pollen scatter


Roserade - Alola Form

Roserade in the Alola region thrive under the stars and moonlight, leading them to bloom beautifully in the morning. Their petals twinkle like the morning stars, and are a pleasant view to wake up to on the islands of Alola. Marvelous sight as this is, however, Alolan Roserade have been classified as an invasive species in habitats situated in other regions. As such, it’s illegal to remove the Alolan Roserade from the Alola region without a licensed Pokédex and Trainer’s Card. However, Alolan Roserade are fiercely loyal, and to defend their Trainers, they will lash out with vines twisted taut into a lance-like form to pierce offenders!

Astral Blade is an Ability that causes the Pokémon’s Physical attacks to calculate off of its Special Attack stat.

Budew - Alola Form

Alolan Budew are actually nocturnal; they developed this way to get an edge over other Grass-type Pokémon who thrive in Alola’s abundant sunlight. The Alolan Budew is happiest in dry areas where there is lots of open space for the moon and stars to shine down upon it. When the bud on its head blossoms, that means it’s close to evolution! If disturbed, it will scatter pollen that causes intense sneezing, and, in some cases, hallucinations.