“And That’s How I Drank More Mercury!”

Yanni Yogi’s back story from the Real-Time Fandub of the Ace Attorney movie

watch the other clips from it here

@popelickva from @aaaaseries as Phoenix and 2001 Yanni Yogi
@milesdafoo from @aaaaseries as Judge
HayleyCopter as 2016 Yanni Yogi
@simandthedimbulbv2-0 as Polly (bird), Polly (lady), Polly (lady/bird/ghost combination), and Robert Hammond
@pleading-eyes as Manfred von Karma

border by @simandthedimbulbv2-0, @drawnwithoutref, and @tomatomagica


Hiking in Nuuksio by Polly Balitro via Flickr
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