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I didn’t technically write more of my current WIP, but yesterday (actually Wednesday, but it’s still Thursday imo) a friend of mine suggested a title for my manuscript and I absolutely adore it. It’s

Lost Time Lullaby

Could you guys comment with the genre(s) you’d associate with that title? Thank you all very much!

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Be sure to get your vote in. I’ll start making changes within the next couple months.

A majority of Americans think Trump will involve the US in a “major war”

  • A new NBC News poll found that 66% of Americans worry that Trump will get the United States mixed up in another “major war” during his term.
  • As for how to steer the country away from warfare? Sixty-two percent of the more than 11,000 adults in the U.S. felt that the best way for Trump to avoid involving the country in a war involves his administration considering ally interests, even if it means making compromises. 
  • Accordingly, an overwhelming 80% of Americans support continued U.S. membership in NATO, to which 28 countries belong. Read more (2/22/17 1:55 PM) 

Okay so this is just me trying to see who agrees with me like a poll of sorts.

Like if you think Newt Scamander is autistic and/or has aspergers.

Like and REBLOG if you think he’s the above and he’s asexual or anywhere on the spectrum :D

An overwhelming majority of people disapproves of Republican lawmakers’ plan to repeal the Affordable Care Act without having a ready replacement for the health care law, according to a poll released Friday.

And judging by the letter-writing and lobbying in the first week of the new Congressional session, many health care and business groups agree.

A poll released Friday by the Kaiser Family Foundation finds that 75 percent of Americans say they either want lawmakers to leave Obamacare alone, or repeal it only when they can replace it with a new health care law. Twenty percent of those polled say that want to see the law killed immediately.

But Drew Altman, CEO of the Kaiser Family Foundation, says the poll shows lawmakers don’t have a strong mandate to repeal Obamacare.

“Most of the American people said they’re either against repealing it or they’re against repealing it unless Republicans put a replacement plan on the table,” Altman says. “They want to see what comes next before they seen the ACA repealed.”

Poll: Most Americans Say Don’t Repeal Obamacare Without A Replacement

Graphic: NPR, Kaiser Family Foundation 

Witchblr: I Need Your Help!

Here’s the deal: for my class, Religion 101, I’m doing a research project on contemporary witchcraft and Neopaganism, specifically on how the Internet and modern technology have shaped this religious practice in unique ways. As part of my research, I’ve created a survey to gather information from actual witches about how they came to identify with witchcraft and how they incorporate the Internet and modern technology into their craft!

Now that you know why I need your help, here’s what you can do to help me:

  • If you’re a witch or other magick-practitioner, answer the survey! The first section is required, and asks about your religious identity and what kind of witchcraft you commonly do, as well as your usage of the Internet and modern technology in witchcraft. The second section is optional, and asks about personal identity (specifically sexual orientation, gender identity, and neurodivergence) and how it relates to your practice.
  • Share the survey! I would love to have a lot of people answer this, so anything you can do to bring attention to the project would be greatly appreciated! If you’re not a witch or magick-practitioner, you can still reblog this post and let people see the survey!

Thank you so much, and please reblog this post to get more people’s attention, especially if you answer the survey. I need all responses in by Friday, December 23rd. As long as you are a witch or magick-practitioner, you qualify to answer!

Click here to go to the survey!

POLL: Best Butt of all DC Universe?
  • Bruce: Richard
  • Clark: The first robin
  • Aquaman: Wonder boy
  • Diana: Nightwing
  • Barry: Nightwing, I guess
  • Red Hood: Dick
  • Red Robin: Grayson
  • Damian: Grayson
  • Kidflesh: Rob, of course!
  • Aqualad: First Robin
  • Conner: Nightwing
  • Roy: Dickie-bird
  • Starfire: Richard
  • Babs: Dick
  • Stef: Grayson
  • Cass: Grayson
  • Alfred: Master Grayson
  • Dick: Wha? ... O_O

Nearly half of Americans support Trump’s Muslim ban, according to this poll

  • According to a Reuters/Ipsos poll released on Tuesday, about half (49%) of Americans said they “agreed” with Trump’s executive order on immigration.
  • Reuters found that only 31% of Americans said they believe the Muslim ban makes them feel “more safe" and 33% said it won’t make a difference in their safety. 
  • The poll also said 26% of Americans believe the order made them feel "less safe.”
  • The findings in the Reuters poll — based on collected responses from 1,201 people: 453 Democrats and 478 Republicans. Read more
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