meet some of my newsie OCs! all characters and art belong to me, youre welcome to draw them if you credit and link me! dice, pollicle, finn and carrots are brooklyn and pewee and flip are bronx. theyre all gay. all of them. created for the twitterverse modern au, hence the modern clothes!

anonymous asked:

♣ Tuggoffelees!

  • who is the better dancer? Misto, classically, but Tugger has a more chill sense of rhythm…so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • who likes the outdoors more and who likes the indoors more? Misto prefers the indoors since it’s quieter and there are less people, and though Tugger feels the same way it’s for diff. reasons. He knows the indoors is safer for his prized mane, but he also likes going outdoors since more adoring fans are there
  • who’s a cat person and who’s a dog person? Well neither of them are particularly big fans of pekes, pollicles, pugs, or poms but they are HUGE fans of each other soooo
  • who’s more social? Tugger, for sure lmao
  • who makes the bed every morning? Probably Misto tbh, gotta keep it neat (*accidentally gets sparkles on the sheets*)
  • who likes to keep the house cold and who likes to keep the house warm? Hmm…I suppose Tugger might purposefully leave it cold so that Misto will cuddle up w him, but I don’t think Misto has a preference lol
  • who takes longer getting ready? Tugger!!!!! He has to put on all his makeup, brush his mane + tail, eat like ten breath mints…honestly, though, Misto isn’t too far behind w/ his sparkles and suit and also makeup. They’re both High Maintenance Boyfriends
  • who likes scary movies and who likes funny ones? Tugger really likes scary movies but he knows Misto doesn’t really so he will distract him with dumb jokes and yelling really loudly when something scary happens
  • who screams when they see a bug and who ends up killing it? Tugger screams and Misto ends up killing it
  • who is more technology challenged? neither, tbh I feel like both of them would be using social media heavily–Tugger taking millions of selfies and ab shots and Misto posting his entire life story (stuff he would never say aloud nor let anyone he knows irl see)
  • who would be more likely to burn something in the oven? Tugger, he’d go with the “thirty minutes at 200 degrees? 10 minutes at 600 degrees would be the same thing right?”
  • who talks in their sleep? Both; they could have full conversations while napping. Sometimes other cats will watch bc it’s hilarious and nonsensical
  • who leaves the cap off the toothpaste? tuGGER
  • who likes getting dressed up more? ???? Is this a trick question??? Literally both of their entire lives revolve around how good they look
  • who’s better at tying ties? Misto bc he does it all the time
  • who recorded the answering machine message on the house phone? Misto did at first with something normal, but then Tugger changed it secretly to something dumb like “mistoffelees cries during the ascent to the heaviside layer, leave a message after the beep”
  • who’s better at planning romantic things? Tugger–he knows exactly what will make Misto cover his face and blush
  • who takes up more space in the closet? Misto–he has like fifteen pairs of the same suit and eight different buckets of sparkles
  • who has more of a sweet tooth? Tugger–Misto doesn’t actually like candy and Tugger is always like ???? we’re breaking up
  • who drinks more often? Tug
  • who is most likely to laugh during a serious situation? Tugger; he can barely keep a straight face especially when Munk is in a particularly bossy mood

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