens to everything they saw)
  • joly eats toast with jam and half a fruit every single morning without fail. he’s a morning person and its unfathomable the way he can just spring up and be perfectly awake and content like that
  • joly loves cats. so much. he loves animals in general and if you take joly to the zoo he’s going to be so so excited, but joly is a cat magnet, they just seem to find him wherever he is. and he always talks to them
  • sometimes joly doesnt have much time to read so he has jehan or chetta or bossuet or grantaire read something out loud to him but he usually falls asleep after a few minutes
  • joly is notorious for falling asleep after a few minutes of anything
  • joly’s favorite part of the day is dawn, when the moon is still up and the sun isnt visible yet but everything’s all pastel and grey and lavender and just about to burst into gold, and its all quiet and melancholy and still and its just joly and his toast and fruit and the neighbor’s cat
  • joly loves drinking. he loves it when its him and bossuet and grantaire all crowded together at one of the tiny round tables of their favorite wine cafe, just like old times when they all first met, sharing two bottles between them and listening to grantaire ramble or bossuet tell jokes or joly switching between philsophy and whatever happened that day at work. it makes him feel grounded and safe and warm all over because he just loves them so much
  • joly is an excellent tenor, a fact he’s always sure to share at any opportunity. (the barbershop quartet is a real thing that happens sometimes, if you get chetta drunk enough and grantaire happy enough)
  • the only artistic ability joly possesses is the ability to draw a wickedly detailed skeleton
  • joly gets migraines a lot, invariably, some of them are bearable but some of them leave him lying in bed trying not to move or think or exist because it hurts so bad. combeferre thinks its a vertigo thing, but its all very unconfirmed
  • joly edits webmd articles to be more accurate
  • its not that joly googles symptoms and is a hypochondriac, its just that he’s a really really good doctor and he knows about even the most rare and obscure diseases or ailments you can get, incredibly specific stuff even combeferre’s never heard of. (often he’ll just ramble off a really long latin-sounding word and say that’s what you have when really it just means you have a cold but joly likes to fuck with people sometimes)
  • joly (and bossuet and chetta) is really, really good at sex. he’s proud.
  • joly doesnt really listen to much music and he owns just one cd and its of jazz.

so i forgot about the D23 expo! i realized that i could get my melody cosplay together for that!! its in august so much sooner than halloween :))

i am not an experienced cosplayer so does anyone know
1. where i could buy a short yellow apron like hers?
2. the best way to get the “meat cute” logo on there if i have to do it at home?
3. if theres a site that could just print it on there for me? most sites dont have aprons as a printing option hah

just a reminder heres what her outfit looks like