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  • England:ughh, who's calling me at 3 am...?
  • America:England! T-there's been a blackout in my place and I just recently watched a scary movie so I'm frightened right now! W-Will you keep me company for a while~?
  • England:didn't you just make fun of me today in the meeting...? Plus, I'm tired...
  • America:r-right... hehe... I'm so sorry about that, please don't leave me alone in the dark! F-Fine, just, um- oh, sing! Yeah, you're good at that! Sing for me until the power turns on! Please! Please! Please!
  • England:okay, geez... *ahem* ♪Flare up and burn it down, from corner to corner with that hellfire, don't leave a single trace, burn down even their souls-
  • America:*high pitch screaming* ENGLAND!!!!!!!

…if we did a D.Va themed keyhole lingerie set, would you guys prefer it be cat keyhole or bunny keyhole? Bunny would make more sense since that is her icon but most people seem to like cat themes more (・・。)ゞ

edit: Wow thank you very much everyone! Bunny it is (•̀ᴗ•́)و ̑̑

Insiders: Trump had a terrible week
"Clinton should send him a thank-you note," said a Wisconsin Republican. By STEVEN SHEPARD

Hillary Clinton’s performance in this week’s presidential debate — and the subsequent fallout — is fueling a surge of confidence about her prospects in the battleground states that will decide the election.

That’s according to The POLITICO Caucus — a panel of swing-state activists, strategists and operatives. Virtually all Democrats and nearly half of Republicans said the debate has given Clinton some much-needed momentum in the Electoral College battlegrounds where Trump had been gaining ground.

For many insiders, Clinton’s good week was driven more by Trump’s demeanor and behavior in the days after the debate — which included re-litigating his 19-year-old comments about the then-Miss Universe’s weight gain —as what happened on the stage at Hofstra University. Ninety-three percent of Democratic insiders said the debate and the days since helped Clinton in their state, with only 7 percent saying it didn’t have an impact on the race. No Democrats said the week benefited Trump. (Immediately following the debate on Monday night, insiders in both parties said Clinton delivered the better performance.)

“Not only did Trump lose the debate, he’s spent the entire week on the defensive over his stupid comments about a woman’s weight,” said a Nevada Democrat — who, like all insiders, completed the survey anonymously. “His inability to let anything go makes every controversy ten times worse. The fact that ‘registrarse para votar’ was a top Google search nationally after the debate is a good sign for Clinton in states like Nevada.”

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Hey guys

So I kinda sorta wanna start a project where I have a journal and I write down what Bastille means to you guys or what you wanna tell/ask the boys. I’m hoping that if I ever see the boys and meet them (again) that I could give it to them. Just tell me your name and where you’re from and what your little note is. Thanks!

Celebration One Shot Winners!

Hey guys~ I had planned on picking the top three winners to write one shots for, but as you can see there were a few ties. The winning universes are:

1. Shadowtale

2. Underfell and UnderIllusion

3. Undertale and Spiritale

So instead I decided we’ll have 5! ^_^ To those of you who weren’t here the last few times we’ve done this, now is the time I need you guys to send prompts/requests either in asks, reblogs from this post, or comments here. This one is a little different as well since it’s set in the universes and not specifically for the sanses from them. So requests could be for Undertale Papyrus, Shadowtale Grillby, Underfell Undyne, etc. The more requests or ideas I get, the faster I’ll be able to write them so don’t be shy! Be sure to mention the universe and character you want when submitting. ;) I could also do continuations of other one shots, teasers, or stories that have been put on hiatus (Rewind series).

Thank you all so much for your continued support! It really means a lot to me and my heart skips whenever I get a comment or an ask saying how much they love my characters and stories. <3

Kay guys thoughts on this as a new fic that I’ve actually written like ten chapters of already:

(just a short summary) Basically, Beca gets pregnant at 17 and Jesse’s out of the picture, so are a lot of people, and she’s pretty much clueless and pretty much alone and in a lot of shit tbh and Gail (the principal of her school) finds out and, along with Beca’s best friend and sister, pretty much guides her through the whole 9 months (I wont literally do all 9 months cause that will take forever) until the baby is born and we meet Chloe, who is a doctor that delivered said child. Eventually bechloe, but for the first time in forever I’m actually going to write the ups and downs as the relationship builds up, whereas usually they’re already together or just not at all and get together like at the very end of the fic so it’s a change but I think I’m ready for it!

Anyways, should I post it and see where it goes? Or naw?

The Therianthropy Daily: Weekly Update

Hello lovely flowers, here are the Weekly Updates:

- Requests are Open for 24 hours (Opened them yesterday at 7:15pm) so send in those requests!

- On Monday, I’m starting school so I may or may not post al ot since I’m now focusing on school but feel free to send in any asks. (If you need any advice or tips or anything you want)

- ‘Fandom of the Week’ is back! Vote here for the Winner. (Poll closed on Sunday, 2nd October, 2016)

- ‘Justice League’ is available on my blog!

- Go and follow @nogitsune-the for Teen Wolf imagines and gif imagines! Their requests are Open!

- Here is my updated MASTERLIST


  • Hi! Can you do a Natasha x female reader where the reader gets kidnapped by Ultron instead of Natasha and Nat ends up rescuing the reader? -Anon
  • Can you do a Natasha x female reader smut where they were taking a shower together and they end up having sex? -Anon

Now enjoy some Roman Reigns :)

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