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Commission - Pokemon Trainer Alec

Finally had some time to get a commission from a year ago started and finished!

This is Alec and his Poliwrath. Alec is a water polo player, hence the lack of trousers, and it fits very nicely that his favourite Pokemon would be exceptionally good at the sport.

I’m pretty pleased with how Poliwrath turned out design wise. I have seen some versions that are just pure frog based, but i figured that the exposure to compounds in the water stone would take Poliwhirl away from its current evolutionary path and more towards a form suited for combat. Hence why i looked into giant salamander legs to make him look more muscular, but still amphibian in nature. Frog hands are almost similar to human hands, so that wasn’t too far of a stretch. I also felt that the ‘visible intestines’ idea would be cool for poliwag, and maybe young poliwhirls, but for a large Pokemon of this size, the intestines wouldn’t make the same pattern now as they did as an infant. So instead, i decided to make them skin markings, so that i can still keep the distinctive pattern.

I imagine Politoed to be the more frog-like of the two evolutionary paths, so this form works perfectly for what i had in mind.

Hope you like him!

The King in Love  Ep. 1~4

Historical background to help understand The King in Love (2017 MBC)

Yi Seung-Hyu : You said your name was Han-Cheon?
Wang Won : Yes.
Yi Seung-Hyu : On the left side of that name, the Chinese character Eon for “speech” is supposed to be added, isn’t it?
Wang Won :  (surprised)
Yi Seung-Hyu : Han for “shore” and Cheon for “fountain”… combined together, Won for “endless”.
Wang Won : You must be thinking further than you should be.
Yi Seung-Hyu : I want to boast to you that I found out your identity through Paja (meaning “wordplay”), but I’ve seen you before, a long time ago. You are still the way you used to be. How have you been, Crown prince.

■ Alias breakdown through Paja (“wordplay”)

Paja (파자 破字) is an old-fashioned wordplay using the fact that some Chinese characters are combination of existing characters. According to the Paja rule, our two boys’ aliases break down as follow.  

  • 謜 원 Won (meaning “endless”) = 言 언 Eon (“speech”) + 厂 한 Han (“shore, hillside”)  + 泉 천 Cheon (“fountain, spring”)
  • 潾 린 Rin (meaning “clear, crystalline purity”) = 水 수 Soo (“water”) + 粦 인 In (“goblin’s fire, ignis fatuus, will o’ the wisp”)

That’s why Won is Han-Cheon and Rin is Soo-In.  

By the way, San (珊 산) means “coral” in Chinese character. So, there is a scene where Crown Prince Won presents her with a coral dagger in the original novel. Her alias in the drama is So-Hwa (소화 小花), but the English subtitle made a mistake. It is not So-Ah (little kid) but So-Hwa (little flower).

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The lover’s food is the love of the bread;
No bread needs to be at hand.
No one who is sincere in his love is a slave to existence.

Lovers have nothing to do with existence.
Lovers have the interest without the capital.

Without wings they fly around the world.
Without hands they carry the polo ball off the field.

That dervish who caught the scent of Reality used to weave baskets even though his hands had been cut off.

Lovers have pitched their tents in nonexistence.
They are of one quality and one essence,
as nonexistence is.

From Mathnawi by Rumi

Gravity Falls - Mabel’s Mind Palace

I read somewhere on Tumblr that Mabel and Dipper are technically geniuses for their age, as Dipper was doing complicated math and Mabel could make amazing art sculptures. So I have this headcanon that Mabel is actually really good at using memory techniques, as creativity is actually a big part of these techniques, which would make her just as smart if not better than Dipper at retaining information, as I’d imagine Dipper takes rote learning very seriously. Also this would be future Pines twins going to the same college and taking the same upper-division Psychology course. [Somewhat of a BBC Sherlock reference]

Most information and quotes either come from my own experience and research or from Kevin Horsley’s UNLIMITED MEMORY: How to Use Advanced Learning Strategies to Learn Faster, Remember More and be More Productive.

[ Chapter 1 ] || [ Chapter 2 ] || [ Chapter 3 ] || [ Chapter 4 ] || [ Chapter 5 ] || [ Chapter 6 ] || [ Chapter 7 ] || [ Chapter 8 ] || [Chapter 9 - FINAL CHAPTER]

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anonymous asked:

Hi there!! I was wondering if I can get any help or inspiration on creating a sport-like activity, something like Quidditch or the sport featured on the movie Rollerball. Thank you!!


Every sport has a point to it. Simplify your sport’s goal into the simplest sentence you can imagine, like “Throwing a horseshoe around a pole” or “Hitting the other person with a blade” or “Making rocks land within a circle on the ice”.


What do you use to play the sport? Many sports use some kind of ball, ranging in size from ping-pong balls to beach balls. Other popular sport devices include interesting shapes - like Frisbees - and potential danger - like bladed weapons and bats. Some sports require outside help, either from animals (polo or jousting) or fellow humans (any team sport ever).

The equipment you need will shape a sport’s popularity. Soccer/football is such a popular sport because you don’t need anything other than a roundish ball and two goals you can mark with sticks in the ground. (American) football is popular because you need a football (easy enough to come by in the US) and, again, two goals you can mark with sticks. A game like lacrosse - which requires lacrosse sticks and balls - or polo - which, among other things, requires a horse - is more expensive and therefore less likely to be widely enjoyed.

Skill Level

How good to you need to be to play? This is another determining factor in who plays this sport: how much practice you need to play. To return to the previous point, soccer/football is easy to learn; most people can manage kicking a ball around without touching it. American football is a little harder to learn because one person needs to throw a spiral. In lacrosse, you need to learn how to weave the stick so the ball doesn’t fall out. In tennis, you need to train yourself to hit within the court and over the net. 

To that effect, the more practice it takes to learn a sport - not master, but learn - the more expensive it will probably be. Your friends can teach you soccer in ten minutes. The list of people who can teach you ice dancing is much smaller (and, for free, almost nonexistent). 


Where is the sport played? You don’t need an exact drawing of the field with all the penalty/important lines yet. You’ve got the goal and the equipment. From there it’s easy to guess the size of the field and maybe a few important lines. Most sports take place on an equally divided field. Generally, the smaller the number of participants, the smaller the field. There are plenty of exceptions, like golf and swimming and ballet, but if you’re doing a sport like Quidditch, the field will need to be big enough for several players to move around on. 


How fast does your sport move? Sedate sports like croquet, golf, and bowling are still difficult in that it takes a long time to master, but you can do it at a slow, easy pace. Compare a sport like golf to a sport like dodgeball or soccer. You can’t think about every kick or throw for five minutes. You need to kick/throw now. 

Generally speaking, slower sports were originally made for/appeal to the upper class. The rowdy masses like faster sports like horse racing and wrestling. But, again, it depends on the time period. In the Middle Ages, the nobility was addicted to violent jousts and the masses amused themselves with mile-long games of football and bear-baiting. 

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Imagine one day, the place where Mako’s helping to teach children how to swim decide to do something special for Christmas

But the Santa they hired bailed at the last minute

And then Mako begs Sou to come and fill in for Santa

And Sou comes in a giant Santa Suit that completely swallows up his body (to the point where he had to loop the santa belt twice and the entire suit is still too big) and carrying a giant bag full of toys. No just kidding. It’s full of goggles because the swim instructors thought they would be more useful. Also swim caps. A lucky few kids will get some tiny faux water polo balls to chuck at each other. 

Except no one told Santa Sou that the kids would want to sit on his lap

And no one told the swim instructors that Sou was bad with children

Thirty minutes later, the room might as well have been the outcome of a snowball fight. Except, instead of snowballs, there are tiny water polo balls everywhere. And instead of happy children, they’re either crying in the corner because Santa Didn’t Like Them or waiting in line for the Maybe Santa Will Like Me but He Looks Traumatized Right Now So Maybe Not