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King Butterfly thought Star and Marco were dating but also showed he was okay with it. He could run at speeds of at least 120 mph so if he didn’t like Marco he could have easily taken Marco out. Also Marco didn’t deny it the first time. Also this show will be the death of me.

Marco Polo (Requested)

Pairing: Steve x reader x Bucky

Request: Bucky x Reader x Steve where Reader was with them through everything and somehow was able to live to present day and they do like Marco Polo on the battlefield? This doesn’t make sense does it?

Oh I’m the Marco Polo one sorry I wasn’t detailed I fell asleep before I could send another ask. Like the reader was from 40’s and grew up with them and it was their like inside joke to find each other by playing Marco polo as kids and then fast forw

Fast forward and like reader was able to come to the present day with them and so when they are on missions with avengers or not they keep track of each other by playing the game and stuff for fun? Does that make sense?

Warnings: None

Words: 706

Y/N/N – your nickname

A/N:  So I know in your request you probably didn’t mean find each other as in hide and seek but I wanted to write a cute scene with that so I did two examples of the ‘game’.

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