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  • Tommy: I'm a very bad person. I'm a very very bad person. I am a horrible person.
  • Polly:
  • Ada:
  • Arthur:
  • John:
  • May:
  • Lizzie:
  • Alfie:
  • Tommy: "No you're not Tommy, we still love you, Tommy."
I Just Want You To Be Mine

Betty walks into Veronica’s house singlehandedly carrying everything Polly could need while staying at the Lodges.

“Need some help B?” Veronica asked, grinning at a struggling Betty. Veronica knew Betty would reject her offer. Betty was proud of her physical strength and didn’t like it when people insisted that she couldn’t lift something heavy or that she needed help.

“I’ve got it under control.” Betty responded, her voice barely making it through under the strain of the heavy load she was carrying. Veronica smiled and tried not to admire Betty’s toned arms too much.

“Which room is gonna be mine?” Polly said, catching Veronica admiring her sister.

“Second room to the left.”

Betty and Polly walked into the room and Betty put all of Polly’s things down with a grunt. Veronica couldn’t help but laugh about it from the living room. After unpacking most of Polly’s stuff, Betty and Polly walked back into the living room to say goodbye.

“I didn’t know you two were going to unpack everything. I just wanted to give you some privacy in case…” Veronica rambled.

“I’m glad you gave us some time alone. And don’t be too upset cause there’s still some unpacking to be done and I’m sure Polly could use the help,” Betty said as she sat down next to Veronica and reached for her hand. “Thank you so much for doing this V. It really means a lot.”

Veronica smiled at Betty, trying to ignore how aware she was of Betty’s hand on top of hers. “Anything for my girl,” she responded with a smirk.

Betty got up to say goodbye to Polly.

“You’re gonna be okay here. I’ll visit every day and we’ll figure this out,” Betty said as she hugged her older sister. Veronica’s heart jumped at the fact that Betty would be visiting every day. Betty broke the hug and looked at her sister with concern. Polly could see Veronica staring at Betty through the side of her eye as she reassured her sister that she was going to be just fine.

After Betty left, Veronica helped Polly unpack the rest of her stuff.

“Need anything else?” Veronica asked

“No, no thank you. Everything is perfect,” Polly replied. Veronica looked at her and smiled. Veronica could see the resemblance between Polly and Betty, but there was something more about Betty. Something that made Veronica want to be a better person, something that made Veronica feel happy and safe, but made her heart race at the same time. Something about Betty was perfect for Veronica.

“Uh..I think your phone is vibrating,” Polly said, finally breaking the silence.

Veronica took her phone and left the room. It was a text message from Betty.

B: I’m so lucky to have you in my life.

V: Like I said, anything for my girl.

B: Love you, best friend.

V: I love you too.

“Best friend” Veronica shook her head and tried to not let it bother her as she lay in her bed and tried to sleep.


The next morning:

“Good morning!” Betty said enthusiastically.

“Morning,” Veronica responded as she opened her locker and took out her books. Betty stood next to Veronica like she was waiting for her to say something.

Veronica finally looked at Betty, “You look like you have something to tell me,” laughed Veronica.

“No..I mean I do. Kinda, but not now,” Betty responded half-nervous, half excited.

“Why not now?”

“Wait. V, are you okay?”

“Yeah. Why?”

Veronica looked tired and Betty could see it in her eyes despite the fact that Veronica was always well-dressed and had her make up on.

“It’s just…your eyes.”

“What about them?”
Betty loved looking into Veronica’s eyes. Those brown eyes that were usually filled with mischief, but were sometimes warm, loving and puppy dog-like.

“You just look a little tired. That’s all.”

“Yeah, I didn’t get much sleep last night.”

“Everything okay?” Betty responded with concern.

Veronica couldn’t help but smile at Betty’s green concerned eyes.

“Everything is perfect.”

Later that day at cheer practice:

“Veronica! Either get the moves right or get out!” Cheryl shouted. Normally, Veronica was one of the best cheerleaders, if not the best, and Cheryl knew that, but today Veronica seemed tired and slow and Cheryl wasn’t going to let it go.

Veronica angrily threw her pom poms and walked out of the gym and into the locker room. Veronica wasn’t even angry at Cheryl, but at herself. She hated the way she was feeling and hated that she couldn’t control it or do anything about it. Veronica only had a second to herself, before Betty came rushing into the locker room.

“V, I’m worried.”

Betty didn’t know what to think.

“I’m just tired, B.”

“I’ve never seen you like this. You’re always out there putting all those other girls to shame, myself included of course.”

Veronica chuckled.

“I’m serious. I need you out there with me. Remember tryouts? I would’ve been a mess without you there with me.”

Veronica definitely remembered tryouts. The kiss, her lipstick smeared all over Betty’s lips. It was a day she probably would never forget.

“Of course I remember tryouts,” Veronica smirked.

Betty blushed as she remembered the kiss.

“Where’d your mind go?” Veronica asked, grinning because she already knew the answer to her question.

“If I tell you, do you promise not to laugh at me?”

“I would never laugh at you, Betty” responded Veronica sincerely.

“When you kissed me in tryouts…that was kind of my first kiss.”

Veronica’s eyes grew wide and she suddenly felt all the energy come back to her body.
“Don’t look at me like that,” Betty blushed and hid her face with her hands.

Veronica reached for Betty’s hands and moved them away from her face.

“I didn’t know. I’m sorry I took that away from you.”

Veronica cupped Betty’s cheek and looked at her with so much love and concern that Betty almost forgot what they were talking about.

“I…no don’t apologize. Really, it’s fine I actually…just don’t worry about it.”

Betty hesitated to tell Veronica she liked it.

“Did you like it?” Veronica’s eyes were still on Betty and Betty began to see a bit of mischief mix into the warmth in her eyes.

“I mean…I don’t know.”

Betty was clearly flustered and blushing and trying to look anywhere but at Veronica at this point.

Veronica chuckled and softly pressed her lips on Betty’s cheek. Betty smiled but still wouldn’t meet Veronica’s gaze.

“Come on. Let’s get back out there,” said Veronica as she grabbed Betty’s hand and led her out of the locker room.

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Can you do one where Betty and Jughead first meet Polly's baby like waiting in the waiting room while Polly is in labor and talking about how great of an aunt Betty will be

Polly’s Baby

Betty couldn’t believe it - in just a little bit, she would be an aunt. 

Polly didn’t want to find out the sex of the baby in advance. Betty couldn’t wait to find out if she was going to have a niece or a nephew. 

She played with the hem of her sweater, looking up as the doors of the maternity ward opened and Jughead strolled through, rushing over to her.

“Did I miss anything?” He asked in a hushed tone. 

Betty smiled and shook her head. “No, the baby hasn’t come yet. Pol’ didn’t want anyone in the room with her, so my mom is a little upset. And the Blossoms are just pacing around, hoping to see the baby.”

Jughead took Betty’s hand out of her lap and slipped his fingers between hers.

“I can’t wait to watch Disney movies with her. Or him.” Betty smiled over at Jughead. “And hear those sweet baby coo’s.” 

Jughead smiled back at her. “Their first Hallowe’en is going to be pretty fun for you.”

Betty’s face lit up. “Jug, I hadn’t even thought of that! Oh my God, that is going to be amazing.”

Jughead laughed. “I remember once when we were little, we never had much money to use for costumes, so I usually just dressed Jellybean up in something and didn’t dress up myself. I let her have all the candy. So one year when we were especially tight on funds, we blew up those little water-balloons and just filled a giant clear garbage bag with them and strapped it around her little body. She was a literal bag of jellybeans. She kept falling because of how big it was on her but she didn’t stop smiling the whole night.”

Betty stroked her fingers against the top of his hand, smiling. She loved hearing about his happy memories. “I’m definitely going to need you to help me dress up my little niece or nephew each Hallowe’en.”

“Oh yeah?”

A nurse walked into the room and Betty’s head snapped towards her.

“Elizabeth Cooper?” She called, looking across the waiting room.

Betty popped up from where she was sitting. “That’s me.”

“Polly is ready for you and your boyfriend in the room. Parents are welcome after Betty.” The nurse read off a sheet.

Betty pulled Jughead up and walked past the double doors the nurse led them into. She pointed to a room on their left.

Betty stepped gingerly into the room, Jughead by her side.

“Pol’?” Betty murmured. 

There in the bed was Polly, propped up by pillows. She had a light sheen of sweat on her forehead. She was cradling a tiny, pink form in her arms.

Betty stepped closer, Jughead lingered in the corner. He wanted Betty to have her moment.

Polly leaned her arms forward, handing the baby off to Betty.”I want you to meet Violet Elizabeth Blossom.” 

“That’s such a beautiful name, Polly.” Betty smiled as she gently took the baby from her sisters arms, remembering what she had heard about holding newborns - support the head.

“Whenever Jason and I were alone outside, he would comment on the purple flowers - how vibrant they were. I couldn’t get that out of my mind when I was thinking of names. And her middle name is after my favorite sister.” Polly smiled.

“I’m your only sister.” Betty laughed.

“My favorite girl then. My two favorite girls in the world.” Polly smiled, looking at her sister smiling down at the baby in her arms.

“We’re going to have so much fun,” Betty cooed down at the baby. “I’m going to show you all the best Disney movies and read you all the best books. And we can have dance parties!” Betty stroked a finger across the baby’s back.

“Hey Pol’? Why didn’t you get Mom and Dad in the room before me?”

“I wanted her to meet her namesake before anyone else.” Polly smiled. “Plus, they would change the energy in the room.” 

Betty nodded understandingly.

“Hey Jug, you want to hold the baby?”

Jughead walked closer to Betty and Polly, smiling. “You sure?” 

Betty nodded, knowing how great he was with babies. He seemed so calm around them. 

Jughead reached out his arms and scooped the baby into them easily. “Hey little flower girl,” He cooed. “Me and you can team up and drive your aunt crazy when you’re a little older.” He smiled. “I’m going to show you all the best pranks.”

“Oh God.” Betty and Polly groaned in unison.

“Yes I am.” Jughead continued, rocking slowly on his feet. 


Narnia — World War I Au

Digory Kirke and Polly Plummer enlist in the Protection of Cultural Treasures Program during World War I. They are sent across Europe and behind enemy lines to retrieve sculptures and paintings from damaged museums, they spend all the war doing this. After their return to England they join forces to follow Aslan advice of prevent more bad decisions, that’ll result in another war.

/brain is full of jaegermonsters/

/brain is reminded of Discworld book Monstrous Regiment/

ooooooooooooh shiny crossover coffee-obsessed jaeger Maladict yes

Bughead in this episode

- Their sweet smiles on the red couch, Betty beaming at him happily when Ronnie calls him her boyfriend. Juggie trying to act cool, but internally proud to be called her boyfriend. Both comfortable with their new found relationship status and not at all awkward at it being discussed publicly.

- Adorable banter at Pop’s, Juggie’s sass shows up again “His name is Moose”, Betty literally snuggling up to him. Betty being very cool when asking him why he didn’t tell her the Serpents beat up Moose - no judgment, no anger, just plain curiosity - you go, girlfriend!

- Juggie playing supportive boyfriend to the hilt at the shower even though its not his “scene” and Betty acknowledging that! This is so so important to a relationship, they don’t take each other for granted, they’re willing to compromise to make the other happy - Juggie is there for her even though he could’ve easily begged off, it wouldn’t have mattered, but he wanted to be there for Betty. He was there because this was important to her. And she noticed that and commented on it! I loved their banter in this scene and Juggie’s sarcasm again when he talks about this being on his bucket list - that was so Juggie! Its great that they can be themselves around each other and not feel the need to change themselves to please the other!

- His worst fears being realized when Archie tells her about his dad being a Serpent. That looks she gives him, he feels pretty sure he’s lost respect in her eyes, that it could be all over for him with her, he’s afraid of what she thinks of his family and him now. That look of shock and complete fear says it all - he’s terrified of losing her!

- He waits. He waits until they’ve all gone and Betty’s sorted things over with her family and made sure Polly has calmed down and gone to bed. He must’ve waited a long time! And to face what? For all he knew, Betty could have come at him angry at the secret he had kept, could have accused him of lying to her, could’ve even broken it all off. But yet he waited. Because he wanted to tell her why. And that is why Bughead wins because of this complete honesty and trust they have between them. They are willing to bare their hearts out to the other, willing to put themselves completely in the others’ power, knowing the risks of doing that could cause them to get hurt, but still trusting the other above anyone else.  

- He opens himself up. He tells her he was ashamed. He immediately accepts he should’ve told her when he had the chance. He thinks it could be over. But he still wants to come clean now. And she deals with it so maturely! No anger, no admonishing, no judgment - just simply - Why didn’t you? And he comes back with a  simple - I was ashamed. See, its so simple when you tell the truth. These kids can teach us more about relationships than experienced adults can! And this is the first serious relationship for both of them! WOW! Its like they wrote the Handbook on successful relationships!

- She wants to know all about him if they’re going to be together. *SCREAMS*. The way she takes his hand and that gesture is meant to be reassuring to him - to trust her, to tell her, to trust that she wouldn’t break at his darkness and that she would stay by his side no matter what. To trust in her strength and the strength of them together. That simple gesture of her taking his hand and saying those words? That sealed something so important between these two. And the relief in Jughead’s “Okay” and the affirmation is Betty’s echo. They are exemplary!!  It may seem like she was asking for too much, and that they’ve been together for only a couple of episodes, but they’ve been friends longer than that! That’s what makes navigating their new status so easy for them!

- That hand on her back, when she suggests talking to his dad, him agreeing immediately, ready to expose all his skeletons to her, lay them bare, because he’s now confident enough in her love for him. They are truly an inspiring couple.

- The meeting with his dad and then her asking him if he believed him. Jughead immediately looking for her opinion after speaking his mind. And this is again so important! He wants to know what she thinks because he respects her and values her thoughts as a rational, intelligent, analytical person. And when she says, “I believe YOU, Jughead”-  My God, I’ve already written paeans about this moment (X), but I don’t think we’re meant to think that she thought FP was shady and she didn’t totally trust him. I think she meant what she said. It didn’t matter what she thought. Jughead believed his dad and that was enough for her. She believed what Jughead believed. And she would support him in that belief. What a defining moment this was for Bughead! 

- The kiss that followed. He is so overwhelmed by her complete trust, her complete faith in him even after he’s exposed all of skeletons to her, she doesn’t judge him, just takes his word for it and completely and totally surrenders to her immense faith in him. What else could he do but kiss her? Words would be inadequate to express how he feels! 

The kiss itself was the most open and passionate we’ve had with them so far. And I could feel the love that was brimming between them, it was spilling over them in that kiss and they were bathed in light, it was almost like they were blessed with a divine love, and in all the shit around them, they are each other’s hope, sanity, anchor, light, reason. 

You know, when Archie said later “Pray for a miracle”, I wanted to say, “We already have one, Archie- in Bughead”

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I wanna follow Riverdale blogs who are nice about other ships??
Like you can hate a certain ship that’s fine
But you don’t go out of your way to spread hate towards the people who ship them

Stay Away from Her- Michael Gray

Originally posted by lunasterys

Request// Michael Gray imagine where he gets jealous of yours and john’s friendship?

*Wow, three days in a row? Yes, I am overcompensating for my missing presence over the last couple of weeks! xoxox*


“John, stop it!” Michael could hear your playful whine from outside Arthur’s office. “If Polly knows your drinking on the job, she may just knock your head off.”

“Oh come on, Y/N. You should know that Aunt Pol doesn’t scare me.” Michael creeped into the room to find you sitting at the desk, scribbling numbers onto the paperwork. John sat on the edge of the desk smiling down at you as you worked.

“I’m sure Polly would love to hear that herself.” Michael’s comment made you both jump, not yet noticing him enter the room.

“God, Michael. You scared me half to death,” you impishly reprimand him. You quickly rose from your chair and moved to the door. You placed his arm on your waist before you wrapped yours over his shoulders. “John won’t leave me alone to finish my paperwork. If I don’t get it done, I’ll have to work late tonight. Or Polly will take my head instead.”

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prompt: "Hey, taking care of a baby wasn't so hard, right?" Betty and Jughead get stuck taking care of Polly's baby.

Sure thing!

Violet Elizabeth Blossom came into the world on a stormy night. She had her mothers eyes and a lock of hair the color of fire - and the personality to match.

Months later, that hadn’t changed. She cooed and giggled for her mother and her mother only. This caused Polly to never leave her side. 

“Please, B? I haven’t gotten a hair cut in forever.” Polly begged. 

Betty stared at Polly for only a second. “Okay, yes, of course. I can handle a couple hours of screaming.” Betty wiggled her finger in front of the baby’s face. “Can’t I? Can’t I?” Betty said in baby talk.

“Thank you!” Polly cried and handed the baby girl into her sisters arms. Right on cue, Violet started sobbing.

“I’ll be back in a couple hours, thank you!” Polly called as she walked out of the house.

Betty bounced the baby on her hip, stuck her finger in Violet’s mouth, talked to her. She put on a kid-friendly TV show. Nothing was working. Violet was crying at the top of her lungs.

She was fed minutes before Polly left, so it couldn’t be that. Betty checked her diaper. 

“Are you too hot, babe? Too cold? What’s wrong?” Betty begged, as if the baby could answer her.

A few minutes later, there was a knock at the door. Shit - she had forgotten Jughead was supposed to come over.

“Come on, Vi, let’s go get Juggie!” Betty cooed at the baby rocking her gently in front of her.

“Jughead, hey.” Betty said, her voice loud to try and cover the baby’s crying.

“Woah, hey, little lady. What’s the matter?” Jughead cooed to Violet. He came inside the house, taking his shoes off as he did so.

“Want me to take her?” He asked Betty as they padded into the living room.


“Yeah, sure. I used to take care of Jellybean all the time.”

“You did?” Betty smiled. She couldn’t believe what she was hearing. She loved learning new things about Jughead.

“Yeah, I mean. Look at my parents.” Jughead smiled sadly. He scooped the baby out of Betty’s arms.

“Hello little flower blossom. How’s my second-favorite girl?” He smiled and sat on the couch, placing the girl on his lap.

Violet stopped crying.

“How did you do that?!” Betty cried, kneeling in front of Jughead and Violet, placing her finger in the baby’s tiny fist.

“What can I say? Babies love me.” Jughead smiled.

“You learn something new everyday.” Betty laughed. “How many do you want?” 


“Babies. Do you want kids?” Betty finished shyly.

“Of course, yeah. Someday.” Jughead smiled. “I want to be a successful novelist first but then yeah, I want a whole litter of my own. What about you?” Jughead asked as he bounced the baby gently on his knee.

“I hadn’t really thought of it but… yeah, I guess. I’d love a family of my own.”

“Me too. I want to give babies everything my parents couldn’t give me. Not that they didn’t try, but, you know.” 

Violet looked up at Jughead, cooing, then closed her eyes sleepily. 

Betty sat beside Jughead on the couch, pulling out her phone.

“I want to remember this.” Betty smiled and pointed the phone towards them, taking a picture. Jughead smiled. Then they took another one, Jughead making a weird face.

The baby was asleep.

“See? Taking care of babies isn’t that hard.” He smiled at Betty. “She was just tired.”

“I’m going to keep you around forever.” Betty laughed. “You’re the baby whisperer.”

Draft Cards - Tommy Shelby

Request: Their first fight (like the real one where they see they have strong personalities but with a happy ending just because - like Tommy crawling into bed late at night cause he can’t sleep away)

Draft Cards - Tommy Shelby | part of the Able series

You found Tommy’s draft card on the nightstand by his bed when you stayed over that weekend. He had gone down to the betting shop to work and, as you were getting dressed, you noticed the card sticking out from underneath a book. You knew that snooping in his room was bad but you were curious when you saw his signature on the part of the card that was sticking out. You pulled the card out and read over it.  

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Polly and Jason were in love. Really in love. In fact they were going to elope or something of the sort. But when the Cooper parents found out, they freaked. No daughter of theirs was going to marry a Blossom! So they said Polly was damaged. Broken. And sent her off. Jason somehow got into contact with Polly. They planned her escape and set a rendezvous. Sweetwater River. Other side. Everything was set. But, what they didn’t know was that the Coopers knew about their plan. The Coopers made sure that Polly couldn’t get out. But they couldn’t risk another plan like this. So, Mr. Cooper decided to take matters into his own hands. He went to the rendezvous and killed Jason. I SWEAR TO GOD IF THIS TURNS TO BE TRUE YOU PEOPLE BETTER REMEMBER YOU READ IT HERE FIRST.

Butterfly and the Beanie (Part Two)

Jughead x Reader

Part One Here 

A relationship comes to an end because of a mistake, but does the flame ever really die?

Warnings: Fighting

Word Count: 3,131 (sorry not sorry)

A/N: I wasn’t going to continue this, but I got a couple requests to, and if anything else it was an interesting ride to see where this took me and I really like how it turned out. I hope it satisfies! P.s. i made Brock up oops soz 

The waiting room is cold, sterile.

A few hours since the accident.

One week since our fight.

I twist the ring on my finger, the butterfly moving back and forth, his beanie sitting in my lap.

I need hope now more than ever.  

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A reason to stay

The reader and Thomas Shelby were best friends growing up and started the race horse business but the reader left. The Shelby’s haven’t seen her a lot since then but everything seems to fall into place after some misfortunes.

A/N - This is probably one of the biggest imagines I have down!!!! I hope you enjoy it. Send requests in <3 <3

Word Count – 1439

Characters – Shelby brothers, Polly, Major Chester Campbell, Reader x Thomas

You were walking through the streets trying to get home when you heard a loud scream, one not of physical but mental pain. You rushed to the source of the sound to see a woman collapsed on the floor crying. You bent down and came face to face with Polly Shelby. You placed your hands delicately on her shoulders.
‘Polly are you okay?’ You asked her, you got no response.
‘Polly?’ you questioned again but were only meet with more sobs. You didn’t ask her again but stood up slowly and leaned her against you before, slowly making your way to the Garrison. You know Thomas would be close by, and if not Thomas, the Shelby brothers.
As you made it to the doors, you kicked them open as you had no hands available. Everyone turned and stared at you.
‘Where are the Shelby’s?’ You asked the large number of people. You saw Arthur and Michael stand up with a few unfamiliar faces.
‘Will you help her please?’ You said, nodding to Polly. When they saw who, it was they rushed her to the room next to the bar. You stayed by herself and placed her head on her lap.
‘What happened?’ You heard a voice say from the doorway, the brothers parted. Thomas Shelby, he’d changed since you last saw him.
‘I found her collapsed on the ground crying, no harm has been down.’ You said smiling slightly. Thomas quavered a bit when he saw you looking after Polly. It had been years since you worked in the business, but you were always special to him.
‘Where?’ He demanded, walking closer to make sure she was okay.
‘Two streets North.’ Once he had the directions he started heading out but you grabbed his hand.
‘Be careful, don’t you hurt yourself. She needs you, all off you.’ You told him and he nodded.

Thomas walked through small Heath, struggling to see through the fig that covered the street. He rounded a corner but was pounced by two men. He managed to get free them but more came from the fog, attacking him. Holding him down so the others could get kicks and punches in. They would have gotten more in if it wasn’t for the coppers that came blowing their whistles. Chester Campbell, came out of the fog with his cane.
‘We might as well see if he’s alive.’ He told his officers.
‘He’s got a pulse, sir.’ The officer said as he was lent over Thomas.
‘Good.’ He said before he continued walking away.

The remaining brother had managed Polly to her bed where you sat and kept watching her, when the boys went and looked for Tommy, he was taking too long. It had been half an hour and you heard noise coming from downstairs, you checked and made sure Polly was sleeping before heading down. You walked in to see Thomas spread across a table, struggling to see out his badly beaten eyes.
‘What in the hell happened?’ You questioned and the brothers looked on as you walked up and started cleaning and seeing to his wounds. When there was no response you asked again, but this time Thomas.
‘What happened, Thomas.’ You asked and you heard the men inhale sharply, knowing he didn’t like to be called that but they were even more surprised when he answered you.
‘I was attacked Y/N.’ He said stating the obvious. You sighed and placed the cloth onto the large cut on his forehead.
‘I can see that but by who?’ You questioned, placing the cloth back in the water as it turned bloody.
‘Londoner.’ He looked at you and you shook your head.
‘Your mixing with them now? Do you not learn?’ You said giving him into to trouble and looking at the brothers that just shrugged. They were still in shook that Tommy was telling you so much. They all remember you and tommy being in the business together, and best friends, you would distract the police if they came and ran the front of the business with Polly, but you had left the business after a while when stuff started getting bad.
you felt down his sides and came across his ribs which contained lumps that should not be there. You turned to the boys.
‘Your gonna have to sit him up and hold him still.’ You said directing them, they stayed still and didn’t move. Knowing they weren’t going to move you had to take matters into your own hand.
‘Do you know what, I thought you’d know better but, you clearly don’t. if we don’t do this he will become a cripple.’ You said but they still didn’t move.
‘Okay, fine.’ You said placing the cloth down and turned to walk but a rough hand around your wrist stopped you.
‘Boys, do what she says.’ Thomas spoke through gritted teeth. They managed to sit him up, so you could wrap the rags and bandages around his ribs to secure them. The brothers lay him back down and gave him alcohol to take the pain away.
‘He needs to be in bed rest for a couple of days. If he starts bleeding heavily again or starts a fever, please shout me down. I’m up with Polly.’ You told them as you moved Thomas’s hair from his face, and looked at how peaceful he slept.

You entered the bedroom was Polly was in. she was awake but staring out the window, she turned to face you when you entered.
‘Y/N?’ She questioned and you nodded.
‘Hey aunt poll.’ You said with a small smile.
‘What are you doing here?’ She asked as she light a cigarette up.
‘I found you on the ground crying last night, so I brung you back to the pub and the brothers brung you here.’
‘Why are you still here though.’ She asked as she puffed his smoke out.
‘Tommy was badly beaten by the Londoners, so stayed longer to make sure he was cleaned properly.’ You told her and she put the cigarette out and stood, she steadied herself. You offered your arm, she gladly took the offer. You both slowly walked down the stairs. She gasped when she saw tommy.
‘What in the bloody hell did you do?’ She said loudly causing the boys to jump, they had been through war and they jump at their aunt’s voice.
‘What did you let him go himself?’ She asked taking the anger out on the boys.
‘Polly! Take it out on me not them. They didn’t do anything wrong.’
‘But neither have you.’ She told you.
‘Some would say the opposite.’ You told her and this allowed her to calm down. You heard groans and the heads of everyone turned around to see Thomas. Arthur helped him sit up and he focused on Polly.
‘Aunt Polly, you’re okay.’ He said checking Polly over from where he sat and she walked closer.
‘Yeah Tommy. I’m good.’ She replied and you slowly walked away knowing they were going to be fine.

Thomas was the first to notice you were gone, he stood, with pain going through his body. He walked, with many protests, to the front door where he saw your figure getting smaller.
‘Y/N.’ he shouted, you turned and stared at him.
‘Thomas Shelby, why are you out of your bed?’ You asked him and walked back towards him, so his walking time would be short.
‘Why are you leaving?’ He questioned.
‘I am not wanted here. It has been made clear as day, since I was a kid. I was doing the last dead before I left.’ You said nodded back to the house. The house that you always visited and were welcome in.
‘Where are you going?’ He asked.
‘I’m deciding between London and Ireland, more Ireland.’ You told him and looked into his intense blue eyes.
‘Don’t.’ He blurted out.
‘What?’ You questioned him.
‘Don’t go.’ He said this time, pain evident in his eyes. He couldn’t bear the thought of you leaving him. He wanted you, he had always wanted you but never admitted it.
‘Tommy I must.’ You told him as you started turning away, a hand grabbed your arm and pulled you into them. You felt warm chapped lips against yours and the faint taste of alcohol. His hand made their way to your hips and pulled you closer, and you groaned. He smiled and pulled away.
‘What was that for?’ You asked, breathlessly as you looked at him, taking in his swollen lips.
‘A reason to stay.’ He said and captured your lips once again.

Thoughts on Episode 3: Body Double

I think Cheryl knows more than she’s letting on. Maybe not the whole story, but I’m sure she does know something. At the begininng of the episode, I thought Jason might have left to run away with Polly. However, I’m not sure after the events of the episode. 

Let’s talk about Veronica’s date. When she mentioned having a date, I got so freaking happy because I thought Beronica was going to be canon…but unfortunately not. Anyway, Veronica seemed to be having fun on the date and Chuck seemed like an okay guy. I was looking forward to a not-fucked-up relationship on the show. As you might now, that didn’t end up happening. 


Veronica Lodge is a badass and so is Betty Cooper and so is Ethel and so is every other girl who came forward to talk about what happened to them. Veronica marching into the boys’ locker room, physically pushing everyone in her path to the side was the best damn thing, okay? 

I am so incredibly glad that Riverdale spoke about the slut-shaming issue. I love Betty speaking for all of us, when she says that in the eyes of men, we are still objects and how we need to change that. 

Veronica Lodge+Betty Cooper+Cheryl Blossom=Squad goals.

“Where did you get those thigh-high boots? They’re amazing!” Kevin Keller sort of redeems himself, after all the biphobia (lmao not really) 

Cheryl seemed genuinely surprised that Jason wrote about Polly but idk, that seemed pretty obvious to me. Poor Cheryl tho. There’s so much she didn’t know about him and yet she loves him so.

JOSIE IS MY LITERAL QUEEN okay? I love Riverdale for bringing out the issues in today’s society. I do want to speak out more about Josie but I literally can’t find the right words and I also don’t really want white people to send me hate messages and death threats. 

Josie and The Pussycats are my favourite band of 2017. 

I think Betty might be suffering from Mutlitple Personality Disorder. I don’t know too much about it and how it works, only what I’ve seen from movies but I think, Betty’s life is harder than what we see. There’s the constant pressure her mother puts on her, the issue of her sister and everything that’s been going on at Riverdale. I think there are too many sides to Betty and she’s struggling to cope and I think we’ll see more of this as the show progresses. 

Ms. Grundy can go die in a hole. Please kill her off. She is compltely disgusting. And she keeps talking down to Archie like bitch, you’re a fucking pedophile. If he tells, you’re gonna lose everything. Keep your god damn mouth shut. 

Jughead is seen eating this episode! Yay! They aren’t burgers but he’s still eating! I feel like there wasn’t enough Jughead in this episode but then again, I always need more Jughead so,

Jughead and Betty are my current favourite Brotp. 

Chuck and his dick-gang got suspended YES!!! Also, that scene where the girls are all standing together, so beautiful and powerful!! Amazing!!! 

I loved the Betty and Cheryl scene at the end. 


I want to see Jughead, Betty and Veronica being detective buddies next episode. 

This is my favourite episode so far. It was so good and I can’t wait for the next one!

riverdale theories

i have some theories pertaining to riverdale, ought to post em here so i can brag when they all come true. will update as i think up more

  • hot dog killed jason (obvious)
  • joaquin is jughead’s long lost fraternal twin brother
  • dylan sprouse will show up later as jughead’s other long lost twin brother
  • betty killed polly (yeah sure polly’s “alive” but have you seen her breathing body? makes you think) 
  • related: polly demonically possessed betty or is alive and a gem hybrid and thus has steven’s possession powers
  • alternatively: polly will die from some bullshit soap opera ass Complications™ since the writers want her to romantically die so she can be with her shitty dead boyfriend