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Tell it to the Marines AU - The Nanny [Part 1]

Just a little thing I thought up the other night, none of this is TittM canon in the least. (Unless @tsume-yuki says so, of course)

Ace wasn’t too sure about this.

Pops had been the one to suggest it. To take Riskua to an island deep within Whitebeard territory in the New World, a guarded place where she could birth their child in safety. A haven where several of his brothers and sisters kept children of their own, protected by the island’s guardian.

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baby sitting | cole sprouse

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request: any more cole sprouse imagines soon?
can we have more cole sprouse
cole sprouse imagines PLEASE
can we please have more cole imagines?

“do you have to go?” your boyfriend whines wrapping his arms around your waist pulling you toward him. you had to go baby sit a family friends kids whilst they went out for date night and let’s just say he doesn’t want you to go.

“coleee” you whine running your hands through his dark locks “don’t make me feel bad” you complain sitting in his lap

he pouts, making you giggle as he buries his head in your neck

“stoppppp” you whine

“why don’t you come with me? im sure anna won’t mind” he stops nuzzling pulling his head out to look into your eyes

you stand from his lap grabbing his hands swinging them back and fourth trying to persuade him

“fine fine, ill go” you smile triumphant pushing cole’s chest so he falls flat on his back “you don’t have to i can just go-”

you crawl onto his lap and he whines at your gestur he’s hands creeping up the sides of your thighs resting on your hips

“no im coming with you” he insists you smirk dipping down to join your lips. you grind slightly causing him to moan only for you to crawl off his lap

“bring your swimmers” you move away from your shared bed to start getting yourself dressed only to turn to see your boyfriend sitting slyly on your bed watching you undress and redress.

“ill leave you here” you warn chasing him to snap out of his daze “mhm what?” you roll your eyes throwing your towel at his face

he catches it with ease and drapes it around his neck leaning back on his elbows “what are you doing?” you laugh as he chews on a toothpick a grin on his face

“enjoying the view, what else” rolling your eyes you throw on your dress and grab your bag attempting to leave your room keys in hand

cole springs from the bed bouncing over to the door way “no no im coming” you purse your lips folding your hands across your chest so he knows you mean business.

“give me a sec yeah? ill drive” he bends down slightly giving a peck before moving over to his dresser picking out a pair of board shorts and a shirt change rather quickly before meeting you in his jeep starting the short drive to the williamson’s household

“hey anna” you smile greeting the middle aged woman a small hug “this is my boyfriend cole-” you step back gesturing to the brunette behind you.

he smiles brightly offering his hand “nice to meet you” he expresses slipping his hand into your own. “the pleasure is all mine!” she smiles back guiding us toward the kitchen.

“sorry for calling you in early! anthony has a few errands he wants me to run with him!” you shake your head “oh no it’s fine seriously! i wasn’t busy” i turn catching cole’s teasing eyes.

“so where are the kids?” you ask placing your bag in the counter “anastasia and alex are in their rooms, ariel is getting her bathers on and aidens in the play room” i nod.

“awesome, we both brought our swimmers just in case the kids wanted to take a dip, am i still looking after them tonight?” she nods grabbing her purse mr willamson entering my view.

“anthony this is cole my boyfriend, cole this is a anthony” the shake hands before reverting back.

“so this is the child star thats dating (y/m/n) daughter, ill be keeping an eye on you son” you roll your eyes wrapping your hands around cole’s arm calming his nerves.

“let’s not terrorise the poor boy tony, we’ve gotta go we’ll see you later on!” you nod waving goodbye as they parents walk out the door hand in hand

you find yourself smiling at their marriage bliss, “you okay?” cole asks rubbing your arms, you nod bringing your attention back to the boy “yeah, i hope i end up this happy when im married”

the boy walks closer to you bringing his hands up to cup your face “if i have anything to do with it i promise you it’ll be even better” you giggle kissing him being interrupted when you hear gagging noises coming from behind you

you turn to see anastasia and aiden standing in the lounge room behind the two of you “hey stass!” you smile walking over to the blonde girl giving her a hug before squatting down to hug aiden"hey bud!“

“guys this is cole, my boyfriend. cole meet stass and aiden the oldest and youngest” you place an arm around each of them.

aiden rushes up to cole launches himself into his arms “let’s get dressed and go for a swim? im melting” you tell the teenage girl.

“ill go be the other, you right here babe?” he nods lifting the toddler up onto his shoulder and out in the pool area “ill be fine” he chuckles as the little boy screams in delight.

you track down the other two getting them dressed and guiding them out to the pool whilst you make up a few snacks carrying tray after tray out into the pool area.

you slip out of your dress and lay yourself down on the sun bed watching as cole through aiden into the air playing marco polo with all the kids and offering piggy back rides in the water

you smile as they all laugh having the time of their lives as you watch from a comfortable distance you find yourself feeling a little maternal being excited to start a family of your own

“babe c'mere the waters amazing” he yells swimming over to the edge pushing his hair back slick. you shake your head adjusting your sunglasses on your face

“not just yet im going to tan for abit” you responsd closing your eyes soaking up the sun

“well thats unexceptable” he mutter and the next thing you know there’s water droplets covering your face and wet arms snaking around your waist pulling you up from your sun bed and thrown out someone’s back

you don’t even need to open your eyes to know it’s cole “but me down!!” you scream smacking his back begging to realise you.

“okay” you pause feeling yourself “no no cole-” it was too late he’d dropped you into the icy cold pool causing your eyes to spring open swimming to the surface.

“ooh sprouse your in for it now” you paddle over to him jumping on him the kids trying to pin him down for you.

laughter fills the pool with cole’s screams for mercy “okay okay truce truce” he yells causing the kids to stop giggling as they swim away

you contain your laughter wrapping your legs around his waist giving him a kiss. he smiles back rejoining your lips his brown eyes sparkling in the sunlight.

and in this moment you realise that you don’t want to just have any old family you wanted one with cole

“i love you” he laughs

“i love you to sprouts”

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Introducing Polo the Rooster the son of Marco the Phoenix~

God, I had a lot of fun designing Polo, he’s such a little punk just like his dad, only with more hair! I’m not completely satisfied with this picture, but it helps set up a bit of a reference for comparing the son to the father. Plus this is like… my first time drawing Marco…

Polo is about 15 years old and to me it makes sense for Marco to have such and old son because in a 22 year flashback when Shiki visited the crew, Marco looked… exactly the same. Which makes him at least 20+ years older than Ace.

Polo first appears in a little side-story here and here.

Ramblings of a fanboy

King Butterfly thought Star and Marco were dating but also showed he was okay with it. He could run at speeds of at least 120 mph so if he didn’t like Marco he could have easily taken Marco out. Also Marco didn’t deny it the first time. Also this show will be the death of me.

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JM posted flowers sent by Aritzia on her insta stories. Isn't that the brand of the blazer MM used at Polo?


(OMG, I know you’re all going to blast me for all caps overuse, but, man, this is ridiculous)

Does anyone have a screenshot? Please, please, my kingdom for a screenshot.

Aritzia was featured not just at the polo, but also on the Soho House pap walk. They’ve gotten TWO super premium merching spots.

Somebody please get me a screenshot. I beg you. 

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stef & lena + brandon and callie’s relationship


Diedrik Lustgarden

October 13, 1977 (40) (Libra)

5′9″ 150 Lb


-Skin/eye/hair color
White, sun tanned skin, black hair, hazel eyes

Head surgeon at Health portal hospital

-Residence/ origin /ethnicity
Simplicity, American, Austrian/Greek
Lives in a penthouse suite at the hospital.

-Mental and physical health
Mental: He’s kind of a narcissist. His parents were neglectful and it had some repercussions, he’s deeply insecure but masks it with arrogance.
Physical: He’s pretty obsessed with his health and appearance, and takes extremely good care of himself. No drugs, only a social drinker.

-Family and love life
As a kid he had everything he wanted, but his parents were really famous and they only had him because it was good publicity, not because they wanted kids. He was mostly raised by their maids and boarding school. His life was controlled by the expectations of medical society and this made him defiant. His mother died when he was a teen and his father married many more times. Their relationship is tense.

Romance-wise, it’s hard to form attachments. He gets bored easily and has some commitment issues. He was known to cheat on his partners and had mostly short term relationships and sexual flings before finding true love with Kyrie and a soulmate in Tristan.

-Interests, dislikes, fears and phobias
Likes: Praise, luxury, himself
Dislikes: Incompetence, having to respond to a higher authority, wearing formal attire, himself
Fears: Failure, humiliation, having a bad reputation.

-Clothing and appearance
At work he wears mostly vintage medical uniforms and distinctions so people know that he’s important, red cross arm bands and badges.

Outside of work he dresses like a preppy rich kid, polo shirts, moccasins, designer stuff and that kind of thing.

-Personality and habits
He’s a manufactured beauty in every sense, he tries very hard to seem like a beautiful person on the surface. He has had a lot of plastic surgery and has an extensive morning routine. Before high school he was chubby and plain looking, and after puberty he was lanky and plain looking, then he actually started working out and tried to be conventionally attractive.

He also pretends to be beautiful on the inside but he’s the kind of person who likes being a doctor not because he wants to help people but because of the fortune and prestige. He can be very self centered but deep down he has a pure and noble heart, he just doesn’t know it.

He can be a serious businessman one moment and wildly irresponsible the next. His life revolves around his work and he enjoys it but doesn’t like to be held accountable and would rather do things his own way. He can be clever and flirtatious but also very graceless and anxious in social situations.

He doesn’t know he is trying to be someone he isn’t. He’s not the kind of person who is naturally smart and charming and feels at home in an important leadership position but that is what life expects him to be. He wishes he was that fake version of himself. Only tristan and kyrie have seen through his facade.

-Dreams and aspirations.
Becoming top scientist
Earning the respect of his father and the Aesculapian medical society on his own merits.

Marco Polo (Requested)

Pairing: Steve x reader x Bucky

Request: Bucky x Reader x Steve where Reader was with them through everything and somehow was able to live to present day and they do like Marco Polo on the battlefield? This doesn’t make sense does it?

Oh I’m the Marco Polo one sorry I wasn’t detailed I fell asleep before I could send another ask. Like the reader was from 40’s and grew up with them and it was their like inside joke to find each other by playing Marco polo as kids and then fast forw

Fast forward and like reader was able to come to the present day with them and so when they are on missions with avengers or not they keep track of each other by playing the game and stuff for fun? Does that make sense?

Warnings: None

Words: 706

Y/N/N – your nickname

A/N:  So I know in your request you probably didn’t mean find each other as in hide and seek but I wanted to write a cute scene with that so I did two examples of the ‘game’.

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