hayatım bir mutsuzluk inşaatıydı pollyanna
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cevap beklediğim zamanlarda.

sana bu son mektubu,
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yazıyorum pollyanna
son şiirini yazmaya cesaret edememiş bir şair olarak.

Sheriff Noah Stilinski

As I was thinking about “Sundowning” at work today, I realized that we learned far more than his name in this episode.  In my opinion, Teen Wolf answered a lot of questions about his character in this episode.

What it didn’t do is convince me that this was planned from Season 1.  I get the feeling that this may have been a “fix-it” episode.  In other words, they realized that the Sheriff’s characterization had been all over the place, and scratched their heads to find a way to explain it.

I will write this post as if this was intended from Season 1.   I simply find the more positive possibility the more attractive.  Call me a Pollyanna.

Elias “Stiles” Stilinski gave us a model for how to look at the Sheriff’s actions.  Elias was both a war hero and an abusive husband and father.  How often does this happen in real life?  The answer is – all the time.  No one is either all good or all bad, and that has been one of the main themes of the show.

The sheriff’s relationship to Stiles which has been described as neglectful, distrustful, and yet protective, verging on over-protective.  It seems that one minute the Sheriff “hasn’t believed a word he’s spoken since he learned to speak” and that the next minutes he’d “burn the sheriff station to the ground to protect you.”

I believe that the show is saying that the sheriff has a deep fear of turning into his father – thus, we see a reason he can be furious at Stiles and then suddenly forgive him or walk away.  Stiles got him fired and he just brushed it off – he didn’t even ground him, after his fury at stealing the prison van in the first place.  He repeats this behavior throughout the seasons – the Sheriff grows angry with Stiles and then suddenly relents and does what Stiles wants – in “The Girl Who Knew Too Much,” in “Echo House,” in “Smoke & Mirrors,” and in “Damnatio Memoriae.” It’s as if he is ready to ‘put his foot down’ but then he is reminded of his own father, who went too far, itching like glass under the skin trying to works its way out.

The show is seeming to say that this has set up an unstable dynamic in the Stilnski household.  Stiles knows his father’s behaviors and pushes to do what he wants (he does) but Stiles always fears that one day he’ll go too far and his father isn’t going to pull back at the last moment.  

I really wonder – has Stiles ever met Elias Stilinski?  I’m betting not.

Born Today, December 5, in 1901 Legendary Producer Walt Disney…

“It’s kind of fun to do the impossible.” - Walt Disney

So many marvelous movies and characters! Not to mention all the wonderful and magical Disneyland rides – and fond childhood memories :) Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy… Snow White, Cinderella, Alice in Wonderland, Peter Pan, Lady and the Tramp, Pinocchio, Dumbo, Bambi, Mary Poppins, Flubber, Pollyanna, Ugly Dachshund, Old Yeller, Jungle Book, That Darn Cat… I’m running out of room here :)

anonymous asked:

could you do a list of niall's flaws, like the ones you think he has, people usually only bring up the good stuff, but i would like to hear the flaws too, not to tear him down or anything, but to understand him a little more

Oh goodness, anon. I don’t know if I’m the best person to answer this. I tend to be a little Pollyanna about this kind of thing. Cockeyed optimist, here.

Not to say that I think that Niall is perfect. I know no one is. And honestly a lot of things that, we’ll say, aren’t my favorite things about are more of age and position things (partying etc). So overlooking things like his questionable taste in films, apparent allergy to color in his decorating and the wonky toe (because none of these things are flaws) I will endeavor to make some assumptions about his personality that might make him a little more human. (Thanks @melissas173 for helping me 😘)

I would say in personal relationships that he seems to be a loyal and good friend. I also think he has no problem cutting people off who have fucked him over.

He is admittedly restless and I suspect that has played a part in why he’s single. I don’t think he has any desire to be tied down to anyone any time soon.

I absolutely love when Niall gets salty but he seems like the kind of person who always has to have the last word. I honestly would not like to fight with him. He’s quick and witty and I bet he can be mean if he wants. (I’ve never seen him be mean but I could see it.)

If he’s as much of a neat freak as everyone assumes he is, we would not get along at all lol.

Also, that chicken did not look sufficiently seasoned.

Ok now I’m gonna to my happy sexy Niall bubble. Thanks for stopping, anon! 😘😘

Skam 30 day challenge

Day 18 - Saddest scene 

I’ll answer this by saying everytime Isak cried

  • yes, even that time he cried for a movie...
  • do I say anything about this? I can still feel the pain..

Originally posted by imaliitledeath

  • and yes even that time he cried for his mother’s answer. I know these were tears of happiness..but he cried..I know I’m too dramatic, sue me…

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  • (╥_╥) my sweet son  (╥_╥) 
  • but the saddest scene of all of them was this.. I..I was so shocked when this clip came up. Just like an idiot, I thought Isak will be drunk and call Even and I was thinking that they will be get back together. Instead of my extremely pollyanna thoughts, he saw Even kissing Sonja and God…I’ve never ever felt so sorry for anyone before. He fought with Mahdi. He kicked bushes.. He kneeled to the ground and he cried.. That moment my heart broke to million pieces.. I’ve never thought this episode end like that and they let us live with that pain for a week without knowing how Isak was.. This is the saddest scene in all three season of skam for me..I hate seeing him devastated,hopeless and broken… And eventhough I’m literally in love with Even, I’ll never forget how Isak felt, how I felt in this episode…

There are way too many people both inside and outside the beltway who are not 👏 living 👏 in 👏 Reality 👏 with regard to the Republicans’ intention for healthcare.

“They have no plan to replace ACA! They can’t replace it without Democratic votes. If they repeal without replacement, then 30 million people would lose healthcare, and that would just be a disaster, so.”


They have no plan, there is no plan to have a plan, the only plan is take away all ACA tenets. Completely.

“Well but Trump said repeal and replace… but Senator Joe Douche from Kentucky said he won’t support without a new plan…”


Why is this so hard for you all to grasp?! Everything is not okay. Everything is not going to be okay. No one with a motherfucking R next to his/her name is acting in good faith. EVER.


anonymous asked:

Its obviously common, since there are so many of us. But, I wonder what the psychosis of caring about people you don't know means.

Ok, I am going to assume you did not mean “psychosis”, cause that is hella rude.  

I am going to assume you mean the psychology behind caring about people you don’t know.

And if that is the case, then it is something all people should strive for.  It is what drives us to help people, to donate to charity, to champion a cause.  Caring about our fellow man is what makes us human.  It is what societies are built on.  

If we stop caring about other people, about their health, their happiness, their well being, then we need to re-evaluate our outlook.  

You can call me a PollyAnna, or a bleeding heart liberal, but perhaps there should be far less focus on what we can get out of a situation, and far more focus on what we can do to improve a situation.  

We can start by being kind.