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Hey, dumb American question here. Every UK person I have ever met hates Margaret Thatcher. Why? What terrible thing did she do to piss off that many people for so long?

Where do I fucking start?

So, Thatcher was the bane of the working classes, and much of what she did still has repercussions to this day. So, in no particular order, just in the order I remember them, here are some things she did that pissed us off - 

• In 1989 she introduced this thing called the “Community Charge” but which everyone calls the “Poll Tax” which replaced an older system in which your tax payment was based on the rental value of your home. This new tax meant that people living in one bedroom flats would pay the same as a billionaire living in a mansion. Obviously, the rich loved it, everyone else… not so much. So there were riots (video of news about the riots) - There were lots of riots in the Thatcher years, and they were all notable for the extreme levels of police brutality.

(photo, poll tax protest in Trafalgar Square, 1990)

• Then there was her war on industry. There was a lot of inflation when she came to power, so she instituted anti-inflationary measures. All well and good… except not the way she did it. She closed many government controlled industries, most famously steel and coal. The amount spent on public industries dropped by 38% under Thatcher. The coal miners went on strike, for almost a year, but in the end, the pits were still closed, and 64,000 people lost their jobs. Unemployment rates soared in industrial areas, and inequality between these (generally northern or welsh) areas and the rest of the UK is still there. During the strike there were numerous violent clashes with the police at picket lines which were widely televised. As a memoir from one miner attests: “ I saw a police officer with a fire extinguisher in his hand, bashing a lad in the back. I tried to get closer to note down the officer’s number but they were wearing black boilersuits with no numbers. The next thing I knew, a police officer struck me from behind. I was coming in and out of consciousness as I was dragged across the road into an alleyway. They blocked off the alley and beat another lad and me with sticks until I was unconscious.” (I can’t post the whole thing it’s too long, but read it in the Guardian) Images such as this swept the country, turning many people against Thatcher -

And after it was all over people felt Thatcher had lied, saying she wanted to close only 20 pits, when in the end, 75 were closed down.

• Inequality soared whilst she was prime minister. There is a thing called the gini coefficient, it is the most common method of measuring inequality. Under gini, a score of one would be a completely unequal society; zero would be completely equal. Britain’s gini score went up from 0.253 to 0.339 by the time Thatcher resigned.

• During her time as prime minister the notorious ‘Section 28′ was published. It stated: A local authority shall not (a) intentionally promote homosexuality or publish material with the intention of promoting homosexuality; (b) promote the teaching in any maintained school of the acceptability of homosexuality as a pretended family relationship. - Section 28 wasn’t repealed until 2003.

• She introduced the Right To Buy scheme, which allowed people to buy their council houses for a very low price, which, at first glance, seems like a great idea, allowing people who normally wouldn’t be able to afford their own home to have one - however, loads of people have entered the scheme and now we have far too little social housing, meaning there has been a sharp rise in homelessness.

• The Battle of the Beanfield was a clash between hippies and police near Stonehenge in 1985. 1300 police officers converged on a convoy of 600 new age travellers who were heading to Stonehenge to set up a free festival in violation of a high court order. Again, there was an insane amount of police brutality, and 16 travellers were hospitalised, 573 people were arrested (one of the biggest mass arrests in UK history) - “Pregnant women were clubbed with truncheons, as were those holding babies. The journalist Nick Davies, then working for The Observer, saw the violence. ‘They were like flies around rotten meat,’ he wrote, ‘and there was no question of trying to make a lawful arrest. They crawled all over, truncheons flailing, hitting anybody they could reach. It was extremely violent and very sickening.’” (source) - Once everyone was arrested, the empty vehicles, which were in many cases the only homes the travellers had “were then systematically smashed to pieces and several were set on fire. Seven healthy dogs belonging to the Travellers were put down by officers from the RSPCA.” (source same as above)

Most of the charges were dismissed in court after Lord Cardigan, who had tagged along with them to see what would happen, testified on behalf of the travellers against the police. 

• Her removal of Irish dissidents right to be placed in a category that essentially made them political prisoners instead of merely criminals led to a hunger strike that ended in 10 deaths, including that of Bobby Sands, who was elected from his prison cell, reflecting the immense national, and international support for Irish nationalists. Thatchers lack of sympathy, or even empathy led to her becoming even more of a hate figure.

• She presided over a rapid deregulation of the banks, which ultimately led to much of the problems during britains 2007-2012 financial crash many years later.

• She took free milk from school children, which, though not as serious as anything else listed here, directly affected every child in the UK and was very unpopular, leading her to get the nickname “Maggie Thatcher, Milk Snatcher”, which is still used today.

• Oh… and she supported Apartheid and called Mandela a terrorist.

This is nowhere near everything she’s done that pisses people off, but I hope it goes some way to explaining why when she died “ding dong the witch is dead” became number one in the UK charts, people partied in the streets, and people protested her (State funded) funeral. She is a decisive figure, some people in the UK do actually love her. I do not. She decimated the UK’s industrial heartland, she caused mass unemployment and the destruction of much of working class culture, she was cavalier in her financial policies and increased inequality by staggering levels, she approved serious police brutality and attempted to destroy the culture of unions in this country.  I fundamentally disagree with all she stood for and it angers me that her mistakes are still affecting this country and the people who live in it. And I am VERY angry that the current government are spending £50 million on a museum about her.


YOI Things to Love #46 (part 1): Lilia staring into the camera like The Office

This is an in-between, but that doesn’t make it any less perfect for a reaction to Yuri’s anger-filled agape.
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1. I always read your url as "dent the lion" for some reason and it makes me think that you should never be a Paladin 2. might I suggest Kureith for Kuron x Keith because it seems like cure keith and that's a soft concept because Kuron may be a clone but he has Shiro's latent feelings and nothing can erase those.

“Leo dents every lion mech and gets banned from forming Voltron,, more at 11”  oh man there goes my dreams of being a paladin lmao 

Aww that sounds cute! I like the sentiment there. So, counting everything I think the ideas and suggestions I’d gotten so far are:

  • Kureith
  • Keiron
  • Keiro
  • Kuroneith

Is there like a way to take a poll lmao 

@ilovelocust made a good point about still tagging it as sheith because fans of sheith would still want to see their interactions, and I mean for all intents and purposes Keith at first does believe this is his Shiro. I’m also pretty sure Kuron is convinced he’s Shiro and he’s working off the actual Shiro’s own memories and feelings so,, ya, I’d still tag stuff with Keith and Kuron as sheith. But I kinda wanted them to have a separate ship name too since 1) I’m certain it is a different person, and 2) I’m sure as time goes on the dynamic for Keith and Kuron will be a whole lot different from actual sheith 

Poll: do y'all call it Titty Tuesday or Topless Tuesday? I think I like topless better but I’m not technically topless so… 🤷‍♀️

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No More Fighting

gif from wonderful @bonniebird from here

“Y/N!” John shouted, pulling you out of your rather restless slumber. Seventh months pregnant and the little Shelby was already a terror. It kept you up most nights, as did its father apparently.

“John, what fucking time is it?” You shouted back, waddling down stairs with a yawn, only realizing when you were down that the sun was out, illuminating the blood on John’s face. “What the hell John?” You say angrily, going as fast as you can to get the first aid kit as he frees the cork of a bottle of liquor with his teeth.

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I have tallied the poll and answered your call!

Happy 800 posts!

I decided to go for diabetic-tier cute, or at least as close as I’m capable of getting. Again, chibis is not something I’m good at, but I figured I’d try again.

I’m not exactly familiar with lolita style so I sorta meshed a bunch of references together and created these monstrosities. Shot for both gothic and sweet.

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Venezuelans cast ballots in symbolic opposition vote

Venezuela’s opposition kicked off a symbolic vote on Sunday seen likely to reject plans by President Nicolas Maduro to rewrite the constitution, upping pressure on the beleaguered leader after months of violent street protests.

The call to polls — described as a “plebiscite” by the opposition, but “illegal” by the government — is over Maduro’s intention to have a citizens’ body elected to redraft the country’s basic law.

To detract from the opposition vote, his government was on Sunday holding a dry-run simulation of that election, which is to be held on July 30.

Several Latin American countries and the Catholic Church have criticized the move to draw up a new constitution, while the opposition has slammed it as bid by Maduro to concentrate dictatorial powers to stay in power.

The electoral struggle is being played out against a backdrop of pro- and anti-Maduro demonstrations — which have left nearly 100 people dead since April 1 — and a near-collapse of the oil-rich nation’s economy.

Although the National Electoral Council, which sides with Maduro, has not authorized Sunday’s vote, the opposition is expecting a big turnout.

Already early Sunday in Caracas there were lines in parts of the city in front of makeshift polling stations.

Read more by AFP on Yahoo News >>>

(Photos: Gerard Julien/AFP/Getty Images, Ronaldo Schemidt/AFP/Getty Images, Gerard Julien/AFP/Getty Images, Juan Barreto/AFP/Getty Images)

Also see: Water cannons blast Venezuelan protesters >>>


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Why don't you make many cards besides the eldrazi with mana costs of ten or more?

Because it’s hard to cast cards that cost 10 or more.

By the way, the current Head-to-Head poll on my Twitter, called Battle of the Behemoths, is between the sixteen black bordered creatures that cost 11 or more.

He’s My Son Too

You hurried across the street, not wanting to be away from your son a minute longer. It was only a weekend, two days, but it was two days too long. Michael had somehow convinced you that you deserved a quiet weekend away, to relax. You only agreed to make him happy, and every minute you spent alone in your hotel room you were thinking about your boys back home. Now it was in view, the sitters house where Theodore stayed when everyone else in the family was too busy with the business to watch him. You were so excited to see him you quickened your pace towards the house.

But you froze immediately when you saw the door slightly ajar. Your heart skips a beat as you knock on the door, letting yourself in.

“Hello, Mary? Hello?” You call through the house, but no one responds. The further in you go, the more furniture is overturned, things broken on the floor. Your eyes start to swell with tears as the harsh realization starts to sink in. The room around you begins to spin and you hold onto the mantel to keep you upright until your knuckles are white. You slowly slide down the wall, your body trembling from your sobs. It isn’t long until you figure sitting here, crying, won’t help you get Theodore back. As you force yourself to stand, you catch sight of his blanket under the table. You walk over and pick it up, comfortingly rubbing the material on your fingers, savoring the smell still clung to it. It fueled you to hurry across the city and find him.

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John x Reader

Requested By Anon

“This is ridiculous!” You huffed and refused to hold the wedding dress your aunt was holding out.


“You don’t have a choice you have to go through with it.” She scolded.


“Why exactly can’t one of the other girls be used to pay them off.” You snapped.


“We’re not using you to buy them off were…” She glowered at you when you interrupted.


“You’re not, is that why he’ll leave us alone if I’m married to one of them?” You dumped the dress on the floor and hurried out of the caravan and hurried off on your own.


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Details - IMAGINE: Being Best Friends With John Shelby And Talking To Him Before He Marries Esme Part Two

Warnings: Long Imagine, Hints of Smut, Language



Through the dark steam the first face to greet me, as I step off the train, is the face of my favourite Shelby. Aunt Polly. I rush over to Poll and hug her as hard as I can. Even though I wrote to her every other day, it wasn’t the same as actually getting to see her.

Oh Y/N, my sweet girl, I’ve missed you. You’ve gotten so much more beautiful in the past 5 years,” Poll gushes.

The same to you Poll, you haven’t aged a day.”

You should’ve visited earlier Y/N, we’ve all missed you. Finn the most, he missed having someone to play with. Oh, and my so Michael has made his way home to me,” Poll laughs.

You let out a small laugh as well, remembering just how much you’ve missed the Shelby’s.

Poll, that’s amazing about Michael. I can’t wait to meet him. I’m surprised Arthur and Tommy managed to dress themselves without me,” You chuckle.

You’ll meet him tonight, he’s staying with me obviously. It took a while for them to learn, trust me.”

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((Continued from here!))

Did I faint…? Why am I in this room lying on the floor? I must be home alone right now. Nobody walked in to see what happened.

The last thing I remember is a doctor of sorts entering the house and then telling me something awful after a check up… Everything looked fuzzier too.

Ah. That sounds like a recurring dream I have been having. Each time I had them, the doctor tells me something different.

Keh, what the hell? It hurts to pull myself up. And what is this pulsing feeling? Normally I wouldn’t have this much difficulty even with this baby in my stomach. Wait, normally?

—-!! Ah-

Waves of intensifying pain- Dizziness- Nausea- Aren’t these signs of… labor?!

Shit- of all times, now?! This is really bad, I have to call somebody… Anybody.


Call Me Stubborn

Summary: No, Clarke won’t let Cage Wallace win this poll again.

A Bellarke modern au; where Bellamy and Clarke are in an established relationship

Rating: not entirely G, but nothing explicit (more like hinting things)

A/N: Life prompted me.

You have to have some knowledge about this e-online poll called Alpha Male Madness (because Bob Morley is in the final round and he has to win obviously) and I am not really explaining things.

Read on AO3.

Clarke doesn’t remember all the little details that led them to this: Naked and panting and smiling like idiots.

Well, yeah. She does remember certain things.

Like how she huffed and grumbled in bed, just 2 hours ago, blinking herself awake. Until she remembered why she had gone to bed so late the night before. Or, as a matter of fact, the night before that.
She sighed and reached for her phone.

“Oh my god, no,” she huffed to herself. “Nope, this is not happening.”

She turned sideways and pushed herself up on her elbows, refreshing the page. With that, she was back to the voting business.


She might have been buried into her task for quite a while, judging the numb feeling in her elbows when Bellamy’s raspy voice had finally reached her tousled mind.  

He sneaked a warm, teasing hand around her, his palm resting on her stomach.

Under normal circumstances, she would have put the phone away and let him take his time with her until they were properly woken up.

At that moment, however, she acknowledged with a deep sigh, they really didn’t have time for that. Dammit.

He slipped his fingers into her panties and –

Bell,” she whined in warning, yet already a little breathless. “We don’t have time for this now. Please.”

He blew hot air into her skin, while nosing her ear, and rubbing a slow pattern with his fingers exactly how she likes it.

“You don’t understand,” she said, drawing in a deep breath, “I cannot let Cage win!! WE cannot let him win! He’s an asshole. Everyone knows that.”

“I bet his fans disagree, Clarke,” he chuckled and slipped his fingers lower and deeper.

Clarke gasped. (And only partly out of indignation.)

“You know that Lincoln deserves to win this a trillion times more than Cage, Bellamy,” she panted.

Without saying anything, Bellamy caught her earlobe between his teeth and simply hummed a sultry mhmmmm in agreement.

She yelped a corresponding cry, which was mostly meant as an encouragement – to signal him that it was indeed okay to intensify his efforts.

Later, when both of them are completely naked, catching their breath, she grabs her phone, swiping the lock screen away with her pinky for an update.

“Give me the damn phone, Clarke,” Bellamy nudges her sides with an elbow.

“What? No! You know we can’t let up, now, Bell. We are in the lead. Every vote matters and we can’t let that asshole win!”

We?” He asks with an amused smile.
A beat. “Alright. Just give me the damn phone and show me.”

She grins, snuggling closer into his arms and starts explaining him the basic tricks.

“Holy shit!” she nearly moans, one hand tightening her grip in his hair, the other on her phone.

Bellamy peaks up at her, his chin a little shiny, his trademark, cunning smile tugging at his lips.


“Yeahhh,” she sighs and he ducks his head back in.

She leaves him gasping for air not so long after, her hair is a mess but Lincoln voters has also taken a bigger lead online.  

Nothing is impossible when she has Bellamy by her side. Best. Boyfriend. Ever.

“You wanna call our friends… Or – ready for the next round?” he teases, pressing his lips to her temple.
She laughs, as she raises to puff the pillow. “Yeah, the more the merrier. Just give us another twenty minutes.”

“Whenever you’re ready.”

Yeah. She is sure. Together, they can win this.

A/N: I didn’t spend a lot of time proof-reading it, so apologies for any mistakes.

Talk To Me

Arthur x Reader

Requested by Anon

Poll sat at the kitchen table as you finished cleaning, Esme was quickly behind her and even Ada had come down. You’d been told they wanted a word with you and you’d avoided the confrontation as best you could but it looked like Poll had, had enough.


“We’re worried about you.” Ada said when no one spoke.


“I don’t see why you should be.” your answer was curt and Poll obviously knew something was wrong from the tone you dared use with her.


“You’ve stopped attending family meetings, parties you’re nowhere to be seen and Arthur’s become obsessed with the idea that you’re seeing another man.” Poll got straight to the point and you tugged at thee loose shawl that was draped over your shoulders.

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