polo girls

To all the people angry about Netflix's renewal of sense8

Ya’ll got some nerve trying to diminish and put down this victory. Complaining about the get down and Marco polo and girl boss. 

 Where were you guys when the announcements were made? I’ll tell you where we were, we were tweeting, protesting, signing petitions, voting in polls, making our voices heard. 

We didn’t stop even after Netflix said there was no chance. We didn’t stop when JMS told us to give up. We. Never. Stopped. We still won’t until we get the promised 5 seasons. 

 Where were your voices for your shows? Where were your tweets and petitions? Where 👏 where 👏 you 👏? 

Don’t come at us with your shitty attitudes and your salty words. You’re mad? Good, channel that anger and organize yourselves. Fight for your shows. Take an example from the sense8 Fandom and make it happen. 

 I’ll be over here celebrating with the hundreds of thousands of us who made this victory happen.

Originally posted by justalittletumblweed