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Have you ever wondered how Destiel wins every poll?

Below is a list of 100+ incredibly passionate, dedicated Destiel shippers who stay up all night to vote for Destiel and helped us get our ship into the Zimbio finals. These are the same people that made sure Destiel was the undefeated champion of 2013 and are helping us stay strong in 2014.

This is a special shout-out to them! :)

Click on their URL to follow. I added direct links to make this very easy!


[Complete List Under the Cut]

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Thank You Destiel/SPN Fandom and Good Night!

Dean/Cas = 56,034                         Lauren/Bo = 55,508

You beautiful lovelies!  Good god you support your ship and fandom SO HARD.  To come from so far behind and everything….  I’m gushing.  I just can’t with all your awesomeness. 

Attention Destiel shippers!

Apparently the MTV poll is about to close at any moment, but Dean and Cas are back in the lead again

It’s close though, so please let’s all keep voting and make sure they win. It IS the official MTV site, so it would be kind of a big deal if the only not-canon couple on there wins.

Go here to vote –> [x]

tuesdays-we-wear-trenchcoats  asked:

Hey! I just want to make sure I'm doing this right and that my vote's counted: So you just go to the page, click vote, refresh the page, and vote again? Thanks! :) Sorry to bother!

Yes, that’s correct.

The instructions aren’t 100% clear so I know people have questions. We’re recommending people try to mix it up a bit when they vote. Click repeatedly for a few minutes, then close the tab, and open up the page again so it does a more thorough job in refreshing the page.

We’re also telling people to use private browsing in firefox (CTRL+SHIFT+P) and incognito mode in Chrome (CTRL+SHIFT+N) so that your voting history isn’t being stored. That’s always been a voting recommendation from past polls.

There are some people who say they can only vote once and then need to refresh the page to vote again. If that’s the case, we’re recommending that people use the shortcut F5 so they can click this button, refresh the page, and vote again in a few seconds.

You can also open multiple tabs, and then use the shortcut CTRL+Tab to go through the tabs quickly and vote multiple times.

If anyone has more tips, please send them to me here and I’ll share.

I really don’t like those shipping poll popularity contest things, but it really amuses me that Misha Collins gets so excited about them (though… personally, I would quibble about him calling Dean/Castiel a “stable, moral couple” as opposed to Sterek? Like, I wouldn’t call Sterek a “stable, moral couple” either, but… Dean and Cas’s relationship is defined by communication issues, conflicting desires and needs [like Dean’s, “I want you to be with me because I love you” vs. Cas’s, “I need to be away from you so I can protect you because I love you”], yelling at each other, using each other, and then there’s those two times that Castiel almost beat Dean to death, and well Dean was suicidal during one of those instances so like… yeaaah, let’s not go calling this relationship, “stable” or, “moral,” Misha. Like how about let’s not).