Exclusive poll: 66 per cent of voters want change
An exclusive poll commissioned for CTV News appears to contain bad news for Stephen Harper’s Conservatives. Two in three respondents agree it is “time for a change in government.”

An exclusive poll commissioned for CTV News appears to contain bad news for Stephen Harper’s Conservatives.

Nanos Research surveyed 1,000 adult Canadians and found the following:

-Two in three respondents agree it is “time for a change in government.”
-Harper’s position as the leader most trusted to manage the economy has fallen 10 points since 2009. He is now tied with NDP Leader Tom Mulcair. Liberal Justin Trudeau lags far behind.
-More than four out of five agree it is important or somewhat important that the leaders attend the TV debates. Harper has so far refused to join the largest broadcasters’ planned debate.

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POLL: Trainer Names

So, being twins as they are, and with everyone submitting in pairs, the vote to determine our playable trainers’ names will be likewise held in matching pairs!

Shall they be…

1. Anghus and Alice

2. Lucy and Lucky

3. Aisling and Alastar

4. Audrey and Ryan

5. Eileen and Patrick


A question about tumblr social norms

Suppose that I follow Alice, but don’t follow Bob, and Alice reblogs and responds to something Bob posted. Suppose further that I think I disagree with what Bob said, but I find it interesting and would like to comment on that disagreement. Would It be more in accordance with tumblr (or rationalist and people who argue with them often tumblr) social norms to reblog Bob’s post with my comment or to reblog Alice’s reblog with my comment?


Popularity Poll #2 (Toukyoghoul first anniversary)—Special Mention:

#11 Mutsuki Tooru
#12 Nishio Nishiki
#13 Uta
#14 Amon Koutarou
#15 Naki
#16 Takatsuki Sen (Eto)
#17 Arima Kishou
#18 Kamishiro Rize
#19 Urie Kuki
#20 Takizawa Seidou

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Follower-Voted Astrology Superlative Results
  • Most Creative:Pisces
  • Most Secretive:Scorpio
  • Most Optimistic:Sagittarius
  • Most Pessimistic:Scorpio
  • Most Annoying:Gemini
  • Most Sympathetic:Cancer
  • Most Philosophical:Aquarius
  • Most Competitive:Aries
  • Exaggerates The Most:Leo
  • Most Protective:Scorpio
  • Most Shy:Cancer
  • Most Intuitive:Pisces
  • Most Offensive:Gemini
  • Most Romantic:Pisces
  • Most Outgoing:Sagittarius
  • Cries The Most:Cancer
  • Most Rebellious:Aquarius
  • Most Stubborn:Taurus
  • Most Lazy:Taurus
  • Most Narcissistic:Leo
Popularity Poll #2 /8,680 Votes
  1. Kaneki Ken
  2. Suzuya Juuzou
  3. Sasaki Haise
  4. Nagachika Hideyoshi
  5. Fueguchi Hinami
  6. Kirishima Touka
  7. Tsukiyama Shuu
  8. Kirishima Ayato
  9. Yonebayashi Saiko
  10. Mado Akira
  11. Mutsuki Tooru
  12. Nishio Nishiki
  13. Uta
  14. Amon Koutarou
  15. Naki
  16. Takatsuki Sen (Eto)
  17. Arima Kishou
  18. Kamishiro Rize
  19. Urie Kuki
  20. Takizawa Seidou
  21. Shirazu Ginshi
  22. Yomo Renji
  23. Kanae von Rosewald
  24. Yoshimura
  25. Yasuhisa Sisters
  26. Tatara
  27. Shinohara Yukinori
  28. Nutcracker
  29. Abara Hanbee
  30. Hori Chie
  31. Irimi
  32. Banjou Kazuichi
  33. Noro
  34. Itori
  35. Kirishima Arata
    Nishino Kimi
  36. Hirako Take
  37. Oomori Yakumo (Jason)
  38. Kosaka Yoriko
  39. Hoito Roma
  40. Donato Porpora
    Kuroiwa Takeomi
    Itou Kuramoto
    Ui Koori
  41. Bin Brothers
    Koma Enji
    Saeki Karao (Torso)
  42. Marude Itsuki

Who the Signs Trust the Most With Their Secrets

Results based on poll taken by 459 people


Most Trust: Libra
Least Trusted:


Most Trust: Pisces
Least Trusted:


Most Trust: Cancer
Least Trusted: Libra


Most Trust: Cancer
Least Trusted:


Most Trust: Aquarius
Least Trusted:
 Leo & Virgo


Most Trust: Taurus 
Least Trusted: Gemini & Sagittarius


Most Trust: Scorpio 
Least Trusted: Aries, Cancer & Leo 


Most Trust: Scorpio
Least Trusted: Aries


Most Trust: Cancer
Least Trusted: Aries & Gemini


Most Trust: Scorpio
Least Trusted: Aries


Most Trust: Taurus
Least Trusted: Gemini


Most Trust: Scorpio
Least Trusted: Virgo