polo 2000

So today I was walking home after buying groceries. I was wearing a crop top (with a blouse, but no coat) and jeans that make my legs look amazing. Now I’m hardly insecure about my body these days and where I live it’s safe to walk around like this during the day and besides, I didn’t look half-naked.

Two guys in a Volkswagen Polo (probably a 2000 edition or something) were staring at me and muttering stuff to each other. I was feeling a bit uncomfortable but decided to keep walking. Then one of them whistled and in a stupid reflex I turned my head.

And he yelled “Hey you! Love what you did with your hair! The blue really suits you.” Sometimes I really fucking love people. And oh how I misjudged them.

- Mod Jewel

Da sinistra. Giacca di lana rigata, John Varvatos; girocollo a coste, Prada; striped shirt, Polo Ralph Lauren; tweed pants, Carlo Pignatelli Outside; bow tie Charvet; sciarpa Juicy Couture; stringate di vitello, Burberry Prorsum. Herringbone jacket, pull a trecce, camicia, pants e guanti: tutto Polo Ralph Lauren. Papillon charvet; shoes Burberry Prorsum