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Beautiful Japanese car in the USA = Jail Time and HUGE fine!

Unbelievably according to the Clarion-Ledger, a man fromOcean Springs USA has pleaded guilty to ‘smuggling’ a Nissan Silvia into thecountry. The consequences of his actions could lead to a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison and a possible $250,000 fine!!! I know this already seems completely crazy. The car itself can be bought online for less than $20,000 Australian, but from our own research we know that on the Japanese auction websites a bargain could be had for £5000 OR LESS! (This is about $7600 US).

Although there are very few definitive details about the case, we can’t believe that they would be so harsh with the penalties.  Why is this happening? Well in the US, the government agencies declared that the car (as well as many other Japanese classics) did not meet federal safety and pollution standards as well as being right hand drive, such as the cars we have in the UK. There is however a few cases where people have gone to great lengths to modify Japanese cars such as the S13/14/15 chassis to meet the US regulations and become legally registered.

As to why Kendall Noble (the man in question here), tried to smuggle the car into the country is currently unknown to us. But it’s likely due to the fact that the S15 is an amazing car, with a long heritage in drifting having been a 7 time championship winning car. If we get to see an update on his situation we will let you know, but in our opinion its all a little bit ridiculous! 

-Abraham Akbareian