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do you have any fluffy clintasha headcanons? :) i love them so much and it's been kind of a bad day, i'd love some fluffy stuff to think about <3

The first gift Clint ever bought Natasha was a souvenir he’d bought while he was in Barcelona. It was a tiny silver charm with the letter T. When Natasha asked why, he replied, “They didn’t have any N’s left so I got ‘T’ for ‘Tasha’ instead.”

One night, in order to combat Natasha’s violent nightmare, Clint had tapped morse code into her shoulder, just tapping It’s OK into her skin until her breathing evened out and her eyes finally opened. Now it’s the only soothing tactic that can make Natasha fall asleep easily. Sometimes she just lays her head in Clint’s lap and lets him tap words into her skin. The nightmares never quite go away but they occur less often when he’s around.

When Clint got his hearing aids for the first time, he went to his appointment without Natasha, hoping to surprise her afterwards. When he had come back to their apartment later that day, he came home to Natasha griping about the food on the stove not coming out right and he had said “Relax, Nat. Don’t set the place on fire.” Natasha had snapped back at him before she even realized that he heard her. The wide open-mouthed smile on her face when she spun around with realization and excitement is something Clint will never forget.

Somewhere down the line in their relationship, Natasha has gotten bolder and bolder with taking Clint’s clothes and wearing it out in public. It started at SHIELD when she’d take his SHIELD jacket and wear it proudly around base. But then it trickled on down to his favorite hoodies and flannels straight down to his boxers. All of which she never gave back to Clint. His SHIELD jacket that she’d taken years ago is still in her closet. 

The only item of clothing that Natasha has ever returned to Clint is his favorite t-shirt with the purple bullseye on it. Clint doesn’t know how or when Natasha steals his bullseye shirt. He hasn’t seen her wear it just yet but he knows that she does wear it because when he slides it over his head he can smell her scent on it and it always makes his heart do a little backflip.

When they go into deep cover missions, they like to coordinate their outfits just for the heck of it. If Natasha is wearing a green dress, Clint will wear a green polkadotted tie. If Natasha is wearing a pearl necklace, Clint will wear pearl cufflinks. It’s fun and relieves some of their nerves. No one ever catches on to them anyways.

Natasha had a tan line once from wearing her arrow necklace during a stakeout with Clint in the middle of Bali. When they made love later on that night, Clint wouldn’t stop kissing the tan line, dragging his lips across the tiny arrow mark while his arms were wrapped around her body. It’s one of the reasons Natasha still considers getting an arrow tattoo- even if she knows she never will.

They’re both fond of the idea of being branded by each other. They both know what it’s like not to have a say in one’s fate, what it’s like to be broken as a child, to be weak, and helpless, and without identity. So to be able to choose each other was a first, something new and something liberating. Finding parts of themselves in each other allows them to recognize that there’s something freeing about belonging to one another.


Tale: Occupation

“Oh, oh, wait! I got it,” Zack yelled out. “Changing street lights, that’s what you used to do for a living.”
Daryl let the boy wait in tension, chewing his beans down before slowly licking the juice of his fingers.
“Nope,” Daryl answered. “Wrong. Again.”
“For the fiftieth time today,” I muttered under my breath, getting annoyed by their little game. “I have to say; the longer this game lasts, the less creative ideas you can come with, Zack.”
“If you’re so damn creative, why don’t you tell us what Daryl used to do for a living, then,” Zack replied.

“Fine,” I replied confidently, capturing the attention of the entire group sitting in the prison’s refectory. “Daryl used to sell bibles door-to-door.”
Rick snorted in laughter as well as the rest of the group. Even tired Lori cracked a little smile. Daryl of course disagreed with my idea, his head vigourously shaking in denial.
“That’s just absolutely ridiculous,” Zack commented.
“I don’t know, man. I think she has a point,” T-Dog added, “I could totally see Daryl in a suit, a polkadot tie, glasses and a briefcase filled with bibles, speading the word of God.”

“Well, Zack, obviously the selling bibles job was just a big cover-up for Daryl’s real profession,” I retorded. “Dixon was actually a German spy send out to kill people in their home…”
“That’s more like it,” Daryl nodded approvingly at my creative guessing. “Beats changing street lights.”
“Well, did you kill people for money?” Zack asked, clearly intrigued by the idea.
“Sadly no. Although, that would’ve been a fine career choice.” And with that conclusion, yet another round of guessing began.

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That idea was inspired by the short film ‘Ollie Klublershturf Vs The Nazis’ starring Norman Reedus. Watch it here