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Card Suits AU - King of Hearts, Ouma Kokichi

Ok so I came up with the idea for this au at like 3 in the morning and it stuck with me for the entire day, so now here I am. 

I’ll probably post something separate explaining a little more about this au, but basically all of the ndrv3 characters represent one of the four card suits and hold a position of either King, Queen, Jack, or Ace.

Yall realise that the Conservatives did really well at the local elections? And labour and the liberals lost a lot of seats?

Get out and vote at the general election I s2g otherwise you will have a conservative majority government with a mandate who can do what they like.

My best friend who I’ve known for years, who has never once voted and never engaged with politics just text me to tell me she’s registered to vote and all ready to vote on the 8th. I’m like a proud parent…
Fuck all those older people who try to shit on young people within politics, our generation is waking up and we’ll all be there on election day with our poll cards bitches.

Stats Day 6 - Colour

Here’s the lowdown on how each colour is getting on so far!

First off, the average score for monocolour cards of each colour:

Multicolour, artifact, and land are all popular, so monocolour cards suffer as a result, with none breaking the 50% barrier presently.  Let’s see this for two-colour combinations:

Interestingly, while white and black are 3rd and 4th individually, Orzhov cards are currently on top!  You can see that even the least popular combination, Rakdos, is well ahead of any of the individual colour.

Now for three colours:

I think the difference between Jeskai and Temur is really fascinating.  Most of the other eight are relatively close together - and many are ahead of all the two-colour combinations - but those two are such clear outliers at each end.

For reference, colourless cards are polling at 52.4%, and five-colour cards are at 75.2%.

Reminder for UK people

There are local elections happening in a lot of places today.

You still have until 10pm (at least here - check your polling card) to get out and cast your vote.


where go what do

- description bag (the sequel)

- poll card

- floor ?? medicines??

- jerb

- grandma. pack charger & books 4 see grandma. 

- put the cauliflowers in fridge. do it right now. 

- wash hair

- do not become part of organism with collective evolutionary purpose

- get money from corporations 

- take the correspondence which you put in a bag of vegetables in the fridge out of the bag of vegetables in the fridge

- chicken fridge out of fridge. 

Stats Day 5 - Year of origin

Following on from the set leaderboard, let’s try and condense that a little and get a view of how popular Magic cards from each year are:

This shape has been pretty consistent since the Bracket began - the Alpha classics poll pretty well, the 90s cards poll badly, the early 2000s are middling, the mid 2000s are great, the early 2010s falter a bit, and 2016 is trending up again.


Angell-Studio is hoping to re-release some of their previously sold out limited editions! They’ve asked us and their customers to help them decide which dolls to re-release. Comment on or reblog this post with one of their sold out sculpts within the week (until the 14th). We will let them know the results so they can pick the most popular request. Thank you for your help! :D


My rares from the first event Got a lili and a kitteh god! *minis dance*

Played mostly B/W zombies (with a slight splash of green for Decimator Beetle. I did try to switch it up to Mardu during my last match, but sadly, my draws just weren’t there. Still, had a lot of fun.

For your perusal, my full card poll for event 1:as well

The minis are enjoying this set a lot. 

tasks: what are they

I did: finding my prescription medication IN THE KITCHEN??? (but not the fridge), chicken fridge out of fridge a disturbing experience, washing my hair

i did not do: jerb, poll card, money, leaving house NOT ON MY LIST BUT eating food other than a matzo that was lying around clearly should have been on the list, floor. 

where go, what do: the sequel

I achieved:

-the discovery of punctuation

-a bread

-floor!!! not medication…? more floor to come

-realisation of individual identity; horrifying realisation that “peace and strength” is alarming corporate slogan

-description bag (the sequel). 

-the cauliflowers had melted in an unrelated incident but i disposed of them

-grandma plan: i catch either 9.33 or 9.43

i have yet to achieve:


-poll card

-obtaining money

-WASHING my HAIR but it’s…curly….who needs….clean hair or….political rights…or financial compensation…………

i just realised i totally forgot about:

-blog #2! fuck!

i am constantly aware of:

-leibniz’s weird theodicy which is totally irrelevant to anything ever



-maybe i should have washed my hair before the 6 other people in my communal apartment block used our one shower.

It’s up to you

This is going to be a long one but the most important UK vote in decades is coming up tomorrow, so if you don’t like it, there will be some more photos of buildings soon.

It makes me sad when I hear working class people supporting the leave campaign because they’ve been misinformed, misled and used. When you feel powerless you will latch onto anything you can that offers you power to restore your self respect, and a lot of people in the UK feel powerless after 8 years of cuts, job losses and austerity. Those very wealthy people behind the leave campaign (including a former member of the BNP who donated £600,000 as revealed on the debate last night) seem to provide easy answers to the problems of recession-hit working class people but in reality they want to take us back to feudalism. Leave is motivated by nationalist ideology and they would drive this country into the ground to make their point- it’s not them who will suffer if the economy fails. Their backers’ idea of freeing Britain is really freeing themselves to do what they want at other peoples’ expense. They want to be free of EU law so it will be easier for them to launder money, commit share fraud, breach antitrust regulations, sack you, pollute your environment, discriminate against you and abuse your rights.

We can’t predict what will happen to the economy if we leave the EU, but independent economic experts are overwhelmingly agreed that the effects will be negative. By comparison, supporting Leave we have James Dyson, who has a personal grudge against the EU after losing his legal challenge to EU energy labelling, and loves UK workers so much he transferred production of his vacuum cleaners to Malaysia, and Tim Martin of the JD Wetherspoon pub chain, which participates in exploitative workfare schemes and has a long history of allowing their pubs to host meetings of fascist groups like the EDL, United Patriots, Welsh Alliance and Casual Infidels.

If Britain leaves the EU it will clear the path for the far right to dominate British politics. Can you imagine life under a government led by Boris Johnson and Michael Gove? What chance will the NHS have? Or the BBC? And a Brexit would only encourage other extreme right wing nationalist groups across the EU to follow our example.

The polls are showing Remain slightly ahead but Leave are relying on young people being complacent and not voting so please, use your vote!

-If you don’t know where your polling station is, check aboutmyvote.co.uk

-You do not need your polling card to vote, as long as you’re on the electoral register.

-You do not need ID, just tell the staff at the polling station your name and address.

-Even if you are still in a queue at 10pm, you still get to vote.

'SNL' best host poll: Was Louis C.K. too naughty to win Mr. Saturday Night?
What makes a great Saturday Night Live host? There really is no simple answer, though Steve Martin, who’s hosted 15 times, had some fun explaining...

“ …the biggest wild-card might be Martin Freeman. The Hobbit star was initially eliminated, but he was the runaway winner of our second-chance poll last week, with nearly 60 percent of the vote.”

“ Freeman’s SNL debut was one of the funniest in years, demonstrating what fans of the British Office have known for years but what viewers of Sherlock and the Hobbit films might have missed—he’s a versatile comic decathlete who can play scenes both big and small. 

Though he was initially eliminated, pro-Freeman forces turned out in droves to get him back in the final. (He received nearly six times as many votes as his nearest rival in the second-chance vote, Chris Pratt.) If the same fans chime in this week, he might pull off the upset.”

We did it! We all voted Martin back into the finals for the best Saturday Night Live host! 

Now, lets make him Mr. Saturday Night Live 2015 in the final poll!

Martin is one of 6 finalists you can vote to be Mr. or Mrs. Saturday Night Live 2015.

Vote for Martin #OneLastTime 

reminder for brits to vote today!!

please please make time to vote today. someone with more spoons than me can tell you why it’s so important, but it is and as an age group we are heavily outnumbered. older people are more likely to vote, and more likely to vote for leaving the eu, a decision that will affect us and our generation much more than them.

please do not let brexit happen. it’ll take ten minutes, it doesn’t matter if you’ve forgotten your polling card, just please find a moment today and get down to the polling station. and tell your friends to go as well. we must be heard. we have to try.

go and vote