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SnK Chapter 95 Poll Results

The chapter 95 poll closed with 1,069 responses. Thank you to everyone for participating. Let’s do this!

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75% of respondents had a  favorable reaction for “Liars”. Less than 1% expressed extreme dissatisfaction.

I actually loved this chapter! I was kinda meh on the Marley arc at first, but this completely changed my feelings on it!! Seeing everything from the Warriors’ perspective is a refreshing change of pace.

Bertolt is the God of Destruction, RBA deserved better, Magath is actually a nice guy, poor Porco has a terrible name and deserves more love

This is the first chapter in the Marley arc I’ve wholeheartedly enjoyed. I was always looking forward to getting the Warriors’ perspective, but the way in which it’s been done has been terrible pacing wise, if definitely interesting story-wise; consequently I’ve had mixed feelings about the recent chapters. But this one managed to really make me feel for the characters and their tragic, terrible circumstances for the first time in awhile.

Good chapter in terms of lore although kinda meh in terms of story development

I liked the chapter, and the Marley thing we are going through, but I would still like to return to the walls

Not the strongest chapter, feels the same kind of “recap-y” that 63 did, but still a solid outing. I’m convinced we’re staying in Marley as the main location for the final arc of the series, with the main cast’s appearance kicking events into overdrive.


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Malec Fans, it’s time to Power Vote

We will also be doing an hour of Power voting to get the Malec numbers up today. Time is from 4-5PM EST. So if you’re in the UK, that will be 9PM your time. If you’re in France, that will be 10PM. Israel and Cairo will be 11PM. It will be 1PM in Vancouver and 6AM (on Sunday) in Seoul.

Please reblog so Malec fans can see this, and remember, vote throughout today, and prepare for an hour of intense voting this evening/night/morning (whichever your timezones).

Originally posted by magnusandalec

Firstly, I want to say, thanks to everyone who’s been consistent in voting for Malec. We’ve only come this far because Malec fans have pulled together, in large numbers to vote. And I know the polls has been messing with all our heads, but we’re heading into the final stretch and we all just need to hang in there and keep the votes coming in. 

The numbers are once again down, and Malec is at 49.8% whilst Outlander is at 50.2%. I know it seems small but a small difference is all that’s needed, and seeing that the poll is ending tomorrow, I figure that the only way we are guaranteed is a win is if we make it a huge gap between us and the Outlanders. 

So please, vote throughout the day (and tomorrow too). Consistently vote. And then we’ll do an hour of Power Voting to get the Malec numbers up today and repeat the Power Voting tomorrow as well. Time is from 4-5PM EST. So if you’re in the UK, that will be 9-10PM your time. If you’re in France, that will be 10-11PM. Israel and Cairo will be 11PM-12AM. It will be 1-2PM in Vancouver and 6-7AM (on Thursday) in Seoul. Please reblog so Malec fans can see this, and remember, vote throughout today, and prepare for an hour of intense voting this evening/night/morning (whichever your timezones). 

Remember vote here and keep the votes pouring in. The polls close at 5pm P.T on Thursday. So, if you’re awake at that time and can power vote for an hour before it closes, please do so. So that would be 7PM-8PM EST. So, 12-1AM if you’re in the UK. If you’re in France, that will be 1-2AM. Israel and Cairo will be 2-3AM. It will be 4-5PM in Vancouver and 9-10AM (on Friday) in Seoul.

It also came to my notice that some people are finding it difficult to vote. If you’re having that problem and are using Google Chrome, switch to Safari. A friend tried it, and it worked for her.

psssst it’s the last day to vote for clace and malec in the E! online top tv couples poll!! (up until 8pm EST today) 

right now malec has it in the bag but clace is hovering at only around 5-6% behind ol/icity! if we could get both couples into the next round it would be super cool even if you don’t ship clace b/c the point of this is to show freeform how awesome the fandom is so they never cancel the show (ever) (and imagine how pleased kat and dom will be i mean come on) 

(and also, even if you don’t ship clace, we can use clace to knock out heavy-hitters before they face malec because clace is being bracketed as a lightweight ship and it’s being put up against bigger ships that we would not want to face malec down the line)

(so yeah pls vote for clace as well) 

keepaclosewatchonthisheartofmine  asked:

I'm surrounded by conservatives who don't believe white privilege/privilege is a thing. What do I do?

Something like white privilege or male privilege is a tricky subject to broach with some people. If they don’t see it it’s hard to talk about it in a way that won’t leave then feeling defensive.

There are white men in this country, a lot of them, that are nice, polite people who do the right thing. They studied hard, they work hard, and they have earned what they have. Lots of people also struggle, save, and sacrifice so they can get a good car, make sure their rent is paid, make sure they can send their kids to camp, etc.
People with privilege can work hard. They can struggle. They can earn what they have. These things are all true.

Because these things are true they don’t feel like they have privilege. They don’t feel like anything was handed to them. I’m white and just thinking about my life in a quick, general overview I don’t feel like I have any perks.


No one profiles me at the airport.
Polling stations aren’t being closed in my neighborhood.
I don’t have to wait 12 hours to vote.
No one sees my name on a job application and sets it aside.
No one tells me my natural hair isn’t appropriate for work.
I don’t have to worry that if my husband is pulled over by the police he’ll be shot.
I can turn on the television or open to the front page of the paper and see people of my race widely represented.
When I am told about our national heritage or about “civilization,” I am shown that people of my color made it what it is.
If I’m ever arrested, and my face is on the news, I won’t be representing my whole race by my actions.

There are many more things I benefit from by being white some of which I’m probably not even aware of.

It’s not my fault I’m white. It’s not my fault they don’t profile me at the airport. But it is my fault if I don’t speak out against racism when I see it applied against others.

It’s the same with your co-workers. They don’t experience the other side of the coin. Maybe they don’t feel like they were given any breaks in life… And maybe they weren’t. Maybe it was hard. But it doesn’t mean they didn’t benefit from their privilege vs. having it even harder because they were black/Hispanic/an immigrant/transgender/gay/a woman/handicapped/not Christian…

It’s also hard to admit that maybe you’re part of the problem (even if you weren’t aware of it). It’s humbling and it doesn’t come easy to a lot of people.

I found this awesome article that really explains it well. Maybe sharing it with your co-workers can open the door a little too how they view themselves in the world.


What the hell did you listen to this year?

We surveyed a panel of music bloggers to narrow down the best albums, songs and videos from 2014. Now it’s your turn to bring this home and create the final list. Please go here and take a few minutes to pick your favs. If you don’t see yours in the drop-down, just write it in.

You have until Thursday, December 18, to make a difference before 3000 closes the poll and goes back to wearing normal clothes. 

To recap, here’s what you picked in 2013 (hint: no repeats this year). 

Tell your friends.

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Final Round is Here. Time to vote for Malec and Cinch that victory!

Originally posted by itscuteust

Congratulations everyone! We made it!!!! But we’re up against Skam and we all know just how persistent that fandom is. For example, Malec is at 27.9% and Skam is at 72.1%. This is going to be hard!

So we’ll be voting throughout the day and also Power Voting every day until the poll closes on Monday.

The details are the same. Time is from 4-5PM EST. So if you’re in the UK, that will be 9-10PM your time. If you’re in France, that will be 10-11PM. Israel and Cairo will be 11PM-12AM. It will be 1-2PM in Vancouver and 6-7AM (on Saturday) in Seoul. Please reblog so Malec fans can see this, and remember, vote throughout today, and prepare for an hour of intense voting every evening/night/morning (whichever your timezones) till Monday. 

The polls close at 5pm P.T on Monday. So, if you’re awake at that time and can power vote for an hour before it closes, please do so. So that would be 7PM-8PM EST. So, 12-1AM if you’re in the UK. If you’re in France, that will be 1-2AM. Israel and Cairo will be 2-3AM. It will be 4-5PM in Vancouver and 9-10AM (on Tuesday) in Seoul.

Also remember that if you’re having problems voting with Chrome, switch to Safari.

Voting link is here. And all the best Malec fans. Let’s bring them victory. 

Just got back from Voter Protection Training!

It went really well! We do it in odd election years before the primaries because there are historically a lot of shenanigans regarding people crossfiling to get in primaries for parties not their own and we tend to have election observers for the different candidates in place, but there was a lot of general purpose information I want to generally make sure everyone knows.

Polling Place Dos and Don’ts: Campaigning

  • Candidate Behavior in Polling Places: Candidates can enter, vote and leave. They cannot hang around inside to say “hi” to voters, even if it’s stuff that’s not technically partisan like “I just want to thank you for voting today!” Vote and get out.
  • Not a candidate? You still literally shouldn’t even speak a candidate’s name while inside the polling place. This extends to the poll workers - if you forget a candidate’s name and ask the poll worker what it is, they actually should not even tell you that much. If you ever see a poll worker suggesting a specific candidate or seeming to promote a candidate, it is a violation and should be reported.
  • Along similar lines: do not wear candidate paraphernalia inside. No buttons, no shirts, no hats, no weird fun themed socks. This is a bit of a gray area but generally speaking, err on the side of caution and don’t.
  • Pamphlets should be handed out outside the polls, not inside. Rules vary by state, but generally you can’t hand out literature for a candidate inside the polls or within a certain perimeter of the entrance. I’ve seen some argument back and forth as to what counts as the “entrance” if you have two sets of doors, with an outer one to the building and an inner one, but I’ve absolutely reported people for being inside the polling building and seen them dutifully standing outside afterwards, so generally assume they should not be in the building.
  • I want to really emphasize that last point - if you are in a voter ID state, your ID will be checked INSIDE. If you are asked for your ID outside the poll, that is a violation and those people do not have legitimate authority.
  • If someone is intimidating or harassing voters, including demanding to see ID,  report them. Additionally AS LONG AS YOU ARE OUTSIDE THE POLLING PLACE - get them on video on your phone if possible. Post the video to social media, but also post it to your local news station’s Facebook page. That having been said, be veeeery cautious about doing this inside a polling place - there are definitely rules in some states about recording inside a polling place. I’m afraid I can’t give general advice for this situation.
  • If you are unable to get into your polling place due to accessibility issues, that is also a violation. Report it, same as above.

Reporting Violations: See Something? Say Something!

  • Spot violations? Report them ASAP so they can be stopped before the day is out. They might get one or two voters, unfortunately, but don’t let them scare people away all day! They can be blatant about this type of thing, too - we had a story in tonight’s training about a district where, for years, Latinx voters were turned away at the door and told that “Latinos don’t vote here.” It was finally uncovered three years later when a phone banker calling for a local candidate spoke with a Latina woman who asked “Will I be able to vote this year?” and “I haven’t been able to vote these past few years, do Latinos vote somewhere else?” This was uncovered in 2012. Keep a sharp eye out. 
  • Generally speaking, each polling place should have a Judge of Elections - if anything is wrong, go to them first. Ask a poll worker until you get to speak to them.
  • Is the Judge of Elections complicit or not cooperating? Then go over to their head to the County Board of Elections. This information, obviously, varies by County, but I suggest googling it for your County and putting it into your phone’s address book.
  • 866-OUR-VOTE also does voter protection services, but their reactions may be slower, so go to them only after the above steps.
  • Phone issues/phone anxiety/etc.? There may also be places to report online! As I was informed, state sites are often more reliable for that then county, but please try to file a report on both. 
  • But the most important thing of all? Report A.S.A.P. The day after the election might stop them from pulling a repeat act next year, but who knows how many voters they’ll be able to stop before then? Don’t let these clowns operate all day! 
  • Finally, just as a note if you do see someone actively intimidating voters: record and report, but do not engage. However, you can offer to escort voters inside if they’re being intimidated! 
  • If you see someone being intimidated, encourage them to come forward - if you’re being intimidated, PLEASE come forward. Reporting when it happens the only way to nip this kind of thing in the bud. Without people coming forward and reporting, we get Latinx people being turned away from a polling place for three entire years before someone actually alerts the authorities because apparently no one posted a competent election watcher in that entire frigging time.
  • (I’m still so mad about that story - just oh my god.)

Trouble With Voting? Name Not on the Roll? No Voter ID?

  • Again, can’t emphasize this enough: If you have any trouble voting, flag down the judge of elections if you need help, then call your county board of elections if that fails or the judge is complicit in the problem.
  • Is your name not on the rolls? If all they’ve done is flip the book open to your alphabetical spot, they have not done their due diligence. Voter registration can be slow: sometimes, voter registrations will be sent in as “supplementals” to the book, depending on when they arrive. Have them check back of book for the supplementals first.
  • Still can’t find your name? Are you reasonably sure you’re in the right place and have registered? Better yet, is the online voter registration checker telling you you’re registered? Have the Judge of Elections call the county board of elections to see if you’ve been registered but not yet entered in the book yet!
  • Also, live in a Voter ID state? Check to make sure of the requirements! Some states only require voter ID if it’s your first time voting in that polling place. The exact form of acceptable ID may vary but your driver’s license should always be enough. If they’re telling you it isn’t, they are lying. Report it.
  • And if all else fails? ENTER A PROVISIONAL BALLOT. If you can prove after the fact that you’re eligible to vote at that polling place -  say, if you forgot your voter ID - you can still have your vote counted! 
  • You may never be denied a provisional ballot, ever. If someone tells you they’ve run out of provisional ballots they are ALMOST CERTAINLY LYING - they have a truly absurd amount of those on hand and can call for more. If someone tells you this, call the board of elections and tell them “Hey, [x voting place] is out of provisional ballots.” That’ll be resolved real quick then.
  • In fact, was there a mixup about your polling place? Whenever possible, you should always get to your actual voting place, but if you can’t make it in time to vote there, try filing a provisional ballot at the polling place where you currently are! It may be counted for your proper polling place later! Basically only do this if you physically cannot get to your polling place before the polls close, though. 
  • If you or someone else needs translation services, they are legally entitled to them; however, the translator does need to be certified, generally; you can’t just bring a friend or family member in to translate in the booth.

Poll Watcher and Worker Responsibilities

  • Poll watchers are usually registered for a certain candidate. I’m not sure if this is true for all states but in at least some there is a limit to number of poll watchers per candidate. Sometimes they’ll let a generic political party have a poll watcher (E.G., ‘Poll watcher for the Democratic Party’, etc.), but it’s rare and may be thrown out, so don’t count on it if you have another option.
  • Poll watchers need to be registered and approved. You can’t just show up and ‘poll watch’. If someone is claiming to be a poll watcher without official papers, report them. If someone is trying to ‘poll watch’ inside the polls without official papers, definitely report them.
  • What can poll watchers do? Well, for starters, they can check before polls open that numbers are at zero! After that, their job is to sit at table and watch. 
  • Do NOT tell any voters what candidate you are pollwatching for. That is a violation. See that thing about “literally do not speak a candidate’s name inside of a polling place” above.
  • Poll watchers can also watch the votes being counted and can even watch as the write-ins and absentee ballots are counted.
  • Aside from the Judge of Elections, poll workers, and poll watchers, polling places may also have an inspector for each party. Poll staff can be elected or appointed, depending on the position - if your polling place doesn’t have anyone from your party, you can tell the judge of elections you’re interested in volunteering. HOWEVER, you’re there from before it opens to after the last vote is counted, so make sure you’re up for that because that is a loooong day.
  • Finally, just as a general note: Exit pollers can ask you how you voted, but you can refuse to answer - no one can force you to answer how you voted.

And that’s my absurdly long voter protection spiel! There’s a lot of other voting rights stuff to know in terms of registration, felon registration rights (varies by state!), homeless registration rights (I know in at least some states you can register even if you’re homeless and just need to circle the area you’re usually in on a map in order to register, but that may not be universal), but we just covered stuff at the polls themselves here.

Now, get out there and vote! Every year has at least a primary and a general election, plus sometimes special elections - please don’t just turn out for Presidential elections!

The polls are closed, and the winners are in! Here are the prompts for the next Pearlmethyst Week! Spread the word, and start planning!

Sunday, June 25th - Pride Month (Pearl & Ame celebrating Pride!)

Monday, June 26th - On Homeworld Together (Are they lost? Escaping?)

Tuesday, June 27th - Human AU (Pearl & Ame as humans, doing human stuff!)

Wednesday, June 28th - FREE DAY (Whatever you darn well please.)

Thursday, June 29th - Bonding with Steven (They love each other, & smol son!)

Friday, June 30th -  Argument/Make-Up (Cuz’ lets face it, it happens!)

Saturday, July 1st - Cuddling (Make it cute. REALLY CUTE.)

Please keep submissions PG-13 in nature! Tag your images/fics @annadesu so I can find them! You can also PM me the links to your art/fics. If I miss you, don’t be afraid to let me know! Let me know if you have questions!

Have fun, guys! <3


From an idea of Nate @isakiyakis.

We decided to create a voting fandom party for Isak and Even since the poll is closing tonight at 2am norwegian time.

It’s not the best time for europeans to vote so we thought it would be funny to throw a little fandom party to keep us awake. The party starts at 9pm (we always refer to norwegian time).

If you want to partecipate these are the rules:


9pm gifset: favorite episode of season 3

9.30pm evak headcanons

10pm isak and even + song

10.30pm isak and even + incorrect quotes

11pm favorite isak and even’s body part

11.30pm favorite evak quotes/ why is evak important for you

12am favorite evak glance/ evak fanart

12.30am gifset: isak and even with friends

1am favorite evak moment

1.30am poll memes

  • TAG YOUR POST WITH #evakvotingpoll AND #skam. It’d be cool if we can trend skam tonight :)

Note: the party will be activated only if 500+ people decide to partecipate. Spread the word – also on instagram and twitter if you have accounts there..the more the merrier :) !!!!

Let’s make Henrik, Tarjei and Julie proud. ❤️ ALT ER LOVE ❤️

I’m tagging some of the most active blogs: @alterskam @c-ardamom @cardamom-minutes @chickenparmaham @cuddlyevak @dailyhenrikholm @deepinskam @duerdigg @evaknaesen @evakshalla @evakskam @evaktexts @evakvaltersen @evakviigmoon @evenbec @evenvalterson @fairieswithoutwings @folerdetdufoler @hemrikholm @henrikhol-m @infiniteisakeven @isak–skam @isaksavedeven @isak-valterson @isakinloveblog @isakkxeven @isakp3 @isaks-even @isaksbestpillow @isaksredscarf @isakthesnake @isakvalty @isakxevenallday @isakyaki @issyisak @josteninski @kardamomme @kardemomme-kisses @kardemommeevak @kierensczerny @kosegruppaa @linneaxskam @metaphoricallocker @minkefreak @momecat @nalle @reasoniwantyoutostay @romialmi @sanaandthesun @sanaknows @sanasevaks @schembel @shakerrmakerr @shameeven @shameforskam @shytarjei @skam-obsessed @skamaddicted @skamforfaen @skamisak @skamisako @skamly @skammedxevak @skammmed @skamownsmysoul @skams @skevak @smolsonisak @smolwolfgang @softestisak @softnorwegians @sonhoedesrazao @sskkam @stardefiant @stayinherewithyou @tarjeiandhenrik @tarjeisandvik @tarjeitrash @tessalabessa @tocapturethisvoice @toneelspeler @v-ltersen @westiris @whenitisreal @willnotaskagain @wingsareatplace