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Tell it to the Marines AU - The Nanny [Part 1]

Just a little thing I thought up the other night, none of this is TittM canon in the least. (Unless @tsume-yuki says so, of course)

Ace wasn’t too sure about this.

Pops had been the one to suggest it. To take Riskua to an island deep within Whitebeard territory in the New World, a guarded place where she could birth their child in safety. A haven where several of his brothers and sisters kept children of their own, protected by the island’s guardian.

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Consider this

Cherik and Polo Christine having a son. A tiny sweet angel with mama’s silky golden curls and dad’s bright green eyes. Erik weeps because his baby is just so perfect, purest beauty and even purer soul. He had been blessed thrice in his life of misery, had a happier man ever walked this Earth? Christine smiles wearily while her heart soars in most sincere bliss, pressing kisses to their son’s warm and still slightly moist head, humming softly. They name the boy Gerard, Gerry for a fond nickname. After grandpa of course. When Erik’s father comes down to visit the young parents and meets his grandson Gerard Gustave Daae-Carriere, he is secretly afraid his heart may burst from rejoice. He cries as well, for he loves that little angel so much, and he feels so proud of Erik, who is now not some broken madman pretending to be ghost, but a husband and a father. It seems dreams do come true. 

Introducing Polo the Rooster the son of Marco the Phoenix~

God, I had a lot of fun designing Polo, he’s such a little punk just like his dad, only with more hair! I’m not completely satisfied with this picture, but it helps set up a bit of a reference for comparing the son to the father. Plus this is like… my first time drawing Marco…

Polo is about 15 years old and to me it makes sense for Marco to have such and old son because in a 22 year flashback when Shiki visited the crew, Marco looked… exactly the same. Which makes him at least 20+ years older than Ace.

Polo first appears in a little side-story here and here.

baby sitting | cole sprouse

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request: any more cole sprouse imagines soon?
can we have more cole sprouse
cole sprouse imagines PLEASE
can we please have more cole imagines?

“do you have to go?” your boyfriend whines wrapping his arms around your waist pulling you toward him. you had to go baby sit a family friends kids whilst they went out for date night and let’s just say he doesn’t want you to go.

“coleee” you whine running your hands through his dark locks “don’t make me feel bad” you complain sitting in his lap

he pouts, making you giggle as he buries his head in your neck

“stoppppp” you whine

“why don’t you come with me? im sure anna won’t mind” he stops nuzzling pulling his head out to look into your eyes

you stand from his lap grabbing his hands swinging them back and fourth trying to persuade him

“fine fine, ill go” you smile triumphant pushing cole’s chest so he falls flat on his back “you don’t have to i can just go-”

you crawl onto his lap and he whines at your gestur he’s hands creeping up the sides of your thighs resting on your hips

“no im coming with you” he insists you smirk dipping down to join your lips. you grind slightly causing him to moan only for you to crawl off his lap

“bring your swimmers” you move away from your shared bed to start getting yourself dressed only to turn to see your boyfriend sitting slyly on your bed watching you undress and redress.

“ill leave you here” you warn chasing him to snap out of his daze “mhm what?” you roll your eyes throwing your towel at his face

he catches it with ease and drapes it around his neck leaning back on his elbows “what are you doing?” you laugh as he chews on a toothpick a grin on his face

“enjoying the view, what else” rolling your eyes you throw on your dress and grab your bag attempting to leave your room keys in hand

cole springs from the bed bouncing over to the door way “no no im coming” you purse your lips folding your hands across your chest so he knows you mean business.

“give me a sec yeah? ill drive” he bends down slightly giving a peck before moving over to his dresser picking out a pair of board shorts and a shirt change rather quickly before meeting you in his jeep starting the short drive to the williamson’s household

“hey anna” you smile greeting the middle aged woman a small hug “this is my boyfriend cole-” you step back gesturing to the brunette behind you.

he smiles brightly offering his hand “nice to meet you” he expresses slipping his hand into your own. “the pleasure is all mine!” she smiles back guiding us toward the kitchen.

“sorry for calling you in early! anthony has a few errands he wants me to run with him!” you shake your head “oh no it’s fine seriously! i wasn’t busy” i turn catching cole’s teasing eyes.

“so where are the kids?” you ask placing your bag in the counter “anastasia and alex are in their rooms, ariel is getting her bathers on and aidens in the play room” i nod.

“awesome, we both brought our swimmers just in case the kids wanted to take a dip, am i still looking after them tonight?” she nods grabbing her purse mr willamson entering my view.

“anthony this is cole my boyfriend, cole this is a anthony” the shake hands before reverting back.

“so this is the child star thats dating (y/m/n) daughter, ill be keeping an eye on you son” you roll your eyes wrapping your hands around cole’s arm calming his nerves.

“let’s not terrorise the poor boy tony, we’ve gotta go we’ll see you later on!” you nod waving goodbye as they parents walk out the door hand in hand

you find yourself smiling at their marriage bliss, “you okay?” cole asks rubbing your arms, you nod bringing your attention back to the boy “yeah, i hope i end up this happy when im married”

the boy walks closer to you bringing his hands up to cup your face “if i have anything to do with it i promise you it’ll be even better” you giggle kissing him being interrupted when you hear gagging noises coming from behind you

you turn to see anastasia and aiden standing in the lounge room behind the two of you “hey stass!” you smile walking over to the blonde girl giving her a hug before squatting down to hug aiden"hey bud!“

“guys this is cole, my boyfriend. cole meet stass and aiden the oldest and youngest” you place an arm around each of them.

aiden rushes up to cole launches himself into his arms “let’s get dressed and go for a swim? im melting” you tell the teenage girl.

“ill go be the other, you right here babe?” he nods lifting the toddler up onto his shoulder and out in the pool area “ill be fine” he chuckles as the little boy screams in delight.

you track down the other two getting them dressed and guiding them out to the pool whilst you make up a few snacks carrying tray after tray out into the pool area.

you slip out of your dress and lay yourself down on the sun bed watching as cole through aiden into the air playing marco polo with all the kids and offering piggy back rides in the water

you smile as they all laugh having the time of their lives as you watch from a comfortable distance you find yourself feeling a little maternal being excited to start a family of your own

“babe c'mere the waters amazing” he yells swimming over to the edge pushing his hair back slick. you shake your head adjusting your sunglasses on your face

“not just yet im going to tan for abit” you responsd closing your eyes soaking up the sun

“well thats unexceptable” he mutter and the next thing you know there’s water droplets covering your face and wet arms snaking around your waist pulling you up from your sun bed and thrown out someone’s back

you don’t even need to open your eyes to know it’s cole “but me down!!” you scream smacking his back begging to realise you.

“okay” you pause feeling yourself “no no cole-” it was too late he’d dropped you into the icy cold pool causing your eyes to spring open swimming to the surface.

“ooh sprouse your in for it now” you paddle over to him jumping on him the kids trying to pin him down for you.

laughter fills the pool with cole’s screams for mercy “okay okay truce truce” he yells causing the kids to stop giggling as they swim away

you contain your laughter wrapping your legs around his waist giving him a kiss. he smiles back rejoining your lips his brown eyes sparkling in the sunlight.

and in this moment you realise that you don’t want to just have any old family you wanted one with cole

“i love you” he laughs

“i love you to sprouts”

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Sweaty Palms and Sunsets (Evan Hansen x Reader fluff)

A sequel to “Sweet Treats and Sweaty Palms” more Evan fluff Enjoy! 

 After a series of slightly nervous texts you finally knew what you were doing. You were going to pick up Evan at his house than the two of you would drive to the fair. Evan was so embarrassed that he couldn’t pick you up, but he failed his road test from anxiety, you assured him it was okay but he wasn’t having it. You left your house a little early and stopped by the cafe, grabbing a half dozen donut for his mom, unbeknownst to you she was actually the nurse that stopped by every morning for coffee, Heidi! When Evan told her it was you he was taking to the fair she got so excited and told him to tell you she said hello. You loved Heidi she was so sweet and was the kind of costumer you that made you enjoy your job, so you decided you’d bring her a late birthday gift. 

 You walked up to the Hansen’s front door and before you could even knock Heidi opened it, she took off of work so she could be there to see you before her sons first date. “Hello dear come in please, oh let me help you with that,” she said taking the cardboard box from your arms. 

 "Oh this is all for you anyway Mrs. Hansen, happy birthday!“ You walked through the door way and into the small kitchen giving her the cup of her usual coffee order.

 "Oh dear you didn’t have to, but thank you so much, and please call me Heidi,” she opened the box and her face lit up, she once told you she loved your cafes Boston Cream Donuts. 

 "Mom is she here yet, I don’t want her to get here and it to be awkward and make her wait and. Oh. Oh h-hi (y/n) how are you, I’m. I’m sorry for making you wait here,“ Evan stuttered coming into the kitchen. He was straightening his polo shirt and trying to calmly wipe his sweaty palms on his khakis. 

 "You look very nice Evan, and I don’t mind waiting your mom and I go wayyy back,” you joked. A deep blush soaked onto his face at your compliment. 

 "Th-thank you, you look. Wow you’re like. Gorgeous,“ he stammered his face red but his eyes showing just how happy he was. "We should get, get going shouldn’t we?" 

 "Yeah of course, it was so good to see you Heidi,” you said giving her a hug. She hugged Evan and told him to have a good time and to treat you right. You may have been mistaken but you swore she was tearing up as you left the house. 

 He almost had a panic attack, when you arrived, the ticket booth was empty. He thought they sold out and you wouldn’t be able to get in, instantly he started apologizing. 

 You giggled, “Ev, sweetie, it’s automatic you insert the money and it gives you a ticket, no social interactions necessary!" 

 "Oh. Um. I uh I knew that,” he said trying to mask his anxiety and embarrassment. You kissed his cheek as he began entering bills into the machine. You’d never seen a boy smile so wide as when you kissed him, even if it wasn’t a real kiss. 

 "Oh you didn’t have to pay for me, I could have gotten my own,“ you said feeling guilty that he just wasted all that money on you. He claimed it was no problem and kissed your cheek. You blushed almost as hard as he did.

 The sun was setting on the fair and Evan bought you an ice cream from one of the vendors, you were strolling leisurely down the fair paths when his hand slipped into yours, he was blushing and refused to look you in the eye. This was a big thing for him and you knew that, he must have been mulling this over in his head all evening. He lead you to the Ferris wheel, the line was short and you were soon at the front. 

"Excuse me could we. Um. Can we get our own car please?” Evan asked the Carnie, you were proud of him, he seemed so nervous but he didn’t even stutter. The carnie rolled his eyes but granted his wish anyway. You and Evan sat facing the west, watching the sky melt from one color to another.

 "(Y-/n) I um. I really like you and I-I just wanted to say thank you for coming tonight, I’ve kinda liked you for a while,“ he spoke turning his body to look at you. 

 "You’re welcome Evan, I was elated when you asked me out yesterday, I haven’t stopped thinking about you since you came into the shop last week, you’re amazing by the way,” you replied rubbing your thumb over his knuckles. He blushed but held eye contact, he smiled gently and leaned in, than suddenly leaned back out. 

 "Can I, is it okay if i, may I kiss you?“ You giggled and nodded, and moments later his lips connected to yours, they were soft and tasted like chocolate and vanilla ice cream. His hand slipped up your back and held you at the waist, you tangled your free hand into his hair. "Wow,” he whispered when you two broke apart. You leaned your head on his shoulder and the two of you enjoyed the rest of the sunset.

 "Hey you two, you two kids, polo shirt stop. HEY KID!“ Evan stopped and turned to the man running at you two, he was scared you had done something wrong. "Oh thank god I was afraid I’d never find you guys. Did you two kiss on the Ferris Wheel earlier?" 

 "Um ye-yes why?" 

 "Here I thought you’d like this,” the man said handing you a Polaroid picture and disappeared into the crowd. You looked at the instant photo, it was you and Evan as silhouettes kissing while the sky was bursting with color, red to orange to pink to purple. It was gorgeous, it looked like a professional photo. 

“This is adorable I want it framed!” You squealed handing him the picture. He smiled and kissed your forehead. 

 "We’ll stop and grab one on the way home,“ he tucked the Polaroid safely into his wallet where it wouldn’t get damaged.

That picture sat on your dresser for all of high school, than it sat on your TV stand in you and Evan’s first apartment. Than it found its final resting place in a larger frame with three other pictures.

The first was a similar picture but you were Kissing Evan from above, it was secretly taken just seconds after he proposed to you. The sun was setting in the background and you were silhouettes surrounded by trees. 

 The second was him kissing you for the first time as husband and wife, your dress and the floral over hang you got married under filled out the scenario, your silhouettes against another sunset. The man who married you stepped out of the shot, just in time for it to be perfect. 

 The third was your favorite. It was simple three silhouettes against a sunset. But it was special, it was the first one where you and Evan weren’t kissing, instead you were kissing your 3 year old daughter on the cheeks. 

You teared up when you looked at for too long, and having them all in the same frame only made you cry harder, all of the pictures were taken on the same day, at the same time. You married the man of your dreams and you’d even bought the the small cafe. You’d made a life together. Neither of you had felt that much love in your lives. You were absolutely in love with the life you were blessed with. And so was Evan.


last night at water polo i was talking to a few younger girls (maybe around 11?) and i casually mentioned i was a guy, forgetting im not out to my polo team. one kid was like ‘if you’re a boy, can i ask why you’re wearing a girl’s suit?’ and i was like 'im stuck in a girl’s body, but im not one’ and she totally understood and she was more than willing to call me AJ. and that felt really nice!! like, why the hell are adults so stuck in their ways? if actual children can accept that im not my assigned gender, why can’t adults, who are supposed to be smarter and more developed?

this turned into a rant but i promise i was tryin to make a point.

Hired Help

Pairing: Single!Dad!Sam x nanny!reader, Past Sam x Jess, Ava (OC), Liam (OC)
Word count
: 2,229

Part 2 of Chocolate Cupcakes

Sam came running, looking between the two of you. “What?”

“Who’s this?” Jess looked panicked.

He raised an eyebrow at her. “She’s Y/N. The nanny.” He explained. “She got the kids from school, and I wanted her to meet you. This way, when you come get them, you know who she is.”

“Don’t you think you should have discussed hired help with me first,” she said through gritted teeth.

Sam bit into his bottom lip, “Y/N could you excuse us for a minute? The kids think I’m in the bedroom, so if you throw a Marco out from Ava’s room that should really throw them off.” He smiled at you as you hurriedly left the room.

Jess crossed her arms over her chest, clearly displeased. “I would have preferred being included in this, Sam.”

“Last I checked, this is my house. You wanted the divorce, and you got it. You can’t have it both ways. The kids like her, she’s nice, and I’ve made sure that I’ve been asking important questions. I am their father, Jess, and I work. What did you want me to do? Slap them in some daycare right after school so that they’re never home?” He asked, furrowed brows. “A nanny was the best choice, and she’s a good fit for us.” He crossed his arms over his chest, silently daring her to push the issue further. It took all his strength not to smile when he heard you yell ‘Marco!’ from Ava’s room, just to hear two small ‘Polos!’ back.

“They’re my kids, too, Sam!” Jess shot back.

Sam shook his head. “Why are you so against her? You haven’t even talked to her or anything.”

“I don’t want some other woman raising my children!” she spat.

Sam rolled his eyes, “She isn’t raising them Jess. She is simply here to help me with them.”

“Don’t you think having such a young woman here is going to tempt you, Sam? Don’t you think that would confuse the kids, if they catch the nanny in your bed?!”

“How did we get from you being pissed about “hired help””, Sam said mockingly with air quotes, “To me sleeping with Y/N. Trust me Jess, I am in no way looking to start another relationship. Thanks to you and all of the shit that you pulled, I will probably never look at another woman again in that way. My focus is our children.”

Jess opened her mouth, but Sam stopped her by holding one hand up, “Now, you will apologize to her for being rude, and I believe I have asked you to knock before you come waltzing in here.” Sam turned to walk out of the kitchen, stopping at the door he turned his head, “I’m going to finish getting the kids stuff together and send Y/N in here. You don’t have to like me, but you do have to accept this.”

You were playing with the kids on the floor in Ava’s room when Sam found you. You had dolls, action figures, and animals out. “Rawr!” You laughed as Ava ‘screamed’, while making her doll run away. Liam was giggling up a storm, his action figure “chasing” the dinosaur.

“Hey, guys! Y/N, can I see you for a minute?” Sam said.

You nodded, following him back into the hallway. “Can you go down and introduce yourself to Jess, please? I’m going to help the kids get ready and then we can talk, if that’s okay with you,” he said.

“Alright guys, let’s get packed for Mommy!”

You walked down the stairs and headed towards the kitchen, palms sweating. “Um, hello again, Mrs. Winchester-

“Moore, it’s Moore now,” Jess said quietly. “Look I think we got off on the wrong foot, and I apologize. I was surprised that Sam had hired someone without talking to me,” Jess paused, an idea forming in her head. “We have been talking a lot here lately, you know about the separation.”

“You mean the divorce?” you asked.

Jess twisted her purse strap in her hands, “Yes, about the divorce and if we were too hasty about it. Sam and I have been together for six years and normally we discuss any changes like this,” she gestured towards you. “I’m concerned that Sam isn’t in a good place right now, and he may have made a rash decision where you are concerned because he’s lonely.”

You swallowed nervously. “Look, I’m here for the kids only. Sam is a great dad! But I make it a point to not get involved with clients. Things get messy if personal feelings get involved. My first priority is your children.”

“Mommy! Mommy!” came Ava’s excited cry. Jess looked startled for a minute and then she schooled her features and put a big smile on her face, bending down she scooped both kids up as they came running in the room.

“Hi! I missed you guys so much! Are you ready to go?”

“Yes, mommy. Y/N I left the dinosaur hiding in my room, so you have to find him so we can play again,” Liam said solemnly.

You grinned at Liam and nodded. Sam chuckled. “Y/N, I’m going to walk the kids out to the car, and I’ll be right back. I know we didn’t get their dinner out of the way, but maybe you and I could have it while we talk? You know, about the position.”

You nodded again, “I’ll start the chicken.” You threw a nervous glance at Jess who looked like she ate something sour.

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Ramblings of a fanboy

King Butterfly thought Star and Marco were dating but also showed he was okay with it. He could run at speeds of at least 120 mph so if he didn’t like Marco he could have easily taken Marco out. Also Marco didn’t deny it the first time. Also this show will be the death of me.