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Doctor Who Companion Name Etymologies - Part ¼

DISCLAIMER: Companions are referred to by their first names here, even if usually referred to by their surnames or another title in series. Nicknames that are short forms of names are used, nicknames that are not a form of the name are not. A good number of the names here are probably not at all what the creators were thinking - they just made up a name, and it coincidentally resembled a real one. Only one name I could not find any real world equivalent of. If a name is officially a short form of a name I cannot find any evidence of being used, but resembles a more common name, I will use the latter. Companions whose names are English words are on the list, companions whose names are puns on English words are not. Companions are ordered as chronologically as possible, but for non-regular companions that's more difficult, and so they are decided according to my judgement. Basically it's all kind of arbitrary but if you don't like it make your own photoset.
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When Ben and Polly returned to Earth, they met Dodo again right away. The three of them decided to found a group of ex-companions. Ian and Barbara were recruited some days after that, and the five of them hung out in a secret room\basement under the “Dodo Chaplet Funerary Home”. Victoria was welcome to the team a few years later (and they made her ease to the 20th and 21th centuries). The team was allied with UNIT in 1970, with Liz, Jo, Sarah, and Harry all becoming part of it after they left the Doctor. For a while, nobody joined, even if they tried to seek Tegan she dismissed all as a dream. Through Ace and Melanie visited the team a lot using their TARDIS, they had a lot else to do. Grace openly sought for them and was hospited by the team for a bit and they still communicate in various ways. But there weren’t any new permanent members for a while, until Martha Jones’ welcome that is.

Down the years, most of the Doctor’s companions have made a conscious choice to go travelling with him.  But can we take a moment to remember all those wonderful people who started their adventures by blundering in or stowing away?

Here’s to the “accidental companions”.  Bless them.

Modern Day British Companions of TV/Audio (relative to when the episode/audio was made)

anonymous asked:

i was wondering if you guys have any headcanons concerning the first doctor or his companions? it would be interesting to hear them :)

Ooh, yes we do have various little things we think about. Thanks for asking. A lot of these have already ended up in stories we’ve written.

  • Susan had a record player that she got from the 60’s. When she left, Ian and Barbara took hold of it and then Vicki after them. Vicki even showed it to Steven and then eventually Dodo, Ben and Polly used it too, probably every companion ever tbh.
  • Susan used to play the Beatles music in the TARDIS which the Doctor ended up quite liking.
  • Steven has a little sister who is quite a bit younger than him and who eventually Hi-Fi was going to be a present for. 
  • Ian and Barbara have a grandson Freddie who is the son of their son John. Freddie in our minds looks like Alfie Enoch.
  • Susan loves to climb trees. On Gallifrey she got stuck and was rescued by her grandfather who had been looking for her. He had to carry her down and clean up her cut knee. She took a silver leaf with her always until she gave it to the trader on Akhaten.
  • By Vicki and Steven’s times on Earth, the leaders wanted to protect what was left of national heritage sites and so they enclosed landmarks under giant security domes (Which probably came from Susan’s idea) 
  • Vicki didn’t have many friends her own age growing up or any pets. She started to think any robot or computer was a friend. Her father’s ship was mainly adults and she used to pester everyone and never do her homework.
  • In the 70’s Barbara has a Farrah Fawcett hairdo but Ian is reluctant to get rid of his regular clothes and hair. Eventually he gives in and grows sideburns and buys a pair of flares.
  • Dodo becomes a entertainer, a costume maker, a director, a talent agent. She flits about from various creative jobs. She stays in touch with Ben and Polly.
  • Ben (because we’re cruel) has an alcohol problem after his navy service and he splits with his wife. Polly who has married someone else then reconnects with Ben later in life after her divorce. Feeling lonely as her kids have grown up, she gets into charity work and helps Ben to get back into society. He then joins the charity and helps people in need. They fall in love all over again and get married in their 50’s. 
  • When Ian irritates Vicki she jumps onto his back and throws her arms around his neck, pretending to strangle him. If Barbara tries to stop their horseplay, they both lift her up.
  • Barbara drinks a lot of wine. Vicki reset the food/drink machine to offer wine as readily as water. The Doctor doesn’t know.
  • Dodo was forced to have piano lessons by her aunt.
  • Dodo changed her mind about leaving the Doctor but by the time she arrived at the TARDIS she saw Ben and Polly taking her place!
  • Dodo changed her accent to make herself sound more posh simply because she likes to wind people up and partly because the Doctor hates her slang. Eventually she went back to her normal accent because it was more her.
  • Steven becomes the bearded leader when he leaves the Doctor. By the time he’s an old man he looks a bit like Gandalf.
  • Vicki cuts and styles both the Doctor and Steven’s hair. (This sort of happens in the show and we borrowed it from an audio too)
  • Ian and Barbara still have tutoring lessons with Susan just because Susan likes to feel she has some stability. 

Sorry there’s so many but we’re on a roll and always have so many thoughts about these guys. :)