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walk that mile by @daisyharry | purpledaisy

“Yeah, well you don’t get to just decide what we are and aren’t going to do,” Harry says. He unhooks his seatbelt and flings it against the car door with a loud metallic thud. “This is my road trip and you are not just taking it over because you don’t like my ideas.”

“Did you want me to drag your lifeless body into the diner just so you could say you’d been there?” Louis says back just as loudly as Harry is talking. “You have such a detailed timeline of where we should be, I’m guessing you’d yell at me if I let you sleep at the diner and didn’t drive to the museum instead. Your anal retentiveness is showing, Harry.”

Harry stares at him, the line of his jaw standing out scarily. “I wanted to get the most out of this trip so I planned it carefully.” His voice is low and steady and somehow that’s worse than when he was yelling. “So far, you’ve put your sticky fingers on everything I’ve tried to do.”

“Sticky fingers?” Louis repeats, offended. “Are you saying it’s my fault you got stung by a bee? Had you been alone you would have gotten halfway to the Dotty Diner and ran the car off the road because of an allergic reaction, so don’t go blaming me.”

“Polk-A-Dot Drive In,” Harry spits before getting out of the car. He slams the door shut with a deafening reverb and Louis rolls his eyes.

An enemies to friends to lovers AU on Route 66 where falling in love was never supposed to happen.

Coming soon for @1dreversebang

my headcanon wedding outfits

carlos: formal labcoat, tuxedo-print t-shirt underneath, and a cross between something that looks like a pink kilt or skirt but no one’s sure which. no shoes. his toes are painted neon green. 

cecil: a black crop top with the words “LIFE IS FLEETING BUT THE VOID LOVES YOU” written on it in red ink, orange and green polk-dot yak hair booty shorts, and tights with cat faces on them. one shoe is a red high heel, and the other is a yellow rain boot. he was wearing a tie-dye bandanna on his head, but removed it for the ceremony.  

destroyed-conscience  asked:

This is a hella weird Au but like,,, pastel anxiety and punk prince??? I feel like it would be super interesting tbh

Walking down the street they looked quite the odd pair-Anxiety with his soft colors and polk-a-dot stockings and soft demeanor, and Prince with his dark colors and skinny jeans/ripped-T, and unsettling demeanor. Prince liked it truth be told, because when Anxiety stood by him, his lover seemed to shine all the brighter.

Truth was, they were the odd pair,  but that’s what made them work so well together. 

**1) Give me a pairing.

2) Give me an AU setting.

3) I will write you a three-sentence fic.**

7 Nights of BTS: Jin

Jin was excited, he was more than excited he was ready. He was gonna…he was gonna. Jin stood looking at himself in the bathroom mirror, wiping the steam that started to cloud it once more and sighed. Would she even want him? He knew her, and joked around with her, but she wasn’t close to him like she was Hobi and Namjoon. She never really played with him like she did V and Jungkook either. Out of all the guys, Suga probably thought himself farthest from her, but Jin knew it was him. 

It wasn’t that he was unapproachable, he was just the opposite. Maybe, he was too flirty? He didn’t know. His broad shoulders, were his shining point and he tossed a shirt over his body, just as someone knocked at the bathroom door. He opened it, revealing Jungkook, with his clothes in hand. 

“Are you done Hyung?” Jungkook stepped inside, looking at Jin’s face. 

The maknae quickly closed the door behind him, and set his things down on the sink, looking at Jin. “What’s wrong Hyung?”

Jin shook his head, about to move past Jungkook, when a hand pressed against his shoulder stopping him. Jungkook said nothing, his dark eyes, soft as he looked at Jin, he was pressing him to say something. Jin sighed, pushing his semi-wet hair from his face. 

“What if she doesn’t want me?” He asked quietly. 

Jungkook looked shocked. “Why wouldn’t she? You are the most handsome, and confident. Namjoon said that she didn’t protest for him, Suga was fine. I think she wants us all, you’re confident hyung, stop this. It feels weird seeing you like this.” 

“She did say I was cocky.” Jin answered, picking at his shirt. 

“Not in a bad way, I heard her when she said it. Be yourself, ease up to her. If you are anything other than you, she will suspect something and will refuse you.” Jungkook clapped Jin on the shoulder. 

Jin looked Jungkook and smiled. Jungkook believed in him more than anyone. He knew that.  He was always around to make him feel good, and give him that boost of confidence, sometimes he needed so badly. Jin knew he was handsome, smart, he had great singing skill, and that women wanted him. He knew most of those things however; were superficial. Sometimes, he needed that kick in the pants that helped him along. 

“You’re right Kookie. You always are.” Jin pulled the maknae into a hug squeezing his head as he did so, causing Jungkook to squeal. 

Letting him go, he walked out of the bathroom, back straight, eyes ahead, as he went to look for >>>. 

She didn’t get up until about 10. Suga, Namjoon, J-Hope and Jimin had left. They had things to do, which left V, Jungkook and Jin at home with >>> alone. She was currently at the table, eating a bowl of cereal when he paused at the end of the stairs assessing himself. 

Cologne? Check

V neck shirt showing off his body? Check

Tight pants on, ready to flex out of them? Check!

Jin sauntered into the kitchen, stretching as he did so, noticing she looked up he leaned across the table smiling at her. “Morning, beautiful. How’d you sleep?” 

Her watched her swallow hard, as her eyes fell on his chest, and she wandered back up to his eyes. “Good, thanks for asking. You? Where are the rest of the guys?” 

She got up and dumped her milk into the sink, Jin followed her, walking pass her, letting his fingers graze against her exposed thighs. “It’s only me, you, kookie, and V here now. The rest have things to take care of.” 

She looked back at him, as he touched her thighs. Bending over she grabbed some dish soap, washing her bowl out. “Do you guys have to leave? I’m off today.” 

Jin bit his lower lip, watching her shirt rise above her thighs, exposing her ass. “Not that I know of. me and you can get into some trouble, if you’re bored.” 

She placed her bowl in the dish drainer, looking back at him, one hand on her hip now. “What kind of trouble? With you, it’s sure to be something horrible.” 

Jin put his hand on his chest, feinting shock. “I will have you know, I am a good boy.”

He watched her cross the small space between them. Her body coming flush against his, as her hands fell on his chest. ‘With the way you guys have been acting lately, I’m gonna call bullshit.” 

Jin’s arms wrapped around her waist, his hand coming to her butt, giving it a good squeeze. “Wanna make a bet?” 

“I’ll put money on something.” V said, as he smiled at them. 

She jumped from Jin’s arms, smoothing her shirt down. “V! Jesus, you scared me.” 

V looked at Jin and then back to her, smiling as he fluffed his pink hair. “Scared you? What were you doing, that you weren’t trying to get caught doing?” 

“Someone is being bad?” Jungkook said, as he came into the kitchen as well. 

“Not anymore.” Jin muttered, moving pass both of them making sure to glare at them. 

She rolled her eyes. “Nothing guys, now what’s up? What are we gonna get into, until the others come back?” 

V looked at Jungkook, then over at Jin who was currently on the couch. “Actually, it’s almost noon. So, me and Jungkook are gonna leave for awhile. We have some things to do. Jin will keep you company.” 

She looked surprised. “Just me and Jin? For how long?” 

“Does that bother you?” Jin said, sitting up. “I can go with V, and leave Jungkook here with you, since it seems you’d prefer that.” 

She winced, not expecting his harsh tone, but quickly snapped back. “I never said I had an issue, with that. It was just an inquiry, but if you want to leave with them fine.” 

She gave V and Jungkook a quick cheek kiss. “I have to clean the house today and wash anyway. I’ll be fine. Have fun guys.” She didn’t look at Jin as she walked upstairs. 

Once they heard her shuffling around in her room, V glared at Jin. “You’re ruining it for yourself. Apologize, help her clean and then make your move, if you even want to.” 

“Don’t tell me what to do Taehyung. Take Kookie and leave.” Jin stood up, opening the door for them. 

As they left, Jungkook stopped. “Hyung, we’ll be back around 5, with the others. Just, be yourself.” 

Jin said nothing, closing the door behind them. He stood there for awhile, listening to her shuffle around in her closet before, walking upstairs. 

She was currently organizing shoes and clothes, packing other things away in boxes. Jin stood at the door watching her ass, in her pink and black polks-dot panties. As he entered the room, he mentally willed little Jin down. 

“If I’m supposed to be helping you, put some pants on. Or else, you’ll be bent over a lot longer than you intended to be.” His voice husky, as he spoke. 

She stood up, pushing some of her dark hair away from her face. “First off, if you have an attitude drop it. Second, what’s your problem? Me and you have never hung out, do you not like me?” 

Jin sighed. “I like you. A lot actually. I don’t have an attitude, I just thought you didn’t want to be around me.” 

He watched her raise an eyebrow. “I have no problem being around you in all your ‘look at me be beautiful’ ways.” 

Jin growled, taking a step towards her. “I’m good-looking, this is true. It’s a fact. I know it and so do you. Why deny it?” 

She walked over to her drawer, pulling on a pair of Juicy shorts. “I do know it.” She kept her back turned as she peeled off her shirt. She wore no bra, and Jin longed to go up behind her and squeeze her. She pulled on a tshirt, turning around to face him. “You gonna help me or not?”

“Out of your clothes again?” He smiled at her. 


“To a couple of orgasms?” 

She looked nervous now. “No.” 

Jin walked slowly towards her. “What do you want?”

She wanted to walk backwards, but her dresser was right behind her. He pushed her against it, his tall frame hovering over her. “Nothing.” She answered. 

“Nothing? Not my tongue on your kitty?” He pulled at the edges of her shirt. 

“Jin.” She said, almost a warning. 

“How about, my fingers inside you, I’ll make you count in Korean, I decide when you come.” One of his hands closed around her throat, slowly he brought her closer to him. 

“Jin.” She said, quieter now. 

“I think you’re wet for me. You want me to choke you just like this, right when you’re on the verge of coming for me?” His nose danced across her lips. “Answer me.” 

“You’re standing on my foot and it hurts.” Jin let her go, looking down taking a step back. 

She flexed her foot, reaching down to rub it. “Damn, that hurt.” 

Mood totally ruined, he sighed. “I’m sorry. Did I hurt you bad?” 

“No.” She put pressure on her foot. “For a second I thought you broke a toe.” She chuckled. 

Did she do that on purpose? Was she not into what he was offering? Jin looked around, feeling embarrassed. “What did you need me to do?” 

She gave instructions to him, and soon her room was clean. His job was to then gather all of his members dirty clothes and sort them downstairs near the washroom. As she cleaned the bathrooms, she changed her underwear while he was gone. God, did he know what to say and do. He was hardly touching her and she was about to come right where she stood. The pain of her foot however, was greater than what was building in her core aching for him. She felt bad though, he looked defeated. First Suga, then Namjoon and now Jin. She wondered who was going to be after him. She still thought of herself as a slut. Did they know? Or did each of them just naturally didn’t think anything? They couldn’t all be that daft. Especially not Namjoon. She was on the last load of clothes just as she realized it was four PM. Jin was looking quite annoyed, sitting on the couch. 

“Thank you for all your help today Jin, I really appreciate it.” she folded their clothes, putting them away in the basket. 

Jin looked down at his watch. It was almost five. He hadn’t done anything yet. Could he wait until tonight? He was with her alone this whole time. He growled, standing up he walked right over to her. He said nothing, taking the clothes from her hands, pushing the basket to the side of the table. He was going to take, not give her a choice. His hand fisted in her hair, pushing her down to her knees. He saw the anger in her eyes, before she looked up and saw the excitement in his. 

“Listen to me.” Giving her a small shake, as he stood in front of her. One hand in her hair, the other unbuttoning his pants. “I’ve been here all day, suppressing, what I’ve been wanting to do, but you’ve annoyed me.”

He breathed deep, pulling his length from his pants. “I don’t like back talk. I like safe words. I don’t like naughty girls, who do what they want. I like good girls, who live to please daddy. Am I understood?” 

He watched her eyes look over his length, then back up to him. She grinned, feigning ignorance. “I don’t understand.” 

Jin pulled her to a stand, his mouth on her harshly taking what he wanted. His bit her lower lip, kissing her hard, before forcing her to her knees once more. “Yes, daddy. That is how you will answer me. If you don’t you will be spanked.”

“Yes, daddy.” The words came easily from her mouth, he found himself relaxing. 

“Open.” A one word command, he watched her lips part. He held himself in one hand, rubbing his tip across her lips. “Tongue out.” Two words, and her pink tongue stuck out. He wet himself on the saliva of her mouth.

Slowly, Jin slid himself inside her orifice, savoring the wet heat of her mouth. “Suck.” She obeyed and he leaned his head back moaning as she worked her mouth over him. His hand on her neck, he rubbed her skin with his thumb, urging her on.  

“Good girl.” Listening to the wet sounds of her mouth, as she slobbed around on his member. Jin watched as he disappeared between her lips, her dark hair coming close to his stomach and then away. He groaned, feeling himself near the edge. He pushed into her throat, that savoring gagging noise filling the air. 

Her hands on his thighs, he pushed her hands down. “You’ll take it. Relax your throat.” He moved into her mouth, careful of the feeling, and smiling as she obeyed him. She relaxed herself, and as soon as he felt his shaft touch the back of her throat he released himself. 

She swallowed automatically, still licking as he rode the waves of his orgasm. Pulling away, Jin fixed his pants, kneeling down where she was on the floor, wiping her mouth with his thumb. “The guys will be here soon, go upstairs and shower, and change your clothes. Do not touch yourself. I’ll finish with you tonight. Do you understand me, princess?”

He helped her stand, cupping her chin so she would look at him. “Yes daddy.”

The guys came home not too long later, bringing food with them. Each one of them giving Jin the eye. She was still showering, as he explained nothing really happened. He would finish tonight. She was completely normal as she greeted them. Thanking the guys for bringing home dinner, they ate together, and laughed. As she cleaned the dishes, Jin stood with her, his hand sliding up her shorts. No one was in the kitchen with them and he slid a finger inside her, watching her shiver and try to maintain composure as she rubbed a sponge over the dishes. They watched a movie together, Jin making sure to sit near her. She was now sandwiched between Jin and V. Taehyung’s hand finding it way up her shirt, flicking a nipple, Jin was busy brushing his fingers over her slit. She was growing wet, and irritable. The combined pressure of both men, she stood up slowly, legs weak in the middle of the movie.

“I’m kinda tired guys, I’m gonna go to bed.” She said almost breathlessly. 

“You like crappy Jason movies though.” Hobi said, smiling at her. “You ok >>> you look a little…sweaty.” 

Jungkook looked up. “Not getting sick on us are you? One of us will have to give you a sponge bath.” 

Namjoon chuckled, while Suga smiled. She shook her head adamantly, rushing towards the stairs. “Nope, I’m 100% goodnight guys.” 

When they heard her door closed, Jimin started to laugh. “This is too funny, I wonder what she thinks we are thinking.”

V grinned. “I almost feel bad, but I’m next. Go on Jin, finish.” 

The broad shouldered member of BTS, stood up licking his fingers. “Don’t mind if I do.” 

She laid in her bed hands on her face, as she breathed deep, trying to slow her heart beat down. She heard her door open quietly, then close. The edge of the bed dipped, but she didn’t move. 

“I said, I wasn’t finished.” Jin’s voice in the room, was deep. 

“Yes, daddy.” She said quietly, moving her hands from her eyes. 

“Undress completely. Lie on your back, spread your legs, and grip the headboard. Do you understand?” He stood up removing his shirt, tossing it on the floor. 

“Yes, daddy.” She stood up complying with his wishes as, Jin opened her curtains, letting in the moonlight. He closed her bathroom door, as well as the closet door. Turning off the lights.

As she laid on the bed, Jin stood near her, removing his pants. He slid his boxers down, his member springing free. Slowly, he moved towards the edge of the bed, scooting between her legs. His hand touched her foot, gliding up her skin. The pale sliver light of the moon, filling the room, he watched his hand ease over her skin. First one leg, then the other. Then both hands, over her waist and near the V of her temple. Both hands on her body, he used one to open her slit, the other he sucked two fingers and inserted them inside her. 

“Do you know how beautiful you are?” It was a rhetorical question, she recognized and said nothing, willing her hips to stay put as he began to move his hand. 

“Look at yourself, so open for me. Ready for me to do what I will with you. I love that. So patient, and obedient for daddy.” Jin’s other hand found her pearl and began to move in small circles. 

“If you’re good, I’ll let you come. If you’re bad, I’ll stop.” He flicked her pearl, the harsh pain, sending a bolt of pleasure of up her spine. “I’ll spank you.” He flicked it again. “We start over.” One more flick. “Understand?” 

She shivered harshly, barely able to open her mouth. “Yes, daddy.” 

“Good.” She watched as his black hair disappear between her legs. He blew on her slit, making her quiver. 

His tongue touching her slit, Jin licked from top to bottom, smacking his lips at the taste of her. He dove in, mouth on her body, removing his fingers, he kissed her temple with his lips and tongue. Moving over her and around her, his tongue gaining entrance to her. He tongue fucked her, and expected her to stay still the whole time. She broke out in a sweat, concentrating on her breathing, and keeping quiet. It was too much, she couldn’t as soon as his tongue made contact with her pearl again, she opened her mouth and moaned.

Just like that, the contact stopped. Jin back away from her. “Hand and knees now.” 

Her mind foggy, she slowly moved, which irritated him further. Jin moved her body for her. “Faster >>>, I am not pleased with you.” 

“Sorry, daddy.” She breathed out, realizing she was dripping down her inner thigh. 

Jin was behind her, his hand rubbing on her ass. “They can’t hear anything, the movie is too loud, so don’t worry. Count them out in Korean. If you mess up…” He breathed deep, kissing one of her cheeks. “Baby, if you mess up…” His dark chuckle, released a pint of fear in her. “Ready?”

He didn’t wait for her to answer, his hand connecting on her flesh. It stung, but it was so good. The zap of pain, made her clench her teeth. “One.” She whispered. 

“Louder.” He commanded, his hand coming down on the same cheek. 

She felt her eyes water. “Two.” She spoke. 

Again, his hand slapped on her ass, this time on the opposite cheek. She winced, breathing deep. Wasn’t this hurting his hand? “Three.”

Once more on the same cheek, a tear fell from her eye. She was keenly aware of his heavy breathing.” “Four.” 

Jin started kissing on her backside, rubbing gently, as his lips made her way up her back. “You did so well baby, I’ll reward you.” 

His body covered hers, pushing her arms down, her face on the pillows in front of her. He rubbed his hard member on her slit, pushing in without warning. She gasped, as his stomach rubbed against her back. “So tight.” He whispered. 

Jin grasped her hips tight, in and out he pushed himself. Gripping her skin tight, he groaned. His hands found her breasts and began to knead them, thumbs rubbing and pulling on her nipples. 

“Such a good girl, will you come for me. All over me, I want to feel you.” He urged her, his lips on her spine as he spoke. 

“Yes, daddy. I’m close daddy.” She grabbed the pillow in front of her, bringing it to her mouth as she felt herself going over the peak.

Jin moved one hand to her pearl, he rubbed her fast, matching the speed with his thrusts, just as he came. >>> closed her eyes, and watched the white light explode from behind them, as she orgasmed. 

Later on, she was laying on her stomach, Jin was rubbing aloe vera into the skin of her backside, gently. 

“When we do this again, I’ll give you a word to say, if you think I’m being too hard on you.” He poured more aloe vera onto his hand, rubbing the opposite cheek. 

“When and not If huh?” Her tone sassy as she sat up on her elbows to look at him. 

Jin’s hand stopped and he looked at her. “Want another spanking?”

Taehyung (V)

Cursed 8: Dear Chat

The long awaited chapter- in celebration of the end of the ML blackout enjoy!


The inferno that killed the love of Marinette’s life had occurred over a week ago. There were warrants for Marinette’s arrest in just about every province in existence. Marinette’s cottage was destroyed and there was no possible way she could go home to her parent’ place. With pictures of her face posted on just about every tree and building Marinette could hardly show her face. As an alternative Marinette found a charm to cast on herself to disguise her identity. She had found it in a spell book filled with good luck charms- they reminded her of Tikki, her personal good luck charm who unfortunately had not made it out of the fire. As a testament to her long lost friend her disguise had a red and black polk a dotted theme. Once the charm took effect she stole off into the night on a broomstick she had re-appropriated from the school.

Since becoming the masked Ladybug Marinette had gone into hiding. In her free time she practiced her magic. Now and again when she was low on supplies she would sneak back on campus to ‘borrow’ food or bottles, or books. She slept in the trees, her stuff tied above the ground and hidden amongst the leaves. It made her difficult to find as well as improved her levitation and broom skills.

“Dear Chat, today wasn’t so bad. Well I shouldn’t say that, every day without you is bad but at least today I wasn’t chased by anything. My broom skills have gotten better, today I did a black flip of my broom and it came back around to catch me. I wish you had been there to see it. You probably would have laughed. I miss your laugh,” Ladybug sighed as she rolled over on the little mattress she had perched onto two thick branches. She looked towards the levitating pen and leather bound notebook she had ‘borrowed’ from the school. She wrote to Chat every day. It was her way of coping.

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ML Ask Box: Ladybug’s Identity Revealed

Requested by: @twilighthooves

Angst warning

Still working on requests. I have my last final tomorrow :) Don’t worry your requests have all been seen and are in the process of being written.

Ladybug and Chat Noir finally got their chance to have a real fight with Hawkmoth only things were definitely not going their way. Chat was currently tied up with Hawkmoth’s latest akuma- a plant based akuma that had become quite the handful. There were vines everywhere ripping at their suits with thorns and attempting to catch the hero’s. While Chat had kept the akuma occupied Ladybug was facing off against Hawkmoth.

Hawkmoth came at Marinette with his cane. Marinette ducked below the swing. She swung her leg around in a high kick, Hawkmoth deflected it with his cane. Hawkmoth took a swing at her face. Ladybug blocked with her yoyo string. Hawkmoth pushed against her a cruel smile on his face.

“I know your secret Ladybug,” He whispered to her. Ladybug growled pushing him away from her she stood swinging her yoyo a snarl on her face. Chat Noir screamed as the akuma finally caught him in it’s thorny clutches. Ladybug glanced up at Chat Noir muscles tensing.

“Little help here my lady?” Chat groaned as he struggled against his restraints. Ladybug turned towards Chat preparing to jump into battle and rescue him when Hawkmoth stopped her.

“Yes why don’t you save your partner Marinette,” Hawkmoth laughed. Ladybug froze eyes going wide. Her yoyo slowly coming to a stop hanging from her hand uselessly as the gravity of what Hawkmoth had just said settled down on her.

“Marinette?” Chat whispered to himself confused. With Ladybug distracted. Hawkmoth seized the opportunity he had before him. Ladybug was staring up at Chat Noir mouth gaping unsure of what to say to make this situation better. She didn’t see him coming. Hawkmoth cracked his cane on the back of Ladybug’s head sending her to the ground.

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You’re Not Her: 3.Being Ladybug


Part 1    part 2   part 3(you are here)  Part 4

@polkadotsdesign Should I stop tagging you in these or continue? Let me know!

Previously: Bridgette died as Ladybug in an akuma attack and Felix/Chat Noir is devastated. Marinette receives Ladybug’s (Bridgette’s) earrings and decides to avenge her sister. Oh and Adrien is Felix’s brother.

Tikki told Marinette how to transform. Marinette had hoped she would have been able to figure the rest out easily since she had watched Ladybug on TV and on Alya’s blog hundreds of times. This of course turned out to not be the case. As it turned out Ladybug’s yoyo was much harder to use than one would think. Marinette went crashing and tumbling through Paris dressed up as Ladybug. She caught glimpses of herself here and there in windows and storefronts. She donned the red and black polk a dot suit but it was different. Her hair wasn’t the same as Bridgette’s, it was much shorter and fell around her face in messy strands and got in the way. Now Marinette knew why Bridgette kept her hair in pigtails. Her suit also had more spots than Bridgette’s did and her yoyo clipped to her side differently. Marinette had nearly fallen to her death for the fifth time that day when she thought that maybe she couldn’t do this- that maybe she wasn’t cut out for this but then she heard the screams. Marinette threw the yoyo and flew haphazardly in the direction of the screams.

Marinette stumbled onto a nearby rooftop surveying the scene. She saw the akuma almost instantly. He donned a purple and black robe and carried a cane who’s end eerily resembled that of a scythe. Marinette glared down at the akuma. His fault, She thought, He’ll pay for what he did. Marinette jumped down from the building barely throwing her yoyo out in time to swing down to her feet instead of splattering on the concrete.

“Easy there kid, you’re going to hurt yourself,” A steely voice sounded from behind her. Marinette whipped around mouth turned up into a sneer. Chat Noir stood leaning up against the wall, casually swinging his tail around in his hand. He looked cold and apathetic.

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Walk That Mile 

by purpledaisy (141k)

Published : 2017-10-11

Harry stares at him, the line of his jaw standing out scarily. “I wanted to get the most out of this trip so I planned it carefully.” His voice is low and steady and somehow that’s worse than when he was yelling. “So far, you’ve put your sticky fingers on everything I’ve tried to do.”

“Sticky fingers?” Louis repeats, offended. “Are you saying it’s my fault you got stung by a bee? Had you been alone you would have gotten halfway to the Dotty Diner and ran the car off the road because of an allergic reaction, so don’t go blaming me.”

“Polk-A-Dot Drive In,” Harry spits before getting out of the car. He slams the door shut with a deafening reverb and Louis rolls his eyes.
A Route 66 AU where falling in love was never part of the plan.

Explicit, Chaptered

anonymous asked:

Tips on CPK in the summer? like layering ideas? accessory ideas? I'm not too good at the layering aesthetic of the style yet, as I've not collected enough clothes and have no accessories... Also, any tips on wearing colors (like pastel) in CPK?

All your statement and main pieces are shorter, a few less layers and pick items that are more breathable. Layer shorter skirts, skip tights and go for ankle socks with your chunky heels. Personally I really like the sheer socks with polk–dot-patterns and platform/chunky heels.

A simple baby doll like this would be cute.

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