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A new poll shows a surprisingly big public swing against Trump’s immigration ban
Majorities disapprove of all of Trump's main immigration moves.
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Sometimes I think that working in the ER has completely altered my perception of what is normal. The other day I was walking through a parking lot at night. A man standing at a distance called out to me and asked if he could use my phone. I hesitated but he “seemed safe” so I stepped closer to an emergency call poll with a light and gave him my phone. Prior to making a phone call he thanked me and told me that he was hiding because three men in a car just tired shooting at him in a drive by and that the police were out searching for him as well. He went on to say that various people were after him and he had witnessed several crimes that he needed to report. He pointed to invisible objects in the parking lot to verify his statements. I simply stood there thinking “he is paranoid, hallucinating, and delusional but not violent…yet”. I noticed that he was sweaty and I could see his pulse pounding in his neck. He was well dressed for the weather and overall appeared well nourished. I assumed he must be on meth or some variant. I told him I was sorry to hear about his night and offered to call the police for him and ask if he needed any assistance or wanted me to call 911 for medical help. He declined and used my phone to call for a ride. He gave me my phone back (he wiped off my phone and apologized for sweating on it) and I again asked if he needed any additional help. I waited for him to walk away and then I continued on my way through the parking lot. As I was walking away I realized that at no point did I find any of this interaction strange and I probably should have.


John x Reader

Requested Via Wattpad By @claudiaxstilinski

“Where do you think you’re going?” Poll snapped as she stopped John from following after his brother’s to the train.


“Tommy’s got some business to finish up in London.” John huffed having already argued over him going away with you that morning.


“You know you’re a bloody fool John, what happens when you don’t make it back in time to see your child be born?” Polly waited for John to answer and sighed when he shrugged.


“I’ll be back home tomorrow evening and the doctor said she’s probably got more than a week to go.” He went to move past Poll who turned to watch him hurry after the others.

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CALL FOR SUGGESTIONS: Buizel & Floatzel’s Normal Ability

Now that we have established that both Buizel and Floatzel are Grass/Ground-types in the Mysteria Region, what of their abilities? Canon Buizel and Floatzel have one normal and one hidden ability, which they share ebtween evolutions! So shall it be for ours.

But what should their normal ability be?

POLL: Do you think Childish Gambino is a better singer or rapper?

You can’t say both! You must choose! 

My favorite rapping song of his: Candler Road

I know Candler Road has both but for the sake of the question just go with it.

My favorite singing song/cover of his: U don’t have to call 

When they come together: centipede

It doesn’t matter what we listen to, it always ends up in us breakin it down!

CALIFORNIA! Today is your day!

You vote Tuesday, June 7th.

  • You must be registered as Democratic or No Party Preference (NPP) to vote for Bernie. If you are an NPP voter, you must request a Democratic Crossover ballot.
  • If you have a Democratic mail-in ballot, you can drop it off in person at any polling location in your county. If you’re an NPP vote-by-mail voter, bring your blank NPP ballot to your polling location and exchange it for a Democratic crossover ballot.
  • Polls are open from 7AM to 8PM.
  • Text CA to 82623 to find your polling location.

Issues voting? Witness irregularities at the polls?

Call the hotline: (415) 795-8065 or e-mail CAVoteProtection@berniesanders.com

SSS Call for Fic: Punch-Hug

The results from the poll are in.  Punch-Hug is the winner!


  • Smutty/Sexy/Erotic NC-17 stories about Tom Hiddleston or his characters
  • Punch-Hug means:  Tom/Character is love-able and fuckable but also a giant pain in the ass and his partner(s) want to punch him.  He’s annoying and driving others insane but he still gets it.


  • Send the link/URL of your story to hiddleslores@gmail.com
  • Include your tumblr name if you have one.
  • Please add a short summary or I will write one for you.

Deadline:  Sunday June 14th, 12:00 (noon) Pacific time.

THANK YOU ALL FOR VOTING AND SUPPORTING SSS.  I feel invigorated and happy.  We’ll do Manual Labor for June 28th edition.

trump led the polls after calling mexican immigrants rapists, carson led after saying he’d probably kill baby hitler, rest of GOP candidates are anxiously pouring cards against humanity packs into a big hat trying to find the best thing to say the next time they’re on tv.


Update from Minneapolis - 10:49 am

Hundreds of Black Lives Matter Supporters Rally and Call for Boycott of Mall of America

Defendants Pled Not Guilty and Call for a Boycott of the Mall of America

Minneapolis – Hundreds of Black Lives Matter Minneapolis supporters gathered at the Hennepin County Courts today to stand in solidarity with the 11 defendants who are being targeted for political prosecution by the City of Bloomington and the Mall of America.

Eleven defendants, accused of organizing a peaceful Black Lives Matter demonstration pleaded not guilty to misdemeanor criminal charges in court this morning. City Attorney Sandra Johnson is seeking an unprecedented $40,000 in restitution for “police overtime” and “lost revenue.“ At a press conference following today’s court appearance, a boycott of the Mall of America was announced after Black Lives Matter supporters voted 653-36 in a text poll to call for a nationwide boycott.

“This is a clear attempt to silence our voices and the voices of many others in this movement demanding that Black people be treated like human beings. My first time in the back of a police car was when I was twelve; not because I was breaking the law or doing something wrong, but because I was being racially profiled. This system is set up to target and profile Black people,” said defendant Michael McDowell after the hearing.

Confidential emails between Bloomington City Attorney Sandra Johnson and MOA representatives were made public yesterday and showed MOA representatives pushing for more serious charges. City Attorney Sandra Johnson offered Mall of America representatives advice on how to coordinate their press strategy with her office so the Mall could continue to put on a “safe and positive face".

“In the midst of these outrageous charges, let’s not forget about the root issues that lead us to this point. In Minnesota, we have some of the worst racial disparities in the country because there are systems of inequity embedded within our state’s policies, institutions, and social fabric that do not value Black lives. The focus should not be on the protection of private property and profits; it’s time to prioritize humanity,” said defendant Adja Gildersleve.

City Attorney Sandra Johnson also encouraged Mall officials to continue surveillance of activists through social media, stating in an email to “Please document all the social media and video feeds on social media concerning the event. The groups are very likely to take these sites down when they hear that we intend to prosecute them. That’s likely to air tonight. My office cannot do that – it would require us to be witnesses in our own prosecutions”.

One of the defendants, Mica Grimm, responds that “This political prosecution of alleged organizers is a clear waste of taxpayer dollars and time, especially in light of recently exposed collusion between the Bloomington City Attorney and MOA executives. Sandra Johnson has shown that the interests of Bloomington residents are secondary to the interests of the Canadian billionaire owners and management of MOA.“

Black people in Minnesota contribute over $486 million to Minnesota’s economic tax-base and possess a $3.1 billion buying power. Yet, despite significant economic, labor and cultural contributions, Black Minnesotans are consistently on the receiving end of corporate-sponsored and state-sanctioned violence. “For too long in this country Black lives have not mattered, especially not over profit. The 3,000 protesters who went to Mall of America on December 20th were there to deliver one message; that contrary to our nation’s history, Black lives do matter,” said defendant Kandace Montgomery.

Black Minnesotans are subjected to police harassment, low-level arrests, and racial profiling at disproportionately higher rates than their white counterparts. The unfair application of criminal laws against people of color, biased policing, and selective prosecution are contributing factors to the racial disparities in Minnesota’s criminal justice system. The actions of the Bloomington City Attorney in selectively using her prosecutorial power to criminalize peaceful organizers of color merely reinforce these systemic concerns.

“Sadly, Bloomington City Attorney, Sandra Johnson, continues to abuse her prosecutorial discretion by engaging in unjust prosecutions of nonviolent, peaceful protesters. It is unconscionable to see the Mall of America and Bloomington focus their attention on corporate interests, instead of the lives of unarmed black people who have been killed at the hands of law enforcement. Apparently, Black lives only matter in Bloomington when they are shopping at MOA. It’s time to send them a message by refusing to shop in their stores,“ said defendant Nekima Levy-Pounds.

A pretrial court appearance has been scheduled for May 1st.

I think what a lot of delegates will tell you, maybe off the record, if not now on the record, if we look at it objectively, if you look at virtually all the polling out there, state polling, national polling, Bernie Sanders defeats Donald Trump, in almost every instance by a larger margin than Hillary Clinton,“ Sanders told The Post.

In Springfield, Sanders called the polls the "most important” piece of information about his candidacy.

“I hope the delegates going to the Democratic convention pay heed to this,” he said. “In every national poll done in the last month, we are defeating Donald Trump by much greater margins than Secretary Clinton.

Greg remembers one Democratic employee who, during a heated local race, “would word some of the questions in a way to make them seem better than the Republican options. It wasn’t blatant, either. He would do it in a tone of voice – a little lighter and warmer for Democrat candidates and darker and more monotone for Republicans. We asked about how positively or negatively they were viewed too, and he added details not in the script. One question was on the candidate’s name, and he worded it like, ‘Which name sounds more like a governor’s? Is it the esteemed [Democrat] or the other [Republican]?’" 

That kind of chicanery, whether Trump-blatant or Democrat-manipulative, has no place in legit polling practices. And yet it is, in fact, the entire point of many polls. Called "push polling,” these operations maintain only the thinnest veneer of objectivity, while their real purpose is to influence opinion, not record it. It has a long history in politics, right up through this year’s primaries, when South Carolina Republicans received an automated polling call that berated them if they chose anyone besides Ted Cruz. Who could possibly be behind such a thing? It seems pretty obvious … Someone trying to make Cruz look bad! At least, that’s what Cruz himself said, and he has such a trustworthy face.

I’m A Phone Pollster This Election: 5 Realities