for the record I DO like the Starks and my deepest wish is for Sansa and Rickon to be the ones in charge of Winterfell in the end. I don’t doubt he’ll always have a wild streak in him, much to Sansa’s chagrin u m u He will be too old to be shamed with being forced into the bath but sometimes we do what must be done.

moonwalks off the face of a cliff

I drew a bunch of ASoIaF characters in a high school AU after yami and I stayed up late joking about this. There are a bunch more people we talked about but I don’t think I’ll ever get around to drawing them. UH KUDOS IF YOU CAN FIGURE OUT WHO THEY ALL ARE?? It means I have not failed.


Guess who’s doin PIXEL COMMISSIONS  awww yeaahhh. Slots are (for now) indefinitely open!

Sprites are 5-7 US dollars each, based on complexity. If you want an extremely simple animation bump it to 10USD+.

Each pixel is approximately 24px by 34px, give or take. You will get a transparent image at 100% and 300% zoom. Keep in mind they are very small so liberties may be taken with detail.

If you’re interested email me at polkadottedfezes@gmail.com, which is also my paypal. I take payment upfront when I accept your commission. If you can’t commission, reblogs are always appreciated :>

whoops followers are going down, I guess I should post art or something. Have some embarrassingly indulgent asoiaf fan art of Cassana Baratheon and Stannis as a kid.

When I said I probably wouldn’t draw more fanart for a while I actually meant I would exclusively draw silly fanart, as it turned out.