Que es necessita per estar sa, que és el procés natural, que els peixos són estúpids, que els lleons maten els animals, que ahora mismo me comería una vaca, jajaja, que si un dia em fa mal el cap és perquè no menjo carn, que si estigués a una illa deserta què faria, que fem un favor menjant carn perquè hi hauria sobrepoblació animal, que les plantes també senten, que una persona no fa la diferència, que si he de prendre suplements, que la carn està molt bona, que necessitem la llet pels ossos, que si em crec millor que la resta del món, que si m’han adoctrinat, que si uns pares van matar a un bebé perquè eren vegans, que els ous no són pollets, que si la carn és ecològica, que si la B12, que si…

Merda, merda i més merda . No teniu ni puta idea. Per començar, no teniu ni idea de com de difícil i meditada va ser aquesta decisió, de la quantitat d’informació que vaig contrastar, del gran canvi que vaig fer. Sembla que us penseu que vaig néixer vegana. No teniu ni idea de quantes vegades, ni de quantes persones, m’han dit exactament el mateix que vosaltres, dia rere dia, any rere any. No teniu ni idea de com de difícil és aguantar-me les ganes de cridar de ràbia, per la vostra injustícia, i de plorar per saber-me incompresa, i de sacsejar-vos perquè no enteneu res. Sou tan, tan estúpids, i no pareu de riure, i no escolteu, i parleu més alt perquè penseu que teniu raó. Crec que us deu semblar divertit anar explorant els límits, anar pressionant, intentant que es trenqui la meva serenitat. Que no enteneu una merda i ni tan sols us ho plantegeu, que teniu el cap rentat i no penseu i només mengeu i esteu bruts, ben bruts, per dins i per fora.

Who’s older?

I know everybody thinks Vladimir is the oldest but I really think Anatoly is in terms of their personality. There had been a lot of research about birth order and if it really does have a lot of impact on personality. There’s arguments on both sides, but I would like to suggest a few things.

For one, despite what people may think, even though Vladimir is the most dominate, it could suggest that he is in fact the younger sibling. Anatoly is less dominant between the two and is less assertive. Yes I know they are both dominant and assertive in their own right but in comparison between the two, Anatoly always seems to be the one that lets Vladimir take control before he puts in his own opinions. This is evidenced by papers on birth orders by Pollet, Dijkstra, Barelds & Buunk (2010) and Dixon et al. (2008)

Typically first born are considered with these traits:

  • Conscientiousness – Anatoly calling out Owlsley about Nobu being Japanese while Vladimir wasn’t bothered. It was weird for someone in charge of the Russian mob to be offended over Owsley thinking that just because Nobu was Asian he would understand Chinese. (To be fair I was pretty angry too about it!) Plus he even thanks Wesley for Fisk’s help in doubling their income, something which Vladimir didn’t seem too happy or agreed with. 
  • Cautious – Anatoly is very cautious, especially in terms of their dealings with Fisk. He wants to think things through and have a deal with Fisk in order to help take down the man in the mask. However Vladimir is more impulsive and wild (characteristics of the youngest child), he would rather not ask Fisk for help and take down the Daredevil by themselves. Also when he wishes to return to Moscow, it’s familiar to them both. 
  • Controlling – Anatoly tried to prepare his brother for when he wouldn’t be with him in Utkin prison. He is the one that sets up eyes on Fisk, the one who handles the calls most of the time. Plus Vladimir left Anatoly to get the kit that would wake up Seymon. He questioned whether it was adrenaline or not, suggesting that Anatoly was in control of that issue. Also it suggests that Vladimir is younger still, as most of the time, the younger sibling relies on the elder ones to do tasks for them. (I’m saying this from personal experience. I am always getting manipulated into doing stuff for my younger sister.)

Whereas, last born are considered with these traits:

  • Manipulative – Vladimir tricked Matt into thinking he was dying so he could attack him. Plus when he went into the hospital he brought freaking flowers to fool the nurses that he and his brother were friends. Because believe me, in a normal hospital ward, Anatoly and Vladimir would have been stopped and questioned. He also 
  • Outgoing – Vladimir is definitely someone who doesn’t seem to be afraid of anyone. He is wild as mentioned above, with only Anatoly being able to control his ways and sometimes not even all the time. 
  • Attention-seeker – Vladimir is such an attention seeker, lets not kid ourselves. He wanted to go to America to become kings rather than stay in Moscow like Anatoly wanted. Plus every time he mentions Fisk’s name in front of Wesley it’s to annoy him. Just to poke at him, to pull at his pigtails that kind of thing.
  • Self-centred – Vladimir is self-centred with exception to Anatoly. As mentioned before he wants to be a King in Hell’s Kitchen. When Anatoly goes to make a deal with Fisk, Vladimir cannot allow himself to go and bowdown to Fisk because of his pride. He doesn’t give up the information for Matt until near the end when he realises Matt wants revenge just as much as he does.

And just from a personal perspective, Anatoly is behind Vladimir most of the time. I think it’s to ensure that nothing is going to come up from behind Vladimir, that if anything wants to get to his brother, they’ll have to go through Anatoly first. I myself do the same with my sister (who is younger than me), I always seem to be the one that is behind her, so I know she’s in front of me and that if anything happens, I’ll jump in front.

This is just my personal opinion, I know many of you consider Vladimir the eldest and I accept that but my personal head canon is that Anatoly is the eldest of the two.

Françoise Hardy | Sami Frey

Jean-Daniel Pollet - Une balle au coeur (Devil at My Heels), 1966

via Erik Doorme

причём на этой дурацкой планете этого фильма нигде нет! чем там занимаются французское правительство и институт французского кино - вообще непонятно

Ce monde me paraît excessivement lourd avec ses personnages appuyés, insistants, vautrés, soudés à leurs désirs, leurs passions, leurs vices, leurs vertus, leurs explications. Lourds, interminables, rampants, tels me paraissent être les êtres, abrutis, pénibles de lenteur insistante. Lourds. Je n’arrive en définitive à classer les hommes et les femmes que d’après leur “poids”. Ils pèsent… Ils mastiquent vingt heures, vingt ans… le même coït, le même préjugé, la même haine, la même vanité…
—  Louis-Ferdinand Céline, lettre à Evelyne Pollet, 31 mai 1938.