polo north

I was tagged by @fairylightsstyles!! Thank you doll.

Name: I’ll just say A.

Nicknames: (from my irl besties) queen styles, and my mom calls me Louise, Nina, and my dad calls me Marvel.

Zodiac sign: Virgo! ♍️

Orientation: Straight

Nationality: *long, frustrated sigh* American.

Favourite fruit: Strawberries, Kiwis, And Watermelon

Favourite season: season 4 of Doctor Who- oh you mean the weather! Fall/Summer

Favourite Book: Harry Potter and The Sorcerers Stone

Favourite flower: rose, or a daisy

Favourite scent: beachy, polo #3, smores, and North Carolina at the tip top of a mountain.

Favourite colour: Navy Blue

Favourite animals: anything small and cuddly, but dogs.

Coffee, tea or hot cocoa: I hate coffee, so Tea and Cocoa

Average sleep hours: 8-9

Cat or dog person: dog person

Favourite fictional character: oooh. I have so many but Loki from Thor jumps out most.

Number of blankets you sleep with: 2-3 but the real question should have been pillows! I sleep with like 5 pillows

Dream Trip: The top of the Eiffel Tower. A look over Paris, or even London. Also, North Carolina in a cabin, with rain, and a fire place going and curled up on the couch with Harr- I mean a warm blanket.

Blog created: I believe August of 2016?? Maybe later? But I switched to being a main blog in March 2017.

Number of followers: 110 (I’m small, but I never thought I’d get 100!!)

I tag: @stylessemantics, @ihearthemcallingxx, @legandaryharry, @courtesyofmj, and @yeshaddy (if you’ve been tagged before sorry, and if you don’t wanna that’s cool too! I don’t know who to tag!!)


Hope Pinot Noir comes from a life drained of color. Thanks to her grandmother the world is a monochromatic “wonderland” and there is only one person who can bring back vibrancy to the world. If you guessed Hope, you’re right! This is a different spin on 100 baby challenge. I will need daddies, but instead of colors they will be raw (Pure White) except for their eyes. The color will come from Hope and her magical curse fighting shifter abilities.

Your daddies should be white with eye color to match your assigned group (clothing can also be colorful). Their name can also fall under their color since they were once bright and colorful. Sliders and CC are okay, but please link me to every thing because I’ve started a completely clean save for this challenge. If you’d like to contribute a daddy please drop me a line so I can add you to the list! c:


Pastel Blue

  1. suninyoursky ♥ Bluejay River
  2. simblrofthecoolestgirl  ♥ Polo North
  3. blobsandberries  ♥ Neptune Chambray
  4. reallifepixels ♥ Sky Kent
  5. whataloadofboolprop ♥ Aero Mist

Pastel Green

  1. alovelikesims ♥ Mint Sangria
  2. blazinglegend ♥ Alabaster Greenleaf Cream
  3. woohooligan ♥ Peridot Palm
  4. inverseoperasims ♥ Alder Moss
  5. going-simmingly  ♥ Leaf Inchworm

Pastel Pink

  1. mandrakesims ♥ China Beryl
  2. simacaroni ♥ Lantana Folly
  3. sinfulwunders ♥  Salmon Papaya
  4. loralie0512 ♥ Shiraz Twilight
  5. sim-start ♥ Azalea Twist

Pastel Yellow

  1. oasissprings  ♥ Gin Fizz Storm
  2. whimsywaltz ♥ Laser Lemon
  3. trydefying-gravity ♥ Cosmo DeWitte
  4. cookiemonsterrsims ♥ Firefly Citron
  5. lynekosims ♥ Stardust Sparkle


  1. swansims ♥ Perennial Lavendula
  2. samssims ♥ Huckleberry Blossom
  3. ellebellsims ♥ Byzan Fig
  4. gigisims
  5. msmidnightblonde


  1. avtvmnsalad ♥  Hightide Blanchard
  2. plumrobert
  3. mitsukirina ♥ Ocean Morning Glory
  4. milanilaus ♥ Viridian Hart
  5. Shy Nonny~  ♥  Robin Reynolds


  1. dustofsims
  2. misshimedesu ♥  Mango Grenadier
  3. simmeercc ♥ Oriole Downy
  4. xvanillaxgalaxiesx ♥  Mandarin Frost
  5. simblroonies ♥  Brynly Marmalade


  1. sugarssimblr
  2. simosyne ♥  Amaranth Prim
  3. sunemsims
  4. bellesgrotto ♥  Hibiscus Guava
  5. rabenbaeckchen ♥  Acanthis Corduelis Finch


  1. simlishlegacy ♥ Mulberry Mitten
  2. thatgirlwithsims
  3. dragonpyromania
  4. sweetwilightsims
  5. cuteplumbbies ♥ Twilight Columbine


  1. cawthorntales ♥ Alexander Sapphire
  2. playdohsims ♥ Cobalt Eclipse Punch
  3. ettesims ♥  Indigo Waters
  4. seasonsofberrysims ♥  Atlantic Mist
  5. wispasims ♥  Poseidon Tsunami

The schedule is temporarily interrupted to showcase a couple singles that were picked up from Crooked Beat in DC for Record Store Day 2015.

The Beach Boys marathon will resume tomorrow.



  • A$AP Rocky
  • “Lord Pretty Flacko Jodye 2 (LPFJ2)”/”Multiply” [featuring Juicy J]
  • 2015 [Record Store Day 2015 special release]
  • RCA/Polo Grounds
  • 88875-07517-7-SA
  • 7”
  • 45 rpm
  • Single
  • Crooked Beat, Washington, DC