poll booths

i don’t understand how this even a close race at all!!!! how the hell do you go into that polling booth and check that box for donald fucking trump how the fuck!!!!!!!! do you do that!!!!!!!! how do you make that choice and half of this fuckivgn country did it!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU


Wounded Canadian soldier casting his vote from his hopistal bed - In Arras, France - Fall 1916


**sound on** William Purrcival is counting on your support next week in the polling booths. He and VP candidate Gidget say go out and #vote ! #purrcivalpawtunia2016 #election #halloween #catsofinstagram #president

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When Jeffrey learned of his wife’s inclination to vote for Democrat Tom Barrett, he became determined to prevent her from reaching that polling booth, or die trying.

As Amanda pulled out of the driveway to vote, Jeffrey made his last stand by leaping in front of her car. Not really anticipating her husband risking fatal vehicular injury on the off chance his wife was the deciding vote in a Midwestern governorship, she ran him down and, probably wisely, drove to the police station to report it rather than help him up while being berated for her lousy liberal driving.

Jeffrey was taken to the hospital for the back and neck injuries he endured while saving America from a socialist apocalypse. Jeffrey’s brother, Mike, knew who was really to blame – after the media asked his opinion for some reason, he replied that “These crazy liberal nuts are always pulling this crap.” The “crap” being “Not stopping fast enough when a Republican flings his squishy body in front of your Dodge Durango to stop you from voting.”

The 6 Most Hilariously Insane Overreactions of All Time

Once the Tories were canvassing where my grandad used to live, and they were desperate for votes, so they said they would personally drive people to the polling booths in town if they would go in and vote Tory. So my grandad said alright I’ll vote for your lot. So they got in to the fellas car, drove to town, and when he got there he said cheers for the lift and walked straight into the nearest pub.


You’ve probably been told this a bunch of times now but it bears repeating: take your own black biro pen to the polling booth. They’re going to try every dirty trick in the book to get a ‘Remain’ vote if the counts are tight. Don’t make it easy for them. 

Reminder: don’t be a dick to people outside polling booths handing out fliers and how-to-vote cards for parties you don’t like. They’re just doing what they think is right, just as you are by voting for someone else. If you can’t have a calm/polite discussion with them then just keep walking and say “no thanks.”