polo dog

Alain Delon photographed by Jack Garofalo on the Place Saint-Marc during the test for the filming of the movie ‘Marco Polo’ on March 12, 1962 ~ Venice, Italy


Finally, I found out what kind of professor Thorn is. He isn’t Headmaster, only a Games Teacher (exactly the kind of professor James will be years later) and in his spare time he also works as a Monster Slayer (so Monster Slayers are actually the protectors of the Court, they fight/imprison/kill dangerous monsters. Now I got it). He came riding Rogat (hello, buddy, long time no see), the fake dragon who’ll be killed later after being possessed by Reynardine. This chapter ended there and it was wonderful, I have nothing to criticize at it, except that i wanted to be a little longer. Now, before I’ll start chapter 23, there’s a little story (Intermission???!!!) called City Face about a nameless male pigeon trying to win the heart of a female pigeon. Hmm, let’s see how successful you’ll be buddy, I wish you good luck (can’t believe I’m interested in a story about pigeons being in love lol). Other males pigeons try to teach him how to woo his lady, but he already tried everything. Next page, two fairies talking about dancing with Polo being the best dancer. Then, back to our pigeon in love, trying to obtain love advises from….OMG, this will not end well, right? Poor pigeon, RIP so very early in this mini story.