polly's gone


So you guys really liked my fanfic “scars” so I thought I would do another chapter! If you guys like it let me know, if you hate it let me know too! I like a variety of critiques😘

Chapter Text

Throwing herself onto the soft grass on the side of the riverdale outdoor track, Betty stretched her sore calves letting the burning in her lungs subside.

Closing her eyes she breathed in the cool air and let the quiet of a slow Friday afternoon wash over her.

She was tired. So tired.

She was tired of smiling, tired of fighting, tired of pretending.

Just tired.

Letting her hands run through the manicured grass she allowed her thoughts to run to her sister.

Polly was gone, she’d taken her life last year after an unplanned pregnancy fell through and her parents sent her away. It had all gotten to be too much so she just ended it.

Simple as that, all her problems were gone. She was just gone.

Betty would never commit suicide, she saw what that did to families and how the affect could be damaging to others, she would never want anyone to hurt the way she did.

Opening her eyes she laid there unmoving just looking at the sky and trying not to think.

she felt the grass shift underneath her.
As she turned her head, she was suddenly face to face with the beanie wearing boy she had at one point been best friends with.

He was laying there smiling at her and as hard as she tried she couldn’t not return his smile.


She raised a questioning brow at him


She sighed turning to stare back at the sky.

“What are you doing here jughead?”

“Enjoying the view” he stated simply.

She sat up taking in his relaxed posture, head resting in his hands tucked behind him, legs lazily spread out and wearing that goofy grin she had always loved.

“Eyes up here Cooper”

She barked out a laugh rolling her eyes as he went to sit up next to her.

After about fifteen minutes of comfortable quiet, each of them plucking blades of grass and silently competing who could get the longer piece, Betty spoke up.

“I’m gonna head home.”

Jughead locked eyes with her and smiled crookedly

“Want a walking partner?”

She smiled, heaving herself up not saying anything.

As she went to walk away, she noticed he wasn’t fowllowing.

Looking back she nodded her head forward.

Jughead sprung up and caught up with her, matching her steps and shoving his hands into his pocket.

Something he had forgotten about the gorgeous girl in front of him

Betty did everything.. quietly.

From the way she packed up her bookbag, to the way she carried her feet on the concrete sidewalk.

She hardly made a noise when she gently zipped up the gray wind breaker , and retied her shoes.

Everything was meticulous, and done with a certain air of grace, it was hard for jughead not to watch.

She was just so damn quiet.

So when she turned to jughead and spoke, he was shook out of his thoughts, with a visible jump.

Laughing and taking a step away from him, she smiled

“I’m ready to go, do you have everything?”

Weighing the heavy backpack on his shoulders, he looked down at himself and smirked.

“Shoes on my feet, shirt on my back, I am good to go.”

As she moved to pick up her bag from the bleachers, jughead reached a long arm out, snatching the bag from her grip.

She looked at him, wide eyed for a second, before going to take it back

“I can do that, you don’t have to carry my bag, I’m perfectly capable of doing that on my own.”

“Shut up and let me carry your bag woman, geez you’d think I just declared war on Russia.”

Huffing she turned forward, trying (and failing) to hide the smile on her face.

As they walked in what quickly became uncomfortable silence, he started getting that nervous itch he got, whenever he was put in an awkward situation.

Almost as if sensing his tension betty turned to him, putting him out of his misery.

“Why the sudden interest in me jughead? I mean come on it’s Been what? 6 years? You haven’t spoken to me in 6 years, not for lack of trying on my part I may add”

Okay she was angry.

Good, that was an emotion, a feeling.

He sighed juggling the two backpacks on his shoulders.

“I’ve always had an interest in you Bets, even if I haven’t been around I’ve always had an interest. I’m sorry. I pushed you away. I didn’t want anything to do with you, I was hurting. You know I’ve always been emotionally stunted.” He tried to lighten the mood giving her a crooked smile.

She had calmed down and was now regarding him, with soft eyes and pure confusion on her face.

Betty was smart though, and he knew, if she saw that he didn’t want to talk about it, she wasn’t going to.

“Emotionally stunted?” She snorted
“Try emotionally paralyzed”

He gently swatted her shoulder

And she smiled at him, an actual Betty Cooper genuine smile.

He stuck his hand out to her

“Jughead Jones the third, it’s a pleasure to meet you.”

Her eyes brightened, and she clutched his hand

“Betty Cooper the first. The pleasure is mine.”

It was a start.

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