He’d been taken from his cell at Florida State Prison at four-thirty that morning, not allowed to shower or shave, placed in the back of a van and driven to Orlando in handcuffs and shackles without a seatbelt. It was the absence of a seatbelt that bothered Ted the most: “What’s the point of trying to save my life on this sentence if I’m going to be killed in a car crash?!” He had bounced around the back of the van for three hours on his trip to Orlando.

From “Defending The Devil”

Ted Bundy being dramatic af 

breaking up with jason blossom would include...

you thought things were going so smoothly, so well…

- and then you walked in on him, your boyfriend, your lover, and polly cooper, your best friend’s sister.

- they were lip locked on his bed, her shirt ridden up with his hand splayed across her torso and her hand stuck in his hair

- you dropped the glass of water you had in hand

- jason and polly both pulled away as quick as lightning, turning just to see you standing in the doorway

- you tried not to cry but the tears were already streaming down your face

- “what happened to you and me forever, jason? what the hell happened to that?”

- you would have stormed down the halls of thornhill, ignoring jason when he called for you

- as if he were able to make it better.

- by this time, you and cheryl were friends, so she pulled you into her room and slammed the door when her brother came by

- “i’m so sorry, kitten,” she would murmur after you told her what you saw

- she would walk you home after a few hours, and if jason were to catch up with you or try to talk to you, she’d chase him off

- once you were home, you would inevitably call one of your friends - probably jughead, because he’d let you punch the shit out of him.

- but when cheryl got home she would light up on her brother

- talk about cheryl bombshell

- and then at school, cheryl, betty, veronica, kevin, jughead and archie would all band around you

- everyone would know not to mess with you

- and jason would always catch your eye in the hallways

- but as you walked away, confidence building and heartbreak fading, he’d realize just how strong you were

- and how stupid he was to loose you.

⬩◈  オンラインで見知らぬ人と話すことは、私がこれまでに作った最良の決定です。
現実はレモンで、インターネットは私のレモネードです。 ◈⬩

⬩◈ [talking to strangers online was the best decision I ever made.
reality is lemons and the internet’s my lemonade] ◈⬩

ah yes, more of the unnecessary™ DJ AU, now in pastel!

more art instatwitter by shawn wasabi ◈ ヾ(。・ω・)シ ⬩


Can just someone tell me why neither Cole nor KJ were in the ‘Work from Home’ video??

Give Hermione Lodge a trophy too


so i wanna talk about the scene where cheryl was telling polly the twins she’s carrying couldnt protect her in this episode. okay so cheryl was starting to cry while twisting pollys wrist and that confirmed what i was thinking

cheryl IS trying to protect polly, but her parents and the blossom family fucked cheryl up so badly that cheryl’s only way she thinks she can do this and deter polly from getting into more trouble would be to scare her 

BECAUSE thats what her parents did to her

physical abuse and fear tactics kept cheryl in line…… that’s obvious

and cheryl does only a little bit of that in hopes polly will understand and stop like my heart really does go out to cheryl this is really fucked up