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omg hi i love this blog so much, it's so positive and uplifting! 💟 i have a really silly question, but i recently realized i'm a lesbian and i was wondering how i could look more sapphic? bc people always assume that i'm straight and it's a little annoying! 🙊 haha this is so dumb but any advice would be appreciated! and thank you all for running this blog 💞

well anon, people have been asking me if i was gay since the 1st grade, possibly earlier but my pre-kindergarten memories are mostly a blur, so you have definitely come to the right place. while previously the best way to determine if someone was a card-carrying member of Sapphic United was to count how many flannel shirts you’ve seen them wear in a 30-day period and hope for the best, 2012 nebula gif-reblogging straight girl tumblr basically ruined that for everyone and i dont think it ever worked well if you lived in the south anyways.

today the gathering calls of wlw are diverse and plentiful, and theres something there for everyone. necessary disclaimer that looks dont determine your sexuality we’re all valid etc etc all of this has been made w nothing but love

strictly appearance-wise, there’s a few basic categories that tends to screams ‘i am a girl who likes girls, in the gay way’

lesbian photoblogger: basically you need a snapback, long straight hair, a plain men’s t-shirt that’s a size too big, at least one facial piercing, gauges, converse, and weed. like, a lot of weed.

  • examples: go to the gwlg tag and f3 ‘piercings’

stud: this works best (read: only works) if you’re black. like the photoblogger, snapbacks are a Must. dreads and cornrows are pretty integral to the look ime but shaved heads, curls, or braids work too! for clothes, button-ups, men’s shirts, sports bras (like. just sports bras. nothing else), and baggy pants are staples. visible muscles are also a plus but not necessary. if u have glasses, make sure u have square! lenses! the most important part of being a stud, however, is your ability to lean to the side and squint seductively. if u cant squint seductively or dont even know what that could possibly look like this look is probably not for u, and also google studs bc you my friend are Missing Out

  • examples: the wnba

#aesthetic: if ur 15-17 years old, listen to halsey, marina and the diamonds, or lana del rey, want an interview with i-d magazine, and can deal w the fact that people are more likely to think ur a Weird Youth than a lesbian (but will not be surprised when they find out), this may be for you! necessary clothing includes: crop tops, black velvet chokers, a septum piercing, glitter, a haute couture version of whatever hair style ur mom used to do for you in first grade, and lots of gloss. like, for everywhere. i dont know how they make themselves so shiny but it seems to be required. also u gotta have a peach or mango on u at all times, and a minimalist tumblr theme

  • examples: any hayley kiyoko video

the flaming bisexual: this one probably wont be very helpful to you specifically anon, but if ur reading this and interested in making sure everyone knows that ur attracted to multiple genders as soon as they see you, then get out that electric razor, hair dye, and and whatever they use to make your ear holes huge! with your unnaturally colored undercut, gauges, and a facial piercing of ur choice, there won’t be a person within a 50 mile radius who doesn’t know you swing for both teams

  • examples: just go to a fall out boy concert and take a poll

of course, you don’t have to strictly fit into any specific category to let everyone know ur a descendant of sappho! picking and choosing what you like can have just as strong as an effect, and looking gay isn’t necessarily required to get people to assume you’re not straight! i dont fit into any of the groups mentioned and ppl mostly assume i like women based off the fact that im terrible at hiding the fact im in love with every girl.

talking abt Common Gay Interests (ex. orange is the new black, tegan and sara, the l word) is another good way to let fellow gays know you’re one of them, although straight people might be more oblivious. and if all else fails, wearing the rainbow flag as a cape is always an option.


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