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Do You Notice Me - Bughead Canon AU Oneshot.

This is a one-shot fill for the @bughead-fanfic-wishlist submitted by the always lovely @raptorlily . I can only hope that I have done this prompt justice for you. I have not written Canon is so long it was strange to go back to it. But I cannot wait until new episodes with new canon springboards to launch off!!

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Canon AU - What if Jughead wasn’t the one who initiated their first kiss? What if it were Betty? Write me a story exploring Betty’s growing feelings for Juggie and her deciding what to do with those feelings. Bonus Consideration: she put herself out there and got rejected by Archie, and Jughead isn’t exactly an open book. He’s also her childhood friend, just like Archie. Perhaps the rewards outweigh the risks?

Do You Notice Me

Betty Cooper had a problem.

Jughead Jones.

He hadn’t started out as a problem. Quite the opposite to be exact but he had fast become one. Betty, after the disaster that was admitting her feelings for Archie had wanted something uncomplicated. She wasn’t looking for romance, or longing looks or fantasies about removing a certain crown shaped beanie and running her fingers through what she imagined were soft, dark waves.


She wanted to solve a murder, find her sister, maybe reconnect with an old friend. Not… this.

She found herself watching him without meaning to. It was almost like she was seeing him again for the first time. They had been friends for so long it was almost like she had missed him growing up. But she was noticing him now.

But now instead of simply accepting that Jughead was a boy with a beanie she began to wonder what was underneath. Ever since she had known him he had worn that beanie, a security blanket of types. She knew what it was like to put up a barrier between yourself and the rest of the world.

That’s what her pastel pink sweaters and perfectly curled pony tail was. Something that she presented to the rest of the world a careful concealment of a part of her that was becoming more and more dominant. As if the darkness that was now consuming the small town had taken her down with it.

She had started to notice him, really notice him, that night at Pop’s. After once again managing to subdue that darker, wilder part of herself in her confrontation with Cheryl she had made up with Veronica as they headed to Pop’s. She noted how different he looked her first time really seeing him since the summer break and he looked ‘older’. He was no longer that scrawny kid that they hung out with in Archie’s tree house sipping lemonade made by Mrs Andrews. He had grown up. She had smiled shyly at him when he hopped into the booth opposite her and he returned her smile with a subtle raise of his eyebrows as he stole a sip of her milkshake. Something that he had always done since they were kids. His eyes challenged her to stop him but she just leant back in her seat, allowing him to take what he wanted.

It became abundantly clear to everyone in that booth that night how enamoured Archie Andrews was with new girl Veronica Lodge. Betty knew that the pain that she felt now would lessen. Stepping back now she could see how her ‘crush’ on Archie, and it was just that, had been a long held childhood fantasy of hers. She had seen them as that power couple. The high school jock and the girl next door looked so good on paper. But in reality Archie had only eyes for Veronica.

The little looks that Jughead sent her did not go unnoticed by her. Small, shy smiles. Kind eyes. And for a brief and fleeting moment she found herself wishing that she was on the other side of the booth next to him, sharing their own private jokes together as they had when they were children. As they had before she went away for the summer.

“I can wait out here until your mom gets here.” Jughead said from behind her as they had stood out the front of Pop’s watching Archie and Veronica leave together. His hands were shoved in his jacket pockets as he glanced at her, kicking some stones at his feet. She thought about the expression on her mom’s face if she turned up to pick her up at Pop’s to find her with Jughead Jones. Alice had made no secret of her disdain for the Jones family as soon as Betty started hanging out with Jughead. She wondered which her mother would be more disapproving of, Jughead or Archie.

“It’s okay Juggie, she’ll be here soon.” He gave her a quick nod before he returned inside to the booth that they had been sitting at. She watched him pull out his laptop and begin to type, the waitress already putting down another cup of steaming hot coffee. A loud beep tore her away from her observations as her mom leaned over to the passenger side’s window telling her to hurry up and get in the car. She stole one more glance before she made her way to the old station wagon.

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Just a Kiss Goodnight

So I had a lot of feelings last night about Bughead and then out popped this little thing. I don’t even know, but I know I adore our little Bughead fam

Just A Kiss Goodnight

Words: 1K

Rating: T(ish)

Read in here on AO3


Between the rush of excitement and fear at finding the car with Jason’s jacket, the sinking feeling when they get back to the scene with Sheriff Keller only to see the car has gone up in a blaze of glory, and the absolute desperation at realizing Polly was gone…it is a whirlwind of an evening. When Betty finally walks back to her house, soaking wet, the air still heavy with mist and disappointment, the only thing keeping her steady and on the appropriate course is the unwavering presence of Jughead at her side. 

It is only when they turn down the road onto her block that she realizes her palms are itching. Not in the odd way that precedes one of her panic attacks, when her fingers dig bloody crescents into the soft skin of her hands, no, this time, she realizes, they are itching to reach out and grab Jughead’s hand, to lace their fingers together until they are palm-to-palm.

Betty has never felt this lightly burning desire before. The want to feel somebody close and breathe in their presence. She thinks back to earlier, her room, that kiss, and it takes every ounce of strength to not let a whispy sigh slip out of her mouth.

They haven’t talked about it. Honestly they haven’t had the time in the midst of all this chaos, and the closer they get to her house, the more she wants to dig in her heels and draw up short, demand they talk and figure all of this (is there even a ‘this’ to talk about?) out. But there is also a weariness that has settled into her bones and chest and she’s aching for her bed.

Jughead is quiet beside her, but not uncomfortably so. And she can’t bring herself to end this innocent moment. The rain patters softly on the concrete pavement around them, streetlamps spilling puddles of light onto the rain slicked ground and everything is so peaceful. It strikes Betty as odd that the world continues to spin so smoothly and at ease when her internal world is slowly falling apart.

They sneak around the back of the house, the ladder that Jughead had used earlier to climb up to her (his quiet greeting of, “hey there Juliet” still lingers in her ear) is still propped against the window and later she’ll have the presence of mind to ask where the ladder came from, but right now all she can do is stare between her open window and Jughead.

A heavy sigh leaves her body, robbing her of the ability to stay upright. So she mutters something that might pass for a goodnight, though she couldn’t tell for certain, and turns to scale the ladder into the safety of her room.

Just as she turns, she feels a hand grabbing her own lightly, and she’s pulled around to face Jug. His eyes search her face for a long moment, and Betty flushes prettily under the heavy scrutiny. As her gaze hesitantly meets his own, she wonders briefly if this is what it’s like to be one of his stories, to be so intimately studied, to feel like someone is able to read every word that’s written across her soul and see the hidden meanings that are woven delicately between her ribs. Perhaps this is what it’s like to truly be a blank page: to put herself in the hands of an author, completely open and trusting him to find the perfect words to make her story a good one.

Whatever it may be, she feels hot and flushed under his calculating eye, and she wants to duck her head, but she is lost in him. Just as she opens her mouth to finally speak, his hand reaches out to cup her cheek, a slightly roughened thumb brushing gently along the rise of her cheekbone and she can’t prevent the soft gasp that slips from her mouth. That is most certainly not the sound she had intended to come out, but everything about this…feeling…she has with Jughead jumbles her brain.

And before she can blink again, he leans in. Presses his mouth to hers. It’s just like earlier, a soft, steadying pressure that gives way to this beautifully warm thrumming in her heart that tingles and dances along her skin. Jughead slants his mouth over hers, pressing more insistently and she flushes from head to toe as she sucks in a heavy breath through her nose. When she exhales, she melts. Positively melds into his arms that are taught around her waist as her own wind around his neck.  

His hand flexes against her back before pulling her slightly closer, until there isn’t a bit of space between their bodies and despite the cool rain he is like the midday sun in July, warm and radiating heat and she is drawn into him like nothing she’s ever experienced.

Eventually, though, air becomes a necessity and Jughead forces his mouth from hers with a rough yank.

The look on his face matches her rolling emotions, the confusion and hesitancy are there, but so is the quiet whisper of ‘this feels so right…why does this feel so right?’

But that momentary burst of emotion slips away into a soft smile as his thumb brushes along her kiss swollen bottom lip and he whispers, “Night, Betts. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

It is a spur of the moment decision, but Betty is feeling bold and beautiful and maybe a bit reckless (he makes her feel like this; he makes her feel so much more) so she throws her arms around his neck, burying her nose into the warm skim there and hugging him tight. He doesn’t seem to know what to do with that, but after a few stiff moments he relaxes into her embrace and pulls her tight, his arms slipping around her waist once more.

“Night Juggy. Thank you. For everything,” She whispers the words into the crook of his neck and she can feel the smile he presses into her forehead.

“You know I’d do just about anything for you…you can always count on me.”

She’s heard those words before, from other people (a vision of ruffled red hair and shining eyes flashes in her mind) but for some reason, Betty believes Jughead entirely.

They say their goodnights and she climbs up to her room, throwing her wet clothes into a pile on the floor before pulling on a soft nightshirt and a pair of shorts and slipping into bed.

When her eyes close, her mind is filled with images. Flashes. Polly. Jason. She’s going to be an aunt. Archie’s voice floats momentarily through her ears but then all she can hear is Jughead’s ragged breathing as his mouth moves over hers and her stomach tingles and her toes curl.

Her fingers come up to her lips, and if she really focuses, she can feel and taste and smell him, surrounding her and wrapping her in warmth.

When she finally manages to give herself over to her dreams, it is the most soundly she has slept in months.


bughead fanfiction - post 1x06


“be my friend, hold me
wrap me up, unfold me.”
-Sia, Breathe Me

“Oh, god—Jughead, there’s blood!”

On his right side, Betty stares at the jagged piece of glass covered with what she assumes is her sister’s blood. The wind whips broken shards over her fingers now gripping the ledge before Jughead inhales sharply beside her, reaching out to pull her hands from the window sill.

“Betty, your hands—“

She looks down and sees the glass sticking out from her palms, but she’s numb to the pain. She hadn’t even realized…

Jughead looks up at her worriedly, holding her wrists in a gentle grasp before plucking the pieces away and using the cuff of his sleeve to wipe the deep crimson of her blood intermingling with the droplets of water from the rain away.

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So you guys really liked my fanfic “scars” so I thought I would do another chapter! If you guys like it let me know, if you hate it let me know too! I like a variety of critiques😘

Chapter Text

Throwing herself onto the soft grass on the side of the riverdale outdoor track, Betty stretched her sore calves letting the burning in her lungs subside.

Closing her eyes she breathed in the cool air and let the quiet of a slow Friday afternoon wash over her.

She was tired. So tired.

She was tired of smiling, tired of fighting, tired of pretending.

Just tired.

Letting her hands run through the manicured grass she allowed her thoughts to run to her sister.

Polly was gone, she’d taken her life last year after an unplanned pregnancy fell through and her parents sent her away. It had all gotten to be too much so she just ended it.

Simple as that, all her problems were gone. She was just gone.

Betty would never commit suicide, she saw what that did to families and how the affect could be damaging to others, she would never want anyone to hurt the way she did.

Opening her eyes she laid there unmoving just looking at the sky and trying not to think.

she felt the grass shift underneath her.
As she turned her head, she was suddenly face to face with the beanie wearing boy she had at one point been best friends with.

He was laying there smiling at her and as hard as she tried she couldn’t not return his smile.


She raised a questioning brow at him


She sighed turning to stare back at the sky.

“What are you doing here jughead?”

“Enjoying the view” he stated simply.

She sat up taking in his relaxed posture, head resting in his hands tucked behind him, legs lazily spread out and wearing that goofy grin she had always loved.

“Eyes up here Cooper”

She barked out a laugh rolling her eyes as he went to sit up next to her.

After about fifteen minutes of comfortable quiet, each of them plucking blades of grass and silently competing who could get the longer piece, Betty spoke up.

“I’m gonna head home.”

Jughead locked eyes with her and smiled crookedly

“Want a walking partner?”

She smiled, heaving herself up not saying anything.

As she went to walk away, she noticed he wasn’t fowllowing.

Looking back she nodded her head forward.

Jughead sprung up and caught up with her, matching her steps and shoving his hands into his pocket.

Something he had forgotten about the gorgeous girl in front of him

Betty did everything.. quietly.

From the way she packed up her bookbag, to the way she carried her feet on the concrete sidewalk.

She hardly made a noise when she gently zipped up the gray wind breaker , and retied her shoes.

Everything was meticulous, and done with a certain air of grace, it was hard for jughead not to watch.

She was just so damn quiet.

So when she turned to jughead and spoke, he was shook out of his thoughts, with a visible jump.

Laughing and taking a step away from him, she smiled

“I’m ready to go, do you have everything?”

Weighing the heavy backpack on his shoulders, he looked down at himself and smirked.

“Shoes on my feet, shirt on my back, I am good to go.”

As she moved to pick up her bag from the bleachers, jughead reached a long arm out, snatching the bag from her grip.

She looked at him, wide eyed for a second, before going to take it back

“I can do that, you don’t have to carry my bag, I’m perfectly capable of doing that on my own.”

“Shut up and let me carry your bag woman, geez you’d think I just declared war on Russia.”

Huffing she turned forward, trying (and failing) to hide the smile on her face.

As they walked in what quickly became uncomfortable silence, he started getting that nervous itch he got, whenever he was put in an awkward situation.

Almost as if sensing his tension betty turned to him, putting him out of his misery.

“Why the sudden interest in me jughead? I mean come on it’s Been what? 6 years? You haven’t spoken to me in 6 years, not for lack of trying on my part I may add”

Okay she was angry.

Good, that was an emotion, a feeling.

He sighed juggling the two backpacks on his shoulders.

“I’ve always had an interest in you Bets, even if I haven’t been around I’ve always had an interest. I’m sorry. I pushed you away. I didn’t want anything to do with you, I was hurting. You know I’ve always been emotionally stunted.” He tried to lighten the mood giving her a crooked smile.

She had calmed down and was now regarding him, with soft eyes and pure confusion on her face.

Betty was smart though, and he knew, if she saw that he didn’t want to talk about it, she wasn’t going to.

“Emotionally stunted?” She snorted
“Try emotionally paralyzed”

He gently swatted her shoulder

And she smiled at him, an actual Betty Cooper genuine smile.

He stuck his hand out to her

“Jughead Jones the third, it’s a pleasure to meet you.”

Her eyes brightened, and she clutched his hand

“Betty Cooper the first. The pleasure is mine.”

It was a start.

Through Hell and High Water Ch.2

2.2k aka super long chapter. Which is why it took me until today, hope you enjoy it! Let me know what you think! 

“She thanked whatever god she thought of first for not having that be her.” 

Part 1 

November 22, 1918. 

Every morning since the start of the war she woke up alone in a bed that was much too big for just her. Every morning she would go through the same routine. Get up, do her hair, get dressed and do her best to make herself look decent.  She would meet Polly and Ada at the house to prepare for the days’ business. Today was the last morning she would wake up alone.

Although she woke up alone, she wouldn’t consider anything that happened last night to be even close to sleeping. All night she kept tossing and turning in anticipation for the upcoming morning, but as soon as she could see the sunrise through her dirty curtains she was out of bed faster than she thought possible. Her hair was haphazardly thrown up, she threw on the outfit that she had set out the night before, threw on some shoes and flew out the door.

Polly and Ada would be waiting for her. Her best friend since she could remember was welcoming home her brothers, and the woman that raised them like her own would welcome home her boys she sent off to war. The war had been hard on everyone, especially Polly. Before the start of every day she would say a prayer when she thought no one was watching, and every day Elouise said one quietly with her.

The cool November weather hit her skin when she ran out the door, she debated on running back up the stairs for her heavier coat but decided against it. She had to get to the shop and the faster she got to the shop the faster they could leave for the station. Running through the streets was not something she did very often, but her feet couldn’t  carry her fast enough.

The old roads of small heath were packed full of families, all dressed in their best wear. Not that their best wear was anything special, but the occasion definitely was. Mothers clung to their young sons and daughters as they crossed the streets heading for the train station. The children no doubt beaming with excitement to see their father or brother for the first time in years.  Everywhere she looked there was someone dusting off the front of their coat, putting gifts into the back of cars and mothers filled with the joy of knowing that their sons would soon return home. While she knew that today would be a joyous one for most, she also knew that for some it would be a day filled with pain and loss. She thanked whatever god she thought of first for not having that be her.

Turning around the corner she could see the Garrison, a bar that for the last few years had been filled by veterans and men too old to fight. She had no doubt that was going to change very soon.

“The trains not leavin’ for two hours, Lou! What are you runin’ for!” Finn, the youngest of the four Shelby brothers sat atop a car waving his hat to get her attention from up the street. His outfit was nicer than anything she had ever seen him in. No doubt a demand of Pollys, she knew how hard it was to get the kid in anything other than a dirty working shirt.  

‘Hop off that, Finn! The last thing I want to be doin’ today is explaining to Poll why you’ve got a broken arm, yeah?” She helped the smaller than average nine-year-old down from the top of the vehicle, grabbing his hat and putting it on his head as she ushered him back down the street.

“Poll says, that when the boys get back they’ll teach me to drive that car!”  She had already started running back towards the shop as Finn followed behind her.  

“I’m sure John will be the one to teach you!” She smiled at the thought of John having the patience to teach anyone anything but being the nicest of the three older brothers she was sure Finn would gravitate towards him to help him out behind the wheel.

“John’s the one that always kicks the football around with me, yeah?” She didn’t expect on today of all days to feel any sort of sadness, but the reality that Finn was the only Shelby brother left in the Birmingham for the past five years was something that she couldn’t ignore.

“Yeah, he used to kick it around the house with you ‘till he broke something of Polls.” She laughed remembering the two boys running out of the house faster than she had ever seen any boy run. “He’s also the nicest of the three. I’m sure he would love to teach you how to drive that car.”

“He may be the nicest, but I’m still the best lookin’!” Finn was suddenly in front of her, a non-spoken race to the shop had begun.

“Yes, just don’t tell Tommy I agree with you!” She ran after the small boy around the corner.

… …

When Finn and Elouise had reached the shop, Finn beating her there by a landslide, they found both Polly and Ada waiting outside dressed in heavy coats.  Ada rolled her eyes at Elouise as she stopped in front of her.

“Did you even bother with a comb this mornin’ Lou, or are you just showin’ Tommy how messy it can get?” Ada tossed the last bit of her cigarette on the ground as Elouise continued to catch her breath.  

“Those clothes look nice, Ada. Did you get dressed in the dark this morning?” The banter between the two girls distracted her from the burn in her chest from running with Finn. A look of understanding between the two meant that they both knew how nervous and excited the other was about today. A quick hug gave Elouise the assurance that after today the nerves would be gone and her sleepless nights would be over.

“That’s enough both of you!” Polly lit another cigarette and grabbed Finn by the back of the collar. “Elouise, go inside and fix your hair. Finn, those trousers already need changing! Your both an embarrassment to the Shelby name.” The joking tone that Polly had only gone so far. She was the definition of precise for so early in the morning. Her hair was done, her outfit strategically tucked and matched accordingly. Being that it was so early in the morning Elouise didn’t see how she had enough time to make herself look so nice.

“What time did you wake up. Pol?” Finn pushed past Elouise no doubt running into the house to change into a new pair of trousers that Pol already had waiting for him. The look that Polly gave her the answer she already knew was coming. Elouise reached for the woman that had kept this family together for the last five years and grabbed her hands. The cold air was definitely not the reason that both women’s hands were shaking.

“They’re coming home, Pol.” Polly blew out a ring smoke, releasing nerves that she would never admit she had. She turned to Ada for help but she was already lighting another match.

“Besides Polly, she’s not even a Shelby yet. Let her be an embarrassment to the Beechum family for a little bit longer!” Elouise pushed Ada on the way into the shop. God save her if this was the family she was marrying into.

… … …

She had never seen so many people. The streets were packed for as far as she could see. Road after road, mile after mile people waving flags in excitement. Thousands of people were celebrating the war being over and the people they loved coming home. The cramped back seat of the Shelby family car suddenly felt even smaller.

“How the hell are we supposed to find them in this mess?” Finn said as he dodged Ada’s hand before it had a chance to make contact. When the four of them stepped out of the car the reality of what was happening today hit Elouise in the chest. She wasn’t scared or upset but she couldn’t shake the nerves that had been with her all morning. A knock on the driver’s side door ripped Elouise out of her thoughts.

“Ms. Shelby, Ms. Gray,  we have a spot waitin’ for ya in the station. If you’ll just follow me.” Elouise turned to Finn as they were being escorted past the crowds and into the train station. The look of astonishment on Finns face gave her a reason to laugh despite her nerves.

“You have a lot to learn, Finn.” She wrapped her arm around his shoulders and continued to follow behind Polly and Ada.

The inside of the station was even more packed than the streets. The space that was cleared for them was small but offered a clear view of the train for when it came through the station. The train platform was unlike anything she had ever seen. Hundreds of people singing the national anthem, children sitting atop shoulders of their parents, everywhere she looked there was a different smiling face, a different family ready to welcome home their loved one.

“This place is a madhouse, isn’t it?” Ada latched on to Elouises arm as they fit themselves closer together in the cramped space. “Not long before the train arrives.” As if it was on cue a distant sound of a steam engine made its way through the station.

The cheer that erupted after made the building shake. Elouise nerves spiked higher the louder the room became, and her latch on Ada’s arms got tighter. Only a few minutes of waiting separated her from the man that she had been in love with for the better part of her life.

As the steam trained entered the station the level of noise just got higher and higher. As the doors opened soldiers dressed in full uniform stepped out, some carrying bags, some carrying nothing. Families rushed to meet them before they ever had a chance to raise their heads. Fathers fell to their knees greeting small children, wives faces were full of tears as they kissed their husbands, mothers clung to their sons as if they would disappear if they let go. Everywhere she looked she saw family and friends be reunited.

“Do you see them?!” Finn was hopping up and down trying to get a better look through the crowd. “Do you see them!” She could barely make out his words over the loudness in the station.

“Polly! There’s Arthur!” Ada let go of Elouises arm and raced in the opposite direction of where she was looking. Polly and Finn followed quickly after her.

Arthur, the oldest of the Shelby brothers looked like every other soldier that they saw get off the train. Dressed in full uniform, weary from the war. He had more wrinkles and scars on his face than she remembered. That was to be expected, she hoped that the scars were only skin deep.

Arthur was surrounded by both his siblings and Polly when she finally got a chance to welcome him back to Birmingham.

“Welcome home, Arthur.” Elouises arms embraced the man that had been gone for far too long. A brother to her not yet in the legal sense, but a brother all the same.

“Thank you, Elouise.” His voice was rough as if he hadn’t had a proper drink in days. “It’s good to be home.” She hoped that the pain she saw in his eyes was just temporary. She backed up to continue to let Finn and Ada welcome back their older brother.

“Saving any welcoming for me?” She was once again frozen in place. It was here, the moment that she had been praying for. The man she loved was standing right behind her and her feet would not move, her words were caught in her mouth and the look on the faces in front of her made her even more anxious. Ada and Polly smiled at her as Finn tried to get out of Polly’s grip. Ada’s eyes were brimmed with tears and Arthur nodded at her with encouragement.

“Tommy.” A whisper in a room full of people, she doubted that he could hear. She felt his hands before she felt him lean into her ear.

“Elouise.” That was all it took before she turned around and connected her lips to his. They were rough and his face was scratchy beneath her hands. His arms wrapped around her and lifted her into the air. This was what she missed. How they could be alone in a room that was full of people. Everything around them had disappeared. Her hands were in his hair, that was now much shorter than she remembered. His hands found her face and wiped away a tear that she didn’t even realize was there. He was home, and he was with her, and that was all that mattered.

“Welcome back, Mr. Shelby.” She said before kissing him again.  

Thanks so much for reading! I tried my best to find the all the mistakes but I’m not the best with editing so quickly. 

Let me know what you think! I love feedback and if you want to be a proofreader for the next chapter let me know! 


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King’s Crown Bar (Ch. 5)

(Ch. 1) (Ch. 2) (Ch. 3) (Ch. 4)  (AO3)

Bughead Smut.

Warnings: semi-graphic description of suicide in this chapter


Betty glanced up at the clock again, sighing to herself. She was the last one in the office for the fifth time that week. Any time she was alone, her thoughts wandered. When she closed her eyes, she saw Jughead’s skin, the sunlight dancing on silvery scars.

She stood, smoothing her skirt, and grabbed her purse. She dreaded heading back to the apartment these days - Cheryl and Veronica had understood why Betty was upset by Jughead’s words, but they didn’t understand why she was still affected by it almost a week later.

Betty dug through her purse, trying to find her ringing cell phone.


“Hey, are you on your way home yet? Cheryl and I were thinking of a girls night… you in?”

Betty tightened her grip on her purse, her heels clacking against the office floor. “Are you at our place or Cheryl’s?” She quickly descended the stairs, waving to the security guard as she left the building.

“We’re at Cheryl’s, she’s about to put on 10 Things I Hate About You. You love that movie!”

“You’re right, I do. I think I’m going to just head home, though, pour myself a glass of wine and have a bath.” She dodged a cyclist and turned left, heading toward their apartment.

“Come on, B, are you sure? You’ve been moping all week. You need a night out.”

“I’m not moping, Veronica, I just… don’t feel like it. Okay? Maybe another night.”

“Alright, another night. I’m holding you to that.”

Betty smiled. “Deal. Night, Ron, say hi to Cheryl for me. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Hey,” Jughead called to Archie, balancing a pizza and a six-pack of beer in one hand, his keys and cellphone in the other. “I brought pizza.” He slipped his shoes off and stepped into well worn slippers.

Archie paused whatever he was watching on Netflix and hopped over the back of the couch. “Since when do you bring home pizza and beer? Are you trying to seduce me?”

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Too Close~Part 3 (jughead Jones)

A/N: Okay this parts kind of boring, but there’s another part coming out tomorrow.

Summary: You run away from the school and make it back to Riverdale.

Pairing: Jughead x Blossom!reader

Word Count: 1084

Warnings: Swearing? (I actually don’t remember)

Other Parts: Part 1-Part 2-Part 4-Part 5

Originally posted by daphneblaked

~Y/N P.O.V.~

I had no idea what the hell made me think that this was a good idea. All I knew was that I couldn’t sit in that school/asylum for another minute. I didn’t bring much with me. Only a shirt that was light and flimsy and could fit in my pocket, a keychain flashlight, some gum and a tiny photo from my wallet of Jughead and I at the drive-in before it closed down. Other than some more clothes, this was basically all I had had at the school anyway. I had bought a few packs of gum with the only money that I had had with me when I was sent here. By three weeks, I had spent all of it and was down to my last three pieces. The mini flashlight had been in my pocket along with the money during the time I had been taken here and Cheryl had brought me the photo on her second visit, about ten minutes before I decided to run.

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crazy (for you)

bughead fanfiction - au - oneshot - sensitive themes


“Trippin’ out, Spinnin’ around
I’m underground, I fell down
Yeah, I fell down"
—Alice, Avril Lavigne

She’s not crazy.

She just has her dead sister following her around.

He doesn’t have a temper or dependency problem.

He’s just muddled his brain a little too much with the drugs he was supposed to be selling.

Jughead hears the whispers, but takes them with a grain of salt. Here at Quiet Mercy’s Treatment Center for Troubled Youths, he’s just another name on a log filled with nutters.

But when she walks in one day, blue eyes and blue sweats, he can only think of the blonde character who’d fallen down a rabbit hole and ended up in a world she wasn’t supposed to.

She’s skittish and reclusive. She’s like a diamond integrated with a pile of coal.

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The Evolution of Bughead Part One

From itty-bitty kiddies to Angsty-Love-Filled Teens. This is Part One with more to come! Just doing this for the fun of it. Read more because it’s forever this post.

Juggie Jughead Jones

I was eating my pudding with my fingers because I forgot a spoon and I know mom will be mad at me because I got chocolate on my sleeves and now they were sticky.

The girl with the big eyes had been looking at me all break time and she made me feel funny. She walked around with Archie because he knew her because their houses are next to each other but I didn’t know her. They played ball and they ate lunch together but now they were both watching me so I stared back and I show them my teeth to scare them. They don’t look scared.

The girl with the big eyes had long blonde hair that she had tied up high with a pink scrunchy, she smiled big like the sun and her eyes were shiny and glittery. Her ball rolled across the ground and hit my shoes but I tried to kick it back, but I missed. She followed her ball all the way to my shoes and she put her hands in the pockets of her dress and looked at me. “Do you always sit here by yourself?”

“No,” I lie, picking at my sleeves that were dirty. “Do you?”

“No,” she says laughing. “I have my friend Archie, he walks to school with me. Mom says he’s been my neighbour since we were babies,” she says shrugging her shoulders.

“I know Archie,” I say to her and I look at my shoes. I knew him first, I knew him before she did but now he hangs out with her and I sit here eating chocolate pudding by myself.

Archie with the red hair and dirt smudged on his face waves from behind her, her Archie was my Archie, the one I always play with but now I don’t. He waves at me and runs over to the girl with the big eyes. “Come on Juggie, wanna play?”

I think about it. Maybe I do want to go and play but I always sit here, I don’t want to move. “No,” I tell him. I can’t go because I always sit here and then that would change if I went to play. I know Archie but I don’t know the girl. She was different.

He frowns and taps the girl on the shoulder. “Come on,” he whispers but I can hear him. “Let’s go, Betty, Juggie looks shy.”

Betty shakes her head and turns to look at me with her lips screwed up. “My name is Betty.”

I nod at her and keep looking at my sleeves but I can feel her staring at me, she’s looking at my hat. “I’m Jughead,” I tell her, maybe she’ll go away.

She laughs at me and her eyes squint in the sun. “That’s a funny name,” she tells me. “And you’re wearing a funny hat.”

I touch my hat. People always think it’s funny but I don’t think it is. “Not that funny,” I say.

“We just call him Juggie at my house,” Archie says shrugging.

Betty’s face screws up at him. “If you know him why doesn’t he come and play?”

“Because,” he says taking a big breath. “He might be shy.”

She keeps laughing but she touches my hand and pulls me. “Come on, Jughead,” she says quickly. “You can’t sit over here by yourself.”

“Yeah I can,” I say trying to let go of her but her hand is tighter around mine. “I don’t mind.”

“I do mind,” she says making her eyes big again. “And Archie and me need a new friend.”

Archie throws his ball up in the air and catches it easily before giving me a smile showing all his teeth. “You gonna come and play now?” he asks me.

I pull my hand out of Betty’s and pull my hat down on my head. “Ah,” I say, I don’t really want to play but they were both smiling at me. “I’m not very good.”

“Well I am,” Archie says. “And it’s really easy. Betty will teach you, Betty’s a good teacher,” Archie tells me.

Archie starts bouncing the ball and Betty turns around again. “You don’t have any friends?” she asks me.

I shake my head and my hat feels floppy. “Nah, not really.”

“Well,” she says putting both her hands on her hips. “Me and Archie are here so now you have friend.”

“Got it,” I say.

Archie keeps throwing the ball. “I was your friend first, you know,” he says to me. “Because our dads are friends.”

“I’m really good at ball,” Betty says missing the ball.

I laugh at her. “You lied, do you always tell lies?” I ask her because mom doesn’t like lies.

“No,” she says lying again. I can tell because she turns pink.

The ball hits me on the arm because I miss. Then we all start laughing. Betty smiles at me and I try not to smile back but I couldn’t help it because she smiles big and it reminds me of the sun in summer.

Betty was rocking back and forth on her feet with her thumbs in the straps of her bag. “What does Jughead mean?”

I frown and my eyebrows screw up. “What do you mean?”

“My names is Betty and it means Elizabeth,” she says licking her lips. “Archie’s name means Archibald. What does yours mean?”

I smile at her and my eyes squint but hers do too. “My name means Jughead.”

“That can’t be your real name, can it?” she asks me.

I feel funny in my tummy when I try not to laugh. I was joking with her and my Dad always jokes so I know it’s funny. “My name is just Jughead,” I say lifting my shoulders. “It’s funny.”

She laughs and she laughs loud like booming thunder in the night time. “That is funny,” she says laughing again. “More fun than Betty means Elizabeth.”

I see my Dad’s truck driving up the road and I wait for him at the side, he waves to me and Archie runs past. “See you tomorrow, Juggie!” he shouts.

I wave out to him too and so does Betty. I turn around to Betty and I tell her. “Jughead means Forsythe, I think.”

She looks mad and her lips pout out. “You lied to me!”

“See you tomorrow too, Betty,” I say waving.

“Will you be here tomorrow with me?” she asks me.

“I’ll be here!”

Dad drives the car up next to me and he swings the car open so I can jump in. “Who were you playing with, son?” dad asks me but he waves out to Archie’s dad who was next to us.

“Archie and Betty,” I tell him. “I like them.”

Dad nods at me and clicks the flicker on. “Archie better be good to you or I’ll tell Freddie. Betty huh? Alice’s girl, probably a Saint like her mother,” Dad starts laughing.

I don’t think it’s a very funny joke so I don’t laugh, “Dad,” I ask him. “What’s a Saint?”

“Everyone else but us, Son,” Dad says patting me on the head. “Everyone else but us.”

Lonely Sunny Betty

Archie and Jughead are sharing a piece of cake that I’m not allowed to join in with because I haven’t been invited. I kick my flats along the concrete and mom sees it because she yells out the window. “Don’t ruin those shoes, Elizabeth!”

I feel madder now than I did before. Mom is still watching me and I’m still sitting outside watching Archie and Jughead laughing and giggle-shaking as they share cake. Archie sees me and he waves, he yells out; “Morning Betty!” his eyes glitter-shimmer in the morning sun but mom would say it’s from all the refined sugar but I don’t even know what that is.

I wave back but I still don’t get an invite.

I see Jughead sitting on the porch and he’s wearing ripped jeans, he has duct tape wrapped around one of his shoes. He was weird and now he’s getting weirder and now he thinks it’s cool to have duct tape wrapped around his shoes and he tries to ride a skateboard now. He was wobbly-shakes on the skateboard but he told me the more he practices, the better he’ll get and he’ll be smooth-sailing on the concrete soon. I didn’t know he could ride a skateboard and maybe he can’t but now Archie and Jughead don’t really talk to me much at school because they hang out with all the boys and they got mad at me for hanging out with all the girls. They also didn’t like that I had sleep overs and I was too busy to come and watch them skate. They used to always make me come and watch them ride but now I don’t get invited to that either.

I sit on the porch and I lean down to put my heavy head in my hands.

“Hey Sunny Betty,” I hear in front of me and I hear the click of skateboard wheels on the cold-hard-concrete next to me. Jughead was smiling which is funny because him and Archie don’t smile at me at school all the time anymore, only sometimes. “Don’t call me Sunny Betty,” I tell Jughead because he is mean. “I’m not your Sunny Betty.”

“Ahh Betts,” he says, teeth showing with a sunny-side smile. “You’ve always been Sunny Betty to us! That’s what we always call you!”

I look around, I look behind him. “Where’s Archie?” I ask him.

Jughead shrugs his shoulders. “Gone to take his plate inside, Fred and Mary let us have cake for breakfast, can you believe it?”

“I could have had cake for breakfast too if I wanted to,” I say not looking at him because I am lying.

Jughead doesn’t believe me anyways because he just laughs at me. His laugh smells like chocolate-happy-laughs and his clothes smell like dirty-pine and minty-fresh cool like his mom’s chewing gum but his smile is making me want to smile because I miss my best friends. “Tell me another lie,” he tells me.

“I’m not mad at you,” I tell him madly.

“Sure,” he says. “Are you doing anything?”

I groan. “No,” I say. “Because Polly has gone to a friends house and I have to stay here alone.”

“Alone isn’t too bad,” he says biting his lip and scuffing duct-tape-fixed shoes on the concrete. “But if alone is dumb for you then come and hang out with Archie and me!”

My lip pokes out and my eyebrows don’t want to be happy and I try not to put my hands on my hips because mom does it but it happens anyways. “You and Archie don’t like me anymore, remember?”

Jughead shakes his head and puts his skateboard down before putting his foot on it and rolling it in front of us. “We don’t not like you Betty. But we have a crew now and girls aren’t allowed in the crew.”

“Screw the crew,” I tell him.

He looks shocked and Archie comes running behind us. “Hey Betts!” he yells out.

Jughead’s mouth is still dropped from what I said. “Screw the crew?” he asks me. “Betty jut said screw!”

I see Archie drop his mouth too. “What?”

I roll my eyes at the two friends in front of me. “I didn’t swear! That’s not a swear word.”

Archie shakes his head and Jughead rolls his skateboard again, looking down at dirty shoes. “We won’t tell,” Archie says in the end.

I feel my face turning red-hot but I try not to care. “You guys can go,” I say. “So you’re not bored.”

Archie turns around and waves at me from behind but Jughead stands still. “You should come with us to the skatepark,” he tells me. “it will be cool and I’ll give you a go on my new skateboard…”

I look down underneath duct tape shoes and I see his board is still shiny-sleek and unmarked. It looked cool, cooler than cool. Cooler than anything I have and it’s shiny-sleek made me want to try it. I watch Archie try and lift his bike into the air and it looked dangerous and fun and something mom would never let me do. “Juggie,” I whisper. “What if my mom doesn’t let me go?”

“Just come!” he sounds a little bit like begging and he really, really wants me to go. “Please!”

I shake my head and I roll my eyes and I stomp my foot. “Will you promise to not ignore me at school anymore?”

He nods his head and crosses his heart. “We don’t ignore you on purpose,” he says slowly. “We don’t talk to all girls, it’s a thing.”

Well I don’t like that thing because it makes me miss my best friends and makes me shaking-grumpy kind of mad. “Well you made a promise, Juggie, and you gotta tell Archie too.”

He nods and crosses his heart again. “We won’t ignore you, we will wave out to you and we will hang out every single weekend is that ok?”

I nod. “It’s ok.”

Jughead grins at me with only one side and I see his teeth. “What if you tell your mom you’re coming over to Archie’s house and then we’ll go to the park?” he whisper-hushes in my ear.

My eyes grow big. “You want me to lie?”

“I want you to have fun with us, Sunny Betty.”

“You’ll be there with me, right?” I ask him.

“I’m here, Betty, come on, let’s go!”

Sk8r Hater Jughead Jones

Betty was mad at me and I rolled around on my skateboard, flipping it beneath my feet trying to ignore her madness but it wasn’t working because she stood in front of me with her hands on her hips and her glare burning hotter than the sun in summer. “What are you doing?” she asks me. “Why are you here?”

I was flipping in front of her house trying to act like I wasn’t here for her but I was. I jump off and snap my suspenders against me. “Came to see Archie,” I tell her and now I feel like rolling away because she reads right through me.

“Archie and them have gone on holiday, Juggie, don’t lie.”

I didn’t want to lie. I wanted to tell her the truth and tell her I felt like crap for shoving her off all week. I still remember the look on her face when she came up to me at school and I told her I was too busy to come to her birthday. The boys laughed but I think I saw glitter in the corner of her blue eyes, glitter as in tears. “I’m not lying,” I mumble. “I thought he was here…”

“You know he’s not here, Juggie. That’s why he didn’t come to my birthday.”

“Your turn to tell me a lie, Betts, come on, tell me a lie.”

Betty pouts and taps her foot. “I’m not mad that you didn’t come to my birthday.”

I gulp down a funny feeling in my throat. “Ok,” I say sighing. “I’m a shit friend, I know it.”

“Don’t swear,” she hisses, looking behind her in case her mom was hovering like she always does these days. “You shouldn’t swear.”

The look on her face with her pouting lips and glittering eyes made me laugh. She was covered in cotton kind of growing up and it made smile. I was turning into my dad these days, all snark and sniggers mom describes it. She’s always yelling at me because I’m snark and sniggers but Betty was biting lips and pink kind of grown. “I won’t swear,” I say zipping my mouth shut. It makes her smile. “But I wanted to say happy birthday.”

“You could have told me if you had come to my birthday,” she says with her happy smile dropping that I don’t want to look at. It makes me feel bad, it makes my skateboard feel heavy under my feet. “You know, the one you were too cool to come to?”

I shake my head and I feel weird in my chest, like it’s too tight, like my heart is heavy or something like that. Something too hard to describe. “I wasn’t too cool, Sunny Betty,” I say exhaling. “Have you ever thought that maybe your birthday was too cool for me to come to?”

Betty looks mad at me. Like bone shaking, hair pulling kind of mad. The same sort of mad when mom watches dad walk through the doors late kind of mad. “You are too cool, Jughead,” she says, saying my name perfectly and sourly. “You’re too cool these days. You won’t even hang out with me any more, you don’t come and sit with me at lunch any more – you didn’t come to my birthday because you’re too damn cool!”

She’s huffing and she’s got her hands on her hips again. I wasn’t too cool, I was just busy. We have different friends now and she’s always laughing with her friends that are all girls who think I smell weird and hate skateboards. “I’m sorry,” I tell her though because I was. I don’t want to lose my friends. “I’ll come and have lunch more often, I’ll come and sit with you. I’ll even sit at the front of the class with you sometimes.”

She still looks mad. She doesn’t look like she believes me but I wasn’t going to back down on this, we have been best friends since the beginning of time. It’s always her, me and Archie and maybe I should have just gone to her birthday. Then she wouldn’t be fighting me. Her shoulders drop a little bit though and maybe she’s forgiving me a little bit. “You promise?” she asks me.

“When have I ever broken a promise, Sunny Betty?”

She smiles a little. Or maybe it was a smirk. She flips her hair over her shoulder and I see it’s grown longer in the summer time. “One day you have to stop calling  me Sunny Betty, you’ve been calling me that since we were eight!”

“And now you’re twelve and you’re a whole lot older than eight,” I say shrugging. “We’ll be eighty before I stop calling you Sunny Betty!”

She laughs at me and I see her real smile coming through. “You think we’ll still be friends when we’re eighty?” she asks me.

I think about it. We would be friends forever. “We’ve been friends since we were six years old, what’s another sixty-four years?”

“You mean seventy-two?”

I chuckle. “It’s all the same when you’re old, and you’re really old now!”

“You’re older than me!”

I kick my skateboard and flip it up to my hand. “Dad says time flies when you’re having fun, have you ever heard that before?”

She nods. “Yeah, maybe it’s true because it feels just like yesterday you started coming around here. You’ll come by more, right? You’ll be here with me?”

“I’m here, Betts, I’ll be here.”


It felt like a long six years but she’s right, it’s gone by so quickly and now we’re twelve and we’re still hanging out. “I miss Archie,” I tell her. “He was supposed to leave me his bike out but he hasn’t and now I only got the board.”

She eyes my board and looks up to me, her blue eyes shimmering still. “You never gave me a birthday present,” she tells me with a frown.

I feel my cheeks going red again because I didn’t have any money to buy her anything. “Sorry Queen B,” I mutter, kicking the board again. “I can’t get you anything.”

“You should have just come to my birthday, then none of this would have mattered,” she smirks.

I feel my heart feel funny again. I drop the board and I look at Betty, holding out my hand to her. She stares at my hand and grabs it gently. “You’re not going to dance with me, are you?”

I almost choke. “Me? Dance? I don’t think so.”

I pull her hand and point to the board. “You want me to jump on your precious board?” she asks. “I remember when this was brand new!”

I laugh and rub my face, still holding on to her with the other hand. “I’ll let you have a ride.”

“But I can’t ride!” she moans.

I shake my head. “Just hold my hands, I’ll pull you around.”

She’s shaky on the board and she’s concentrating with her lip between her teeth, biting down and holding onto my hands like she’s going to fall. “Be careful!” she whines.

I laugh at her and pull her slowly, she’s not holding on so tight any more though and she looks like she’s having fun but she shakes. “Don’t worry, B, I won’t let you fall.”

She smiles at me and the sun starts setting. “This is so much fun!” she tells me. “No wonder you love it!”

She watch her under the sunlight, “Sorry about the birthday, Sunlight,” I tell her.

She frowns at me but it quickly changes as she shrugs on the board. “Don’t worry, Juggie, this is a great present.”

Love Hurt Elizabeth

I keep wiping heavy-hearted tears from my face and I feel my mascara smudge. I hadn’t felt so alone in a long time. There were people all around me but I feel so small. I feel almost-forgotten small and I wish they would stop looking at me. I don’t know if they are looking at me or if maybe the burning at the back of my head was simply that; all in my head.

I sniff loudly and I feel tight-gripping in my head but I should have known this. I wish I could predict the future, or I wish I didn’t have such pink-girly-sugar dreams. It was my dreams that betrayed me but every night I would have all the same sickly-sweet dreams of Archie and I, star athlete with me on his side. He was always the root of my smiles, the reason why I laugh. He was the one I was in love with but he wasn’t in love with me.

Even sitting here in Pop’s sipping on my always-vanilla shake was making me feel a little sick and making my tears fall. Archie, Jug and I always come here. We always share shakes. We always come here together. How many late night runs had Archie and I done together when he’d text me and ask me to sneak out for our shakes and fries? Did he feel it too? The non-stop-butterflies and the blushing cheeks? Or was that just me?

Of course it was just me. I was the only one with stupid-dumb-butterflies.

He loved me, like a brother would love a sister. He has a love for me that never dies but it’s not the same as the love I hold for him. It makes me question the last sixteen years that I’ve known him. The last ten years in which we spent every moment together. I just question so much.

I feel dead-love in my throat. I can feel it creeping up into my skin. I want to make noise, I want to shout. But why? It isn’t fair, is it? It’s not his fault that he doesn’t love me. It’s all mine. It’s my fault that I love him. I feel stupid, I shouldn’t lose not-loved-back tears. I shouldn’t feel this way. I shouldn’t feel what I’m feeling.

I wipe my eyes again, I’m grateful that Pop doesn’t question my running mascara and he replaces my shake with a fresh one. I keep up here on my own with the burning eyes on me.

“Betty?” I hear in front of me. I look up and see beanie and laptop satchel heavy on shoulders. Jughead.

I sniff out loud and I try to smile at him. I shouldn’t have cried in front of Jughead the amount of times I have but as soon as I see him I feel fresh-river-tears on my cheeks again and a sob in my throat.

He frowns and rushes over to me. “Betty, are you ok?” he asks, panic running loud through his voice.

I could lie and tell him I was fine, I was crying happy tears. I’m fine. I’m crying for no reason. In a way, this was true. I was crying for no reason that was worthy. I sniff out loud again and force a smile at Jughead which he doesn’t buy. “I’m ok,” I tell him.

He sniggers and rolls his eyes and even this somewhat irritating trademark of his, I felt a little ease with him being here. “You don’t look ok, Betty,” he says stiffly. “You look kind of bad.”

“No shit,” I say rubbing my face with a napkin. “I feel kind of bad too.”

“Tell me a lie, Sunlight, come on,” he coaxes me.

“I’m fine.”

“You’re not.”

He sits down across from me, placing his hands on mine. I feel my hands relax. I feel my heart relax. My headache goes. “I’m just being stupid,” I mumble. “Nothing to worry about.”

“You’re never stupid, Sunlight,” he murmurs, rubbing my hands. “Is it anything I can help with?”

I laugh humourlessly. “Just you being here is nice,” I reply quietly. “But you don’t have to be.”

He steals a fry and places it in his mouth before grabbing my shake and taking a sip. He raises his eyebrow and gives me a smug smile. “Why? I guess you’re referring to the fact that we don’t hang like we used to?”

I swallow down a sip of the shake too and I look away from his deep blue eyes, it’s only now in the lights of Pop’s that I see just how deep they are and how his smile turns up on the right hand side. “I’m sorry we don’t, Juggie,” I say patting his hand.

He lifts his shoulders and chucks another fry in his mouth. “Don’t be sorry, Betty,” he says loudly. “Archie ditched too, but you didn’t promise a roadie so it doesn’t matter. You can’t break a promise you never made.”

I feel worse than before but I lift my hand to wipe sauce from the corner of his mouth, he laugh-trembles against my hand. “Archie’s the thorn in my side too,” I tell him honestly. “It’s horribly cliché of me to fall in love with my best friend,” I grumble.

Jughead raises an eyebrow and runs thumbs over my knuckles before rubbing his beanie over his face. “Well I guess if you had to pick one, he would be the better pick,” he laughs. “Because I’m a little unhinged – a little to Donnie Darko for some, apparently. And he’s swoon-worthy handsome and Greek God like.”

I laugh at Jughead and reach over to shove his shoulder but he keeps his beanie off and I grab it off the table and slide it on. “Do I look Jughead-Darko-esque?” I ask him pointing at the hat.

He pretends to contemplate the answer and taps his chin. “You’re missing the dark rings under your eyes and the suspenders.”

I point at him and curl my finger. “Hand them over then,” I tell him feeling my heart light-laughing-ease.

He snaps his suspenders on his chest and shakes his head. “I have a feeling you’re trying to go strip poker on me.”

“It would be a good laugh, so maybe it’s a good idea.”

He clutches his chest and pretends to be insulted. “That’s really bad for my ego, you know that right?”

I lean back on the back of the booth and I smile to myself with Juggie’s hat on my head. “You’re making me blush-happy at the moment,” I tell him. “Thank you, Juggie.”

He smiles back and leans on the booth as well, shake between his lips. “You don’t deserve to feel like this, Sunlight. You’re so much more than this, than Riverdale, than Archie.”

I feel my cheeks go red again and I pull down his beanie in the same way as he always does when he’s embarrassed. But he bites his lip with his smile. “I can’t shake these feelings and the worst part is now he knows.”

“Is it the worst part though?” Jughead asks. “Or is it better knowing that you’re free from the shackles and you know where you stand?”

“You’re brain is amazing,” I reply. “Because you’re right.”

“You’re set free, you’re out in the open. You know where you stand, you can do whatever you want. Move on, we’re only sixteen. There’s more out there.”

I smile to my best friend, the one I hadn’t spent time with in forever and it makes me wonder what had I been doing in all that time? It was time wasted because right here, right now, I feel everything I had missed out on since I hadn’t been with Juggie. “Thank you, Juggie, for always knowing exactly what to say.”

He sighs and runs a hand through his hair. “Anything for you, Sunny Betty,” he murmurs but he grabs his bag. “I better go though..”

“Don’t!” I say a little quickly, I clear my throat. “Don’t go,” I tell him, “Just be with me here.”

He eases back down and puts his bag next to him. “I’m here, Betty, I’m still here.”

Uncommon AUs

2016 was a sad year for WooDong, both had to say goodbye to Guma and Polly….no more the old dogs with Rambo, Guma and Polly gone. I think many have seen that baby Rambo photo before, actually it was taken by Dongwan on January 2002 when Minwoo wasn’t around.
Aside from Jjang, fans gave Shinhwa another two dogs, a white terrier and a miniature brown labrador. I found out from a 2000 post that the part where Shinhwa played with those three dogs is missing from the Shinhwa open house video that we’ve seen on YT today. Has anyone seen the part where Shinhwa played with the dogs? I also found out from an old forum that one of the dog name is Byeolug/luk. Maybe the dog from the 1999 gif that Minwo saying goodbye to was Byeolug. That dog fits the name, small and unkempt, thus looking like a flea.
The photo of Dongwan with a little dog probably was taken during I Pray 4 U promos…judging from his hairstyle and the necklace that he wore. Not sure who was the owner though, probably another Shinhwa’s dog, anyone knows? The little puppy name is Jjampong, I tried to find about it on Naver, but all I got was about Dongwan eating jjampong on ILA…lmao. I’ll try again next time.

An Exchange Of Favours

Summary: When Merlin gets a stranger out of a jam, he asks him to pretend to be his boyfriend for the night in order to make his ex jealous.

Endangered Species

Summary: All sorcerers live in fear of the National Association Against Magical Creatures. Their head agent, Arthur Pendragon, loves his job and believes firmly in his cause, dedicating his life to hunting down those with magic. Merlin, however, has no life which to dedicate. Declared dead by his mother at age three in a desperate attempt to save him from the law, he now has to find a new way to exist.He believes he’s doing well until the day his and Arthur’s worlds collide.

Polly Gone

Summary: Arthur finds a foul-mouthed parrot, spouting on and on about destiny, in his wardrobe one sultry July day. He posts an entry in the “lost and found” section on PutneySW15.com. Turns out the parrot belongs to Merlin, but it keeps coming back to Arthur’s wardrobe.

Strangers On A Train

Summary: Arthur hates being around people during commutes; whether it’s walking the streets or sitting on a train for three hours, he would just rather not deal with human beings…at all. On one particular train journey to discuss weapons technology with a business in Ealdor, Arthur meets Merlin, a clumsy young man, who may just be the one to turn Arthur’s world around.

Stuck On You

Summary: At least Arthur wasn’t actually stuck there with a stranger. Although the fact that it was Merlin was in many ways more terrible, because he’d just had to watch his best friend almost pull the skin of his hand off, trying unsuccessfully to get free.

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This making of this list was a good time. We hope you enjoy these as much as we did.

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