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Just a Kiss Goodnight

So I had a lot of feelings last night about Bughead and then out popped this little thing. I don’t even know, but I know I adore our little Bughead fam

Just A Kiss Goodnight

Words: 1K

Rating: T(ish)

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Between the rush of excitement and fear at finding the car with Jason’s jacket, the sinking feeling when they get back to the scene with Sheriff Keller only to see the car has gone up in a blaze of glory, and the absolute desperation at realizing Polly was gone…it is a whirlwind of an evening. When Betty finally walks back to her house, soaking wet, the air still heavy with mist and disappointment, the only thing keeping her steady and on the appropriate course is the unwavering presence of Jughead at her side. 

It is only when they turn down the road onto her block that she realizes her palms are itching. Not in the odd way that precedes one of her panic attacks, when her fingers dig bloody crescents into the soft skin of her hands, no, this time, she realizes, they are itching to reach out and grab Jughead’s hand, to lace their fingers together until they are palm-to-palm.

Betty has never felt this lightly burning desire before. The want to feel somebody close and breathe in their presence. She thinks back to earlier, her room, that kiss, and it takes every ounce of strength to not let a whispy sigh slip out of her mouth.

They haven’t talked about it. Honestly they haven’t had the time in the midst of all this chaos, and the closer they get to her house, the more she wants to dig in her heels and draw up short, demand they talk and figure all of this (is there even a ‘this’ to talk about?) out. But there is also a weariness that has settled into her bones and chest and she’s aching for her bed.

Jughead is quiet beside her, but not uncomfortably so. And she can’t bring herself to end this innocent moment. The rain patters softly on the concrete pavement around them, streetlamps spilling puddles of light onto the rain slicked ground and everything is so peaceful. It strikes Betty as odd that the world continues to spin so smoothly and at ease when her internal world is slowly falling apart.

They sneak around the back of the house, the ladder that Jughead had used earlier to climb up to her (his quiet greeting of, “hey there Juliet” still lingers in her ear) is still propped against the window and later she’ll have the presence of mind to ask where the ladder came from, but right now all she can do is stare between her open window and Jughead.

A heavy sigh leaves her body, robbing her of the ability to stay upright. So she mutters something that might pass for a goodnight, though she couldn’t tell for certain, and turns to scale the ladder into the safety of her room.

Just as she turns, she feels a hand grabbing her own lightly, and she’s pulled around to face Jug. His eyes search her face for a long moment, and Betty flushes prettily under the heavy scrutiny. As her gaze hesitantly meets his own, she wonders briefly if this is what it’s like to be one of his stories, to be so intimately studied, to feel like someone is able to read every word that’s written across her soul and see the hidden meanings that are woven delicately between her ribs. Perhaps this is what it’s like to truly be a blank page: to put herself in the hands of an author, completely open and trusting him to find the perfect words to make her story a good one.

Whatever it may be, she feels hot and flushed under his calculating eye, and she wants to duck her head, but she is lost in him. Just as she opens her mouth to finally speak, his hand reaches out to cup her cheek, a slightly roughened thumb brushing gently along the rise of her cheekbone and she can’t prevent the soft gasp that slips from her mouth. That is most certainly not the sound she had intended to come out, but everything about this…feeling…she has with Jughead jumbles her brain.

And before she can blink again, he leans in. Presses his mouth to hers. It’s just like earlier, a soft, steadying pressure that gives way to this beautifully warm thrumming in her heart that tingles and dances along her skin. Jughead slants his mouth over hers, pressing more insistently and she flushes from head to toe as she sucks in a heavy breath through her nose. When she exhales, she melts. Positively melds into his arms that are taught around her waist as her own wind around his neck.  

His hand flexes against her back before pulling her slightly closer, until there isn’t a bit of space between their bodies and despite the cool rain he is like the midday sun in July, warm and radiating heat and she is drawn into him like nothing she’s ever experienced.

Eventually, though, air becomes a necessity and Jughead forces his mouth from hers with a rough yank.

The look on his face matches her rolling emotions, the confusion and hesitancy are there, but so is the quiet whisper of ‘this feels so right…why does this feel so right?’

But that momentary burst of emotion slips away into a soft smile as his thumb brushes along her kiss swollen bottom lip and he whispers, “Night, Betts. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

It is a spur of the moment decision, but Betty is feeling bold and beautiful and maybe a bit reckless (he makes her feel like this; he makes her feel so much more) so she throws her arms around his neck, burying her nose into the warm skim there and hugging him tight. He doesn’t seem to know what to do with that, but after a few stiff moments he relaxes into her embrace and pulls her tight, his arms slipping around her waist once more.

“Night Juggy. Thank you. For everything,” She whispers the words into the crook of his neck and she can feel the smile he presses into her forehead.

“You know I’d do just about anything for you…you can always count on me.”

She’s heard those words before, from other people (a vision of ruffled red hair and shining eyes flashes in her mind) but for some reason, Betty believes Jughead entirely.

They say their goodnights and she climbs up to her room, throwing her wet clothes into a pile on the floor before pulling on a soft nightshirt and a pair of shorts and slipping into bed.

When her eyes close, her mind is filled with images. Flashes. Polly. Jason. She’s going to be an aunt. Archie’s voice floats momentarily through her ears but then all she can hear is Jughead’s ragged breathing as his mouth moves over hers and her stomach tingles and her toes curl.

Her fingers come up to her lips, and if she really focuses, she can feel and taste and smell him, surrounding her and wrapping her in warmth.

When she finally manages to give herself over to her dreams, it is the most soundly she has slept in months.


bughead fanfiction - post 1x06


“be my friend, hold me
wrap me up, unfold me.”
-Sia, Breathe Me

“Oh, god—Jughead, there’s blood!”

On his right side, Betty stares at the jagged piece of glass covered with what she assumes is her sister’s blood. The wind whips broken shards over her fingers now gripping the ledge before Jughead inhales sharply beside her, reaching out to pull her hands from the window sill.

“Betty, your hands—“

She looks down and sees the glass sticking out from her palms, but she’s numb to the pain. She hadn’t even realized…

Jughead looks up at her worriedly, holding her wrists in a gentle grasp before plucking the pieces away and using the cuff of his sleeve to wipe the deep crimson of her blood intermingling with the droplets of water from the rain away.

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So you guys really liked my fanfic “scars” so I thought I would do another chapter! If you guys like it let me know, if you hate it let me know too! I like a variety of critiques😘

Chapter Text

Throwing herself onto the soft grass on the side of the riverdale outdoor track, Betty stretched her sore calves letting the burning in her lungs subside.

Closing her eyes she breathed in the cool air and let the quiet of a slow Friday afternoon wash over her.

She was tired. So tired.

She was tired of smiling, tired of fighting, tired of pretending.

Just tired.

Letting her hands run through the manicured grass she allowed her thoughts to run to her sister.

Polly was gone, she’d taken her life last year after an unplanned pregnancy fell through and her parents sent her away. It had all gotten to be too much so she just ended it.

Simple as that, all her problems were gone. She was just gone.

Betty would never commit suicide, she saw what that did to families and how the affect could be damaging to others, she would never want anyone to hurt the way she did.

Opening her eyes she laid there unmoving just looking at the sky and trying not to think.

she felt the grass shift underneath her.
As she turned her head, she was suddenly face to face with the beanie wearing boy she had at one point been best friends with.

He was laying there smiling at her and as hard as she tried she couldn’t not return his smile.


She raised a questioning brow at him


She sighed turning to stare back at the sky.

“What are you doing here jughead?”

“Enjoying the view” he stated simply.

She sat up taking in his relaxed posture, head resting in his hands tucked behind him, legs lazily spread out and wearing that goofy grin she had always loved.

“Eyes up here Cooper”

She barked out a laugh rolling her eyes as he went to sit up next to her.

After about fifteen minutes of comfortable quiet, each of them plucking blades of grass and silently competing who could get the longer piece, Betty spoke up.

“I’m gonna head home.”

Jughead locked eyes with her and smiled crookedly

“Want a walking partner?”

She smiled, heaving herself up not saying anything.

As she went to walk away, she noticed he wasn’t fowllowing.

Looking back she nodded her head forward.

Jughead sprung up and caught up with her, matching her steps and shoving his hands into his pocket.

Something he had forgotten about the gorgeous girl in front of him

Betty did everything.. quietly.

From the way she packed up her bookbag, to the way she carried her feet on the concrete sidewalk.

She hardly made a noise when she gently zipped up the gray wind breaker , and retied her shoes.

Everything was meticulous, and done with a certain air of grace, it was hard for jughead not to watch.

She was just so damn quiet.

So when she turned to jughead and spoke, he was shook out of his thoughts, with a visible jump.

Laughing and taking a step away from him, she smiled

“I’m ready to go, do you have everything?”

Weighing the heavy backpack on his shoulders, he looked down at himself and smirked.

“Shoes on my feet, shirt on my back, I am good to go.”

As she moved to pick up her bag from the bleachers, jughead reached a long arm out, snatching the bag from her grip.

She looked at him, wide eyed for a second, before going to take it back

“I can do that, you don’t have to carry my bag, I’m perfectly capable of doing that on my own.”

“Shut up and let me carry your bag woman, geez you’d think I just declared war on Russia.”

Huffing she turned forward, trying (and failing) to hide the smile on her face.

As they walked in what quickly became uncomfortable silence, he started getting that nervous itch he got, whenever he was put in an awkward situation.

Almost as if sensing his tension betty turned to him, putting him out of his misery.

“Why the sudden interest in me jughead? I mean come on it’s Been what? 6 years? You haven’t spoken to me in 6 years, not for lack of trying on my part I may add”

Okay she was angry.

Good, that was an emotion, a feeling.

He sighed juggling the two backpacks on his shoulders.

“I’ve always had an interest in you Bets, even if I haven’t been around I’ve always had an interest. I’m sorry. I pushed you away. I didn’t want anything to do with you, I was hurting. You know I’ve always been emotionally stunted.” He tried to lighten the mood giving her a crooked smile.

She had calmed down and was now regarding him, with soft eyes and pure confusion on her face.

Betty was smart though, and he knew, if she saw that he didn’t want to talk about it, she wasn’t going to.

“Emotionally stunted?” She snorted
“Try emotionally paralyzed”

He gently swatted her shoulder

And she smiled at him, an actual Betty Cooper genuine smile.

He stuck his hand out to her

“Jughead Jones the third, it’s a pleasure to meet you.”

Her eyes brightened, and she clutched his hand

“Betty Cooper the first. The pleasure is mine.”

It was a start.

Too Close~Part 3 (jughead Jones)

A/N: Okay this parts kind of boring, but there’s another part coming out tomorrow.

Summary: You run away from the school and make it back to Riverdale.

Pairing: Jughead x Blossom!reader

Word Count: 1084

Warnings: Swearing? (I actually don’t remember)

Other Parts: Part 1-Part 2-Part 4

Originally posted by daphneblaked

~Y/N P.O.V.~

I had no idea what the hell made me think that this was a good idea. All I knew was that I couldn’t sit in that school/asylum for another minute. I didn’t bring much with me. Only a shirt that was light and flimsy and could fit in my pocket, a keychain flashlight, some gum and a tiny photo from my wallet of Jughead and I at the drive-in before it closed down. Other than some more clothes, this was basically all I had had at the school anyway. I had bought a few packs of gum with the only money that I had had with me when I was sent here. By three weeks, I had spent all of it and was down to my last three pieces. The mini flashlight had been in my pocket along with the money during the time I had been taken here and Cheryl had brought me the photo on her second visit, about ten minutes before I decided to run.

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Uncommon AUs
Chapter 11

Chapter 01 II Chapter 02 II Chapter 03 II Chapter 04 II Chapter 05 II
Chapter 06 II Chapter 07 II Chapter 08 II Chapter 09 II Chapter 10

Chapter summary: Claire finds out about Jughead’s living arrangements and the two end up visiting his father to see if he’d clean up his act. The next day the police show up at school and Jughead’s taken away to the police station. 

“Hey, Betty,” I called to her when I passed her locker on Monday. “How are you doing?”

After Betty found out the car had been torched, she went to tell Polly to see what was going on. When she arrived, Polly was gone. She climbed out of her window and hurt herself in the process since there was blood on the broken glass in the window frame. Betty looked like she hadn’t slept in days. 

She sighed heavily and leaned against her locker. “I’m trying to pull through. I just can’t believe everything that’s happened these last few days. From finding out Polly and Jason were engaged and then finding out she’s pregnant. Not to mention that my parents have been keeping me in the dark…it’s just a lot to take in.”

I patted her shoulder soothingly. “I’m sorry, Betty. If there’s anything I can do to help, please let me know.”

Before Betty could say anything else, Archie ran over to the two of us. “Hey, sorry to interrupt. Claire, can I talk to you for a minute?”

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2016 was a sad year for WooDong, both had to say goodbye to Guma and Polly….no more the old dogs with Rambo, Guma and Polly gone. I think many have seen that baby Rambo photo before, actually it was taken by Dongwan on January 2002 when Minwoo wasn’t around.
Aside from Jjang, fans gave Shinhwa another two dogs, a white terrier and a miniature brown labrador. I found out from a 2000 post that the part where Shinhwa played with those three dogs is missing from the Shinhwa open house video that we’ve seen on YT today. Has anyone seen the part where Shinhwa played with the dogs? I also found out from an old forum that one of the dog name is Byeolug/luk. Maybe the dog from the 1999 gif that Minwo saying goodbye to was Byeolug. That dog fits the name, small and unkempt, thus looking like a flea.
The photo of Dongwan with a little dog probably was taken during I Pray 4 U promos…judging from his hairstyle and the necklace that he wore. Not sure who was the owner though, probably another Shinhwa’s dog, anyone knows? The little puppy name is Jjampong, I tried to find about it on Naver, but all I got was about Dongwan eating jjampong on ILA…lmao. I’ll try again next time.

An Exchange Of Favours

Summary: When Merlin gets a stranger out of a jam, he asks him to pretend to be his boyfriend for the night in order to make his ex jealous.

Endangered Species

Summary: All sorcerers live in fear of the National Association Against Magical Creatures. Their head agent, Arthur Pendragon, loves his job and believes firmly in his cause, dedicating his life to hunting down those with magic. Merlin, however, has no life which to dedicate. Declared dead by his mother at age three in a desperate attempt to save him from the law, he now has to find a new way to exist.He believes he’s doing well until the day his and Arthur’s worlds collide.

Polly Gone

Summary: Arthur finds a foul-mouthed parrot, spouting on and on about destiny, in his wardrobe one sultry July day. He posts an entry in the “lost and found” section on PutneySW15.com. Turns out the parrot belongs to Merlin, but it keeps coming back to Arthur’s wardrobe.

Strangers On A Train

Summary: Arthur hates being around people during commutes; whether it’s walking the streets or sitting on a train for three hours, he would just rather not deal with human beings…at all. On one particular train journey to discuss weapons technology with a business in Ealdor, Arthur meets Merlin, a clumsy young man, who may just be the one to turn Arthur’s world around.

Stuck On You

Summary: At least Arthur wasn’t actually stuck there with a stranger. Although the fact that it was Merlin was in many ways more terrible, because he’d just had to watch his best friend almost pull the skin of his hand off, trying unsuccessfully to get free.

anonymous asked:

Zeke bursts in to the apartment. "Ashi! She's- she was- it's Polly- gone!" He sounds desperate, and he isn't speaking coherently. (@jay-rps)

*@jay-rps. Ashi looks up from her Deadpool comic. She drops it and goes over.*

#Are you sure? Where have you looked?#

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Hi, I was wondering what's the funniest Arthur/Merlin friction you read?

Here’s some :)

For Your Information by reni_days
Merlin sighs. “After your…announcement,” he explains, “your father decided he needed a bit more information. Which is apparently where I come in. I’m sort of like his gay tutor, it’s hard to explain.”

How I got Wooed by the Undead by Arthur Pendragon by Mamalaz
When Arthur and his men are kidnapped by a lovestruck vampire and his reluctant coven, the last thing he ever expected was to be courted. However, it appears that everyone wants a happily ever after, even if they’re undead, shameless and have a propensity for drinking rabbit blood.

Polly Gone by Camelittle
Arthur finds a foul-mouthed parrot, spouting on and on about destiny, in his wardrobe one sultry July day. He posts an entry in the “lost and found” section on PutneySW15.com. Turns out the parrot belongs to Merlin, but it keeps coming back to Arthur’s wardrobe.

Merlin is a Chair by Anonymous
An evil witch turns Merlin into a chair. Arthur sits on him.

There’s a Unicorn in My Bedroom! (or, “How Arthur Discovered Merlin Had Magic”) by Lassroyale
Written for the Merlin/Arthur Kink Meme for the prompt: “Arthur/Merlin ; Arthur discovers Merlin has magic - the how is up to you”

Arthur is a Man of Action…and Merlin is Just Slow by giselleslash
Merlin owns a bookshop, Arthur is his thoroughly incompetent but endearing - and more than a little crazycakes - employee.

The Life of a Foreskin by plain_jane08
A story, written from Arthur’s Foreskin’s point of view, about their time together.

Ten Foolproof Steps on How to Seduce a Man by writeonclara
For the kink meme prompt:
Arthur, has been returned from his rest in Avalon for over a year now, and he is proud to say that he seems to have adapted modern life fairly quickly. He’s figured out the ins and outs of living in the 21st century and has taken time along the way to properly mourn both Camelot and Gwen.
But now? He’s at the point in his new life that he’s ready to start considering what he wants for his future. And the rules of modern romance aren’t helpful so much as downright contradictory or confusing.
How does a former medieval king court a 1000+ year old sorcerer anyway?

Splash! by Violette_Royale
Camelot is cursed by an evil Sorceress. Arthur discovers what splendid men his knights are, how adorable Merlin is and exactly what sort of books one can order from obscure vendors in Cenred’s kingdom.

The Coincidence Core by Thursday_Next
When his best friend Merlin tells him that contrary to what he has always claimed, he’s actually from a small planet in the vicinity of a star named Ascetir, Arthur takes it surprisingly well. But then his planet explodes, he’s plagued by coincidences and he can’t get a decent cup of coffee anywhere in the galaxy.

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Do you have a list of the most bizarre or unique AU fics? thanks :)

This making of this list was a good time. We hope you enjoy these as much as we did.

Also, check out this post at Dirty Bookshelves with more unusual and unique premises!

The perfect stabilizer switch

External image

If you’ve ever tried to stabilize a wall while skating backwards, you know that eventually, your wall will fall apart—usually when you hit an apex, and the jammer uses the track momentum to try and squeeze through your wall. The trick is to be flexible. Stabilizers should be able to turn and rejoin their wall, and someone from the wall should be able to jump in and stabilize.

And here is Texas, doing an almost-textbook stabilizer switch. (Surprise, surprise.) When the jammer hits Polly Gone #22, Fifi #108 helps her turn around and turns herself around in the process, while Bittercup #813 holds the outside line in a half-stabilizer until Fifi can get situated.

Texas v Atlanta, 2013 WFTDA Championships