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Daddy [C.H]



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word count - 1,132
—————————————– You glanced at the price tag stapled to the black piece of Lingerie between your fingers. It was way to expensive for your taste,and red just wasn’t your colour. The black lace seemed to of vanished from the store,seeing as to you couldn’t find any. You had tried 3 different stores trying to find the perfect piece to show off to Calum tonight,but nothing was fitting your budget. It was hard being an 18 year old with a part time job and a crappy car that was barely reliable. You almost found the exit but something out of the corner of your eye caught your attention. A black lace set on display. A boy,you guessed around your age,was setting it up. You neared it,checking the price tag on the lingerie. You and the boy made eye contact,but he turned away whilst blushing. You giggled to yourself as you picked your size out. “Don’t doubt yourself,this would fit better.” He said shyly before handing you a set 2 sizes smaller than you had picked out originally. “Thank you.” You smiled. You found your way to the dressing room,stripping down. You tried on the lingerie and hell the boy was damn right. It hugged your curves and complimented the best parts of your body. The confidence radiated from your body,making you feel even more sexy. You quickly changed back into your clothes and purchased the set. You suddenly felt extremely nervous when you thought about the events that would take place later that night. Calum had hinted at a daddy kink,but never come out and said it. You had never grown enough balls to actually call him that in bed,or ask him if he wanted you to,but guess it was the best time now than ever to give it a go. Endless questions squirmed your mind as you drove back to the apartment you and your boyfriend shared. What if he didn’t like it? How would he react to it? Luckily Calum wasn’t due home till 9,and the time being 6,you still had a few hours to get ready. He had been gone only a short week,but you missed him in the deepest parts of your body. You hurriedly stripped bare and dressed in your lingerie as quickly as possible. You nervously laid out on the bed in an awkward position,feeling stupid for the whole ordeal. You heard the front door open and slam shut. Your nerves tingled and your palms were sweaty with anticipation. He called your name a few times,and his tone wasn’t the most cheerful. His footsteps became louder as they neared the bedroom,and you suddenly felt more self conscious than ever. He angerly opened the door but stopped as he saw you sprawled out on the bed. “Fuck..daddy’s not in the mood tonight princess.” As soon as the words left his mouth he tensed. He didn’t mean to utter those words aloud,but guess the cat was out of the bag. You smirked and rose from the bed,biting your lip seductively. “I knew you had a daddy kink.” You giggled saying those words out loud to him,allowing him to break a smile. His anger seemed to fade,the look in his eyes shifting. “I love hearing you say that..” He let the sentence trail off on its own. You grabbed his hand in your small one and guided him to the bed. All the sudden he seemed much more ‘in the mood’ than he claimed he wasn’t only seconds earlier. You pushed him down onto his back before climbing on top of him,straddling his waist. His eyes glued to the lingerie. “No matter how hot that looks on you,it would look sexier off,don’t you think?” He asked,unhooking the clasp in the back and peeling it from your body. “Sounds great daddy..” You whispered into his ear. He visibly shuddered as you brushed his throbbing hard on with your hand. He guided your hand with his to his zipper,helping him unzip it. You helped him strip his jeans off and shirt off,and he returned the favour on helping you out of your panties. By now the only piece of clothing separating your two bodies were his Polo Ralph Lauren boxer briefs. You slowly pulled them down his legs,stopping midway to lay a kiss on his tip. He whimpered deeply,needing more than just a kiss. You trailed back up his legs,leaving butterfly kisses on his inner thigh. “Please princess.” He practically begged. You smirked and took him deep into your mouth,letting his tip hit the back of your throat. You weren’t one for major deep-throating,so you let your hands grope the area you couldn’t fit into your mouth. His groans and moans echoing through the room willed you to go faster. He was a sweating mess,gripping your hair in his fist,mouth fucking you. “F-fuck princess I-I’m close.” He moaned out bucking his hips to meet your lips. You pulled away from him,hearing him whimper at the loss of contact. “So needy.” You giggled playfully,shooting him wink. “Ride me.” He breathed out,his eyes raking your body from head to toe over and over again. You obeyed his needs and climbed onto his lap. You positioned yourself and slowly lowered yourself onto his length,adjusting to his size. He threw his head back immediately, letting out strangled moans mixed with your name slurred between syllables. “Like that daddy?” You breathed out. His grip tightened on your waist at the sound of your words spilling from you lips. You could feel your walls clenching around him,signaling your close coming release. You rose and fell in steady beats,his body flesh up against yours as you leaned your head down by his shoulder. You began losing energy but he helped with that by lifting you and dropping you back onto his length. You almost collapsed but he landed a firm slap on your ass. The euphoria took over your emotion as you bit your bottom lip hard to hold back a scream. You gripped the sheets above Calum’s head with such strength you feared the sheets would rip. “C-Calummm” you dragged his name out as you felt his dick twitch inside of you,a familiar action which soon followed him falling over the edge. He pulled out quickly and released his load onto your bare stomach. He flipped your bodies over and connected his lips with your aching heat. You were already close,and if his face between your legs didn’t push you over the edge,you didn’t know what could. All he had to do was push his tongue in and out a few times before he had you a moaning mess. You soon after let go onto his tongue,letting him lap up your juices. “I love you Calum.” You breathed out,flopping down onto the bed in exhaustion. “I love you too”