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I agree. More hcs on other characters besides the Pevensies. Hmm, let's see. What's some headcanons on Digory and Polly?


- if you don’t think that they had a thing for each other, then you’re lying
- they were that typical old married couple type, even when they were younger
- their crushes developed at a different times, though
- digory started to like polly sometime after their tween years, when he started to see girls as more than just friends
- polly didn’t know when she started to like digory but she knew that she didn’t realize it until after they both had to move away from each other for their university studies
- neither admitted their feelings for each other, though, afraid the other didn’t return the feeling
- they were able to remain the best of friends, however
- they would send each other a letter every day when they were off in their studies
- and spend their holidays together
- when digory inherited the family mansion, he invited polly and her family over to the countryside for holidays
- there, polly would meet digory’s younger cousin, the future mrs. macready
- digory and polly’s friendship remained strong throughout their adulthood, even as digory continued his studies to become a professor and polly went off to explore the world as a pilot in the royal air force
- when they were older, they would constantly visit each other and visit old friends together
- digory has quickly sent a telegram to polly when the pevensie children had told him that they’d visited narnia
- polly had been unable to meet the pevensies at that time but had spent several hours with digory in deep conversation speaking about narnia
- they were both ecstatic to be able to return to narnia even though it meant that they had to die before they could go
- they had both been flattered to be crowned king and queen of narnia alongside the pevensies and eustace and jill but refused
- it was an honor that they didn’t feel they deserved
- after some insistence, they accepted the titles but only the titles
- they didn’t feel themselves fit to rule
- it was in aslan’s country that the two confessed their love for each other
- nobody else was surprised it
- they were only surprised that it hadn’t happened earlier
- the two lived happily together, going through different ponds in the wood between worlds
- discovering new worlds together as they had half a century before


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