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When I say “hobgoblin”, is the first image that pops into your head something bigger than a regular goblin, or smaller than a regular goblin?

(For the purpose of this poll, “the same height but bulkier” counts as “bigger”, and the “the same height but skinnier” counts as “smaller”.)


Trump’s approval rating hits new low, according to a new Gallup poll

  • Just two months into his first term, only 37% of Americans approve of Trump’s job performance, according to a Gallup poll released Sunday. 
  • His disapproval rating, meanwhile, hovers around 58%.
  • The numbers are a stark contrast to the approval rating of his predecessor, Barack Obama, who at the same point in 2009 had a 61% approval rating according to the same poll. Read more (3/20/17 8 AM)

Most young people in the US think Donald Trump is an illegitimate president

  • A majority of young adults in the U.S. think that President Donald Trump is an illegitimate president, according to a new GenForward poll.
  • The poll found that 57% of Americans between ages 18 and 30 believe that Trump’s presidency is illegitimate.
  • The poll also found that young adults across all races and ethnicities disapprove of Trump’s performance as president and believe that the country is on the “wrong track.” Read more (3/20/17 9 AM)
Buzzfeed: Yuri!!! on Ice

Sharing my favorite Buzzfeed yoi links! 

Which “Yuri!!! On Ice” Character Must Go? (Poll)

Who will be the grand prix finalists of our hearts?

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Which Yuri!!! on Ice Character are you? (Quiz)

Seriously, there is NO bad answer.

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Fuck, Marry, Kill: The Soft And Pure “Yuri!!! On Ice” Edition (Poll)

Warning:  some difficult decisions ahead.

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Which Character From Yuri!!! On Ice Are You? (Quiz)

? Born to take quizzes ?

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Which Yuri!!! On Ice Character Should You Date? (Quiz)

Who do you love that has feelings for you too?

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18 Reasons You Should Be Watching “Yuri!!! On Ice” (Article)

Who knew a figure skating anime could be THIS AMAZING? Warning: spoilers ahead!

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London Grindr users on the 2017 general election

UK prime minister Theresa May has called a snap election, to be held on 8 June 2017.

I’ve previously polled Grindr users on Brexit, Scottish independence, the 2016 US election, and the previous UK election, in Scotland and in Wales. This time, I asked 519 Grindr users in England, in and around London, which political parties they’re supporting.

The following is a sample of the replies.

(Identifiable faces in profile pictures have been censored.)


Of the 519 Grindr users I was able to question before moderators intervened, 181 responses were counted. 64 of these users settled on a party. Here are their results:

60.9% (39)   Labour
17.2% (11)   Liberal Democrat
15.6% (10)   Conservative
3.1% (2)       Monster Raving Loony
3.1% (2)       UKIP

No eligible voters chose the Green Party.

A further 117 users responded, but did not settle on a party.

11 were undecided, and could not be swayed to pick a favourite.

12 said they would choose not to vote.

18 were not eligible to vote.

Other responses can be roughly categorised as follows:

42   Miscellaneous evasion
13   Nonexistent parties and other sarcastic answers
10   Explicitly declined to answer
6    Too horny to engage politically
6    Just replying “hi” or “hello” or something, ignoring the opening question, and proceeding to attempt a conversation like it was never asked

In addition, here is a count of secondary positive mentions of parties – second choices for those who are voting for a different party, or parties mentioned as possibilities for those who remain undecided:

7   Labour
4   Lib Dem
3   Green
1   Conservative

These are parties that were singled out for negative mentions, often preceded by an “Anything but”:

7   Conservative
1   Labour
1   UKIP

In conclusion: Grindr stands with Corbyn. If the Grindr turnout is high on Thursday, the UK may yet have a socialist revolution.

(See also: the Grindr election poll in Edinburgh.)


Donald Trump’s approval falls to new low

  • Trump’s approval rating fell to a new low on Wednesday, after Quinnipiac University released a poll finding just 34% of voters approve of the job he’s doing.
  • That’s down three points from Quinnipiac’s May 24 poll, and is the lowest Quinnipiac has recorded since Trump took office on Jan. 20.
  • Even more, the number of voters who “strongly approve” of Trump also fell to 25%, compared to the 51% of voters who “strongly disapprove” of the job he’s doing in office. Read more (6/6/17)

More than half of Americans believe Trump is abusing his power

  • More than half of American voters believe Trump is abusing his powers, according to a new poll conducted by Quinnipiac University.
  • The poll showed that 54% of respondents believe the president is abusing his role as commander in chief.
  • According to the results, 55% of voters believe Trump fired Comey to disrupt the investigation into Russian ties.
  • 55% of respondents believe that Trump asked Comey to drop the investigation into former national security adviser Michael Flynn.
  • “President Donald Trump remains mired in dreadful mid-30s approval numbers and the red flags that are popping up tell an even darker story,” Tim Malloy, assistant director of the Quinnipiac University Poll, said in a statement. Read more (5/24/17)

Ready to spread your wings? It’s your chance to shine! Discovering…so much more to life…as you vote in the sweet 16.

Yes, those were (sort of) the lyrics to Hilary Duff’s “Sweet Sixteen,” and yes, this is round three of TV’s Top Couple 2017, in which sixteen couples try to knock each other out in order to make it to the elite 8.

Who will continue on? Who will perish? That’s all up to you, and all the voting you’re going to do over the weekend. 

Vote for Sanvers here.

Send me numbers.
  1. Honestly, do you dislike any of your friends?
  2. Have you ever fallen in love?
  3. What’s your star sign?
  4. Have you ever lose someone close?
  5. Have you ever had sex?
  6. Have you had your first kiss?
  7. Was your first kiss enjoyable?
  8. Are you dating anybody?
  9. Celebrity crush?
  10. Favourite song?
  11. Have you ever led someone on intentionally?
  12. Do you like attention from the opposite sex?
  13. What’s your sexuality?
  14. What turns you on?
  15. Favourite television show?
  16. What genre of movies do you enjoy most?
  17. What genre of music do you hate with a passion?
  18. What is your biggest pet peeve?
  19. The last time you went to the doctor, what was it for?
  20. What is your dream car?
  21. Have you ever done something behind your parents back?
  22. Have you ever done something illegal? If so, what?
  23. Do you smoke?
  24. Favourite alcoholic beverage?
  25. Favourite colour?
  26. Favourite position?
  27. Describe your ideal date?
  28. What is your favourite holiday?
  29. What are your fears?
  30. Comedy or Horror?
  31. Do you have any fetishes?
  32. White or Dark chocolate?
  33. Black or White?
  34. Cats or dogs?
  35. Cuddles or sex?
  36. Saw franchise or Scream franchise?
  37. Disney or Dreamworks?
  38. If you found £10,000 would you hand it in to the police?
  39. Do you have good grades?
  40. Honestly, how do you feel right now?
  41. Tell us why you hate someone?
  42. What do you dislike about yourself?
  43. What do you love about yourself?
  44. If The Purge was real, would you?
  45. Tell us what you hate about your best friend?
  46. Ever done drugs?

More Unscientific Twitter Polls 

Image 1: Do you prefer to use the umbrella term or a more specific one?
40% Umbrella, 11% Specific, 49% Depends on situation | 219 Votes

Image 2: Which best describes you? | 240 Votes 
12% Grey-A, 11% Demisexual, 70% Asexual, 7% I use more than one here.

Image 3: Aces, do you also identify somewhere on the aro-spectrum?
64% Yes 36% No | 188 Votes 

Image 4: Are you polyamorous?
25% Yes 75% No | 217 Votes

If you’d like me to ask twitter aces any questions @FYeahAsexual on twitter!