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@ateliefloresdaprimavera wanted, and I quote: “happy,married to the love of his life John and [reader] who’s like a daughter to Polly”

hope you like it, hun!

You marched down the street, half angry, half exhausted. Groups of kids were running up and down and you cast an eye out to check whether any of yours were there. Men tipped their caps to you as you passed and you barged your shoulder into Polly’s front door, slamming it behind you.

“I got fucking fired, didn’t I?”

“Lovely to see you too, sweetheart. Sit yourself down. Kettle’s just boiled, you can explain yourself”

You huffed, yanking your scarf off and chucking it over the back of a chair.

“Thanks Pol. Where’s the kids?”

“John’s got them”

“John’s got them?”

Polly cast a look up to you as she brewed the pot and smirked when she saw your confused look.

“He was showing Katie her numbers and the rest wouldn’t let them be, you know what they’re like”

“Sorry, no, go back – John’s got the kids? By himself?”

She chuckled to herself and slid a cup over to you.

“Sit yourself down. And explain”

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Three Little Words

“Meet my family” Those three small words had thrown your mind into a tizzy, their implications huge, knowing how much Tommy valued his family and their privacy. You sat nervously in the back of the car, fussing with the hem of your dress, a light chiffon day dress, perfect for the informal picnic that Ada had no doubt planned for the group. Your mind continued to race, thinking back to the moment he’d said those three words, his crystalline eyes showing a speck of vulnerability, a chink in his armour, the crack in his ever composed exterior. This was it, this was his way of saying I love you without uttering those three impossibly heavy words.

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You’re A Sinking Stone

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Michael Gray x Reader


-“Don’t. Just don’t. I don’t want to hear you say what I think you’re going to say. Don’t speak.”

-Can I request one where you’re dating Michael and the whole Charlotte thing happens and you end up turning to Tommy for comfort?

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John Shelby x reader

Request: I loved your John shelby imagine so I was wondering if you could do one where, you and John have loads of kids together and your married to each other, then one day you found out your pregnant again and your worried John will be angry with you because use already have lots of kids together, so you book an abortion. But then don’t go to it but John finds out about getting a abortion and thinks your getting one and goes mental about it xx

Author’s note: I feel like this is sloppy and I am so sorry i just didn’t want to leave the request unfinished. I am sorry if my posting is irregular but i am in my last year of high school and the next couple of weeks are when all my assignments are due (I know I probably shouldn’t stress this much at age 17 but I am working on it) So i am so so sorry if it is sloppy or if my posting is a bit irregular but please bare with me. ANYWAY enough rambling hope you enjoy.

You had the perfect family, the perfect husband, the perfect life. You had met John when you were only 11 and he was 13. you moved down from Glasgow and moved in down the street from him. He would tease you and trip you up laughing at you when you ran home crying. But when you turned 16 things changed, you would talk about things for hours, steal kisses when no one was looking and your hands were always intertwined. You loved him then and you love him now. You were married and with your oldest daughter at 18, Bonnie. She was the perfect baby and you were all the happiest family. Then Douglas came along, a couple years after him your next son, Jamie.

With three children all under the age of 7 things could certainly be handful, but you loved your children and you loved John nevertheless. When you fell pregnant again you knew John wasn’t as excited his reaction wasn’t the same. He told you money was tight and that he would have to work more shifts to cover the cost of another child. He was stressed, you could tell because he tossed and turned at night before giving up altogether and going to the bottle to soothe his mind. You almost didn’t tell him when  you found out you were having twins, but when the day came John was by your side and looked at your newborn’s Archie and Annabella, with all the love in the world. He loved all of your children and since then the Shelby business has grown and developed. Even though John was involved in more dangerous business he was making a lot more money. He bought a house just outside small heath, a big beautiful country house. When he first took you to see it you weeped in disbelief, this couldn’t possibly be where you would live.

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Michael x Reader

Requested by @peakynathan

“Hello?” Michael called as he strolled through the door and smiled, your son’s little feet slapping on the polished wooden floor as he hurried to reveal everything that had happened since his father’s last visit.

“You’re home!” You sighed happily and hurried in from the kitchen, letting Michael use the arm that wasn’t holding your son snake around your waist.

“I missed you.” He muttered and kissed you, leaning his forehead against yours to relish in the rare moments of being with you.

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Working at Pop’s

She needed more money. She didn’t want to have to depend on her Mum and Dad for much longer. She knew that at the moment they would be there to pay for the things that she needed but hadn’t they said that to Polly aswell. They had always told her that they would be there to support her physically, emotionally and financially. But look where that had led Polly. Now that little voice in the back of her head was nagging her, telling her that she couldn’t trust them to be there for her anymore. She needed to find her own way and that is what led Betty Copper to work at Pop’s.

She had been working there for a couple weeks now. Handing out milkshakes and fries to groups of friends sitting in booths, sweeping the floors and wiping down benches. She didn’t really enjoy it. She would have preferred to have been with her group of friends ordering strawberry milkshakes and sharing fries. She didn’t enjoy it and that was especially obvious to 3 of her best friends.

“I feel really bad that Betty has to work while we are her.” Veronica had said whilst watching Betty clear one of the left over tables.

“I know! I hope that she isn’t hating it as much as it looks.” Archie replied leaning back into his seat. Frowning at the blonde girl. “I really wish I could stay and help you guys make Betty feel better. But I am falling behind in my studies with football and music taking up most of my time.” Archie said standing up and saying goodbye to the rest of the group.

“I’m really sorry Jughead. But I also have to go and help my mum clean up. Says she has some new friends coming over.” The dark haired girl said giving Jughead a sad smile. “I’ll talk to you later. Tell Betty I said Goodbye.”

Jughead nodded watching his friends walk out of Pop’s. He looked over to see the blonde girl struggling to carry all of the empty bowls and glasses. Walking over, he smiled at Betty, “Business booming?” He asked helping her carry the milkshakes over to the bench. “Hiya Juggie! I mean it’s all for the money right?” she giggled smiling at the boy.

Jughead sat down on one of the stools watching as Betty filled up the sink and added in washing up liquid.

“I finish in 15 minutes. Want to join me for a milkshake? It’s on me!” she beamed at him. Not having the slightest idea of how it made him feel.

“Of course!” He replied opening up his laptop to continue working on his novel while he waited for her to finish for the day. “So how are you Betty?” He asked whilst typing away on his keyboard.

“Not too bad! I mean I would have preferred to have been with you guys rather than working. But I need the money!” She placed the plate down that she had just finished cleaning up. “It’s a lot more fun with you sitting here keeping me company!” she smiled at him.

He laughed quietly. “I’ll tell you what, everytime you have a shift I will come and keep you company!” He said.

“Promise?” she asked.

“Promise!” He replied.

Little did Betty know that he was in fact going to keep that promise for the next couple of weeks and it was going to be the best weeks of her life.




Sorry everyone! Just a short one today! After my exams I will be able to focus on writing :) 

i went to the park with the dogs today and there was a grantaire there skateboarding about in a beanie & an ugly jumper and at one point when i whistled my dog like TEN DOGs came at me and almost knocked me over and he literally just skateboarded past laughing at me someone please write me this as a meet cute exr au

Live Life Golden Part 3

Jungkook x reader

How to read: (y/n) is your name.

Warnings: strong language

Words: 2475

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He was a graduate of the elite class, inherited billions from his father, and lived the life of an international playboy. (y/n) came into his life and made him question it all.

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