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CAN WE PLS HAVE SOME OF YOUR DAISHOU HEADCANONS cause honestly I love that boy so much

- Since pretty much every captain seems to know each other, it’s safe to say Daishou and Terushima have met at least once. They probably first crossed paths at a training camp a while back, and it was when Terushima first got his tongue piercing. Daishou thought it was the coolest thing ever, that piercing, and figured, if a second year could get one, why the hell couldn’t he? Unfortunately, his parents were absolutely against it, and he figured it would rupture his “angel-child” facade, so he forgot about the idea of getting a piercing. Now that he’s graduated, though, the thought of getting one comes back to him from time to time.

- He’s more fake than a Prada purse in Chinatown. This boy has about four different masks he shows to people. “The Angel” (Also known as “The Kiss-Ass”) is shown to his parents, teachers, and any superior he comes across. “The Bad Boy” is shown to his opponents. “The Sweetheart” and “The Heartbreaker” go hand in hand. He shows “The Sweetheart” when he knows someone likes him, when someone is absolutely infatuated with him. He uses it to lead them on, and last minute, switches over to “The Heartbreaker” and damn if you don’t think this boy won’t strip you from any self confidence you have left, you are absolutely wrong.

- Deepdown, Daishou really is a good kid. He doesn’t show his real personality much because he doesn’t care enough to do so. He’s very intelligent, and knows it, and the basis of his focus is on succeeding in the future. He see’s the people around him as a game. Who can he play first? Who could he win against? They won’t remember his last name in two years, so why should they know who he really is inside?

- Sometimes he dresses like an absolute fuckboy. We’re talking Kobes, Khakis and jerseys alike. Other times, he dresses like a British professor. Oxfords, polos, dress pants, and there’s absolutely no inbetween.

- He won’t tell anyone his real birthday, because he’s afraid of letting everyone know he’s a Cancer. It’s known for being an emotional sign, and deep down, he really is emotional. It’s comes up when Kuroo makes fun of his for his girlfriend breaking up with him, but is immediately denied. Being a bit soft inside is definitely one of his utmost insecurities.

- He has a lisp. Don’t even try to argue with me on this one. He despises the fact that his name has so many ‘s’s’ because every time he tries to say his name it comes out like, “Daithou Thuguru” and everytime he has to say it, he dies a bit inside.

- Refuses to wear Axe deodorant because he knows he’s a douchebag but doesn’t want to be THAT douchebag.

- Although it’s evident that he’s had girlfriends in the past, its very hard for him to keep them for more than three months. His utter devotion to his future, tied with emotions that don’t exist ultimately lead to complete disaster. Although he pretends like it doesn’t bother him, it secretly does. He’d love to be in love with somebody, but his mindset practically prohibits him from doing so.

- He has a Piebald Ball Python named Julius, named after his favorite historical figure Julius Caesar. He got him as a kid and particularly liked the Piebald because its mostly white body would illuminate under blacklight. Daishou had a minor obsession with black light as a kid, and laced his entire room with them. This made Julius practically glow, and Daishou glow as well.

- He takes some IB classes, and because of that, he’s made a couple friends over in America, Germany and Canada. None of them can pronounce his name correctly, so they just call him “Snake Boy”


INTJs tend to be more conservative and simple when it comes to fashion. Bright colours, such as yellow, tend not to be worn. Neons would definitely be out of the comfort zone of INTJs. INTJs will generally select clothing that does not attract much attention. Often they wear the same style for a long period of time. Being a “J”, clothes worn tend to be chosen not by the looks, but by the function of it. INTJs will definitely look neat, tidy and formal even at casual events.

*****However, this does not apply to all INTJs, as fashion is a personal choice.*****