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Josephine Baker was a Black, queer, cross-dressing dancer, singer, and civil rights activist who spoke along Martin Luther King Jr. at the March on Washington. She parented twelve adopted children of different ethnicities, and called her queer, chosen family “The Rainbow Tribe.” She worked against the Nazis as a spy during World War II and Frida Kahlo was among her many lovers. Her performances played upon the fetishization of “exotic” women and represented a cornerstone of the Harlem Renaissance. She also kept a cheetah named Chiquita as a pet.

purestmaiden replied to your post “I was a child clown. I marched in the clown parade.  This isn’t a…”

I need more details. This is incredible.

kendygirl replied to your post “I was a child clown. I marched in the clown parade.  This isn’t a…”

I agree, this is an interesting fact and more information would be rad, at first I thought it was a shitpost play on the black parade

Okay, so when I was around 5 or 6 there was this clown parade in my town for some reason and my mom signed me up to be a part of it and she got me (or maybe at least partially diy-ed?) a clown suit- I remember it was black satin with rainbow polkadots and pom-poms down the front- and painted my face all up and I marched through the town doing Goofs and Gags with the rest of the sillymen. 

My dad also says there was a point where my mom wanted to be a clown herself and wanted to bring me along to birthday parties to be her little clown assistant, but that never happened. I was only a child clown that once.

It’s the end of the day, so kick off the shoes, wriggle out of the binder, pop out the contacts, brew the coffee, bust out the stim toys, and relax <3

[Picture shows Professor Augustine Sycamore from Pokemon XY, looking calm and relaxed, with the general ambiance being fairly warm and cozy. He is leaning against a pink pillow that’s propped up against a blue wall and sitting on white carpet, and humming, as indicated by a musical note. He is wearing thin-framed glasses, black sweatpants with blue polkadots, rainbow-striped socks, and a white t-shirt, with a red mug of coffee by his side, and playing with a purple Tangle Jr (a popular type of stim toy). The t-shirt says ‘affaiblir les cis’, which the non-French-speaking artist is really hoping actually does mean something like ‘weaken the cis’ in French, otherwise they’ll be pretty embarrassed.]

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This is My Newest Oc. Meet Aki,originally and true be told he is an Alpaca white/rainbow polkadot plushie i got yesterday.And i turned him into a boy. Aki is 5'7,his birthday is on november 11th.Blood type O+,His favorite food is anything sweet but mostly marshmellows and ice creams with alot of toppings. He’s personality is childish/clingy but he is determine on getting what he wants.He loves to see people smile and happy..but he has a dark side..despite being older than you..he tends to call you “Big sister” Please Do not repost.Just reblog! This is my first time showing an Oc ;-;