Get DOTTY this Spring!

By Grace Pulliam; Grace & Beauty

Designers Tory Burch, Suno, ADAM, and Luca Luca debuted the polka dot trend during Spring 2012 Fashion Week. I was delighted to see polka dots bouncing along the runaway, in the form of jumpers, skirts, and full length dresses. Since I am a 90’s child, I’ve had my fair share of polka dot leggings, bows, and anything else Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen happened to sport during their brief reign over daytime television.

Even though a multitude of trends are recycled in fashion, I feel like various trends become more refined and accessible with time (except parachute pants, but we won’t go there). Polka dots have evolved from the dated, silk wrap dresses to a really chic and wearable pattern for all ages.

I love Tory Burch’s nod to the past with her polka dot runway looks. Even though she’s playing on an already popular pattern, Tory Burch has created a unique and interesting way to wear the dotted trend. 

However, I believe there is a danger in getting too decked out in the polka dot trend. I hope I’m not alone in saying this, but I often associate polka dots with childhood; namely, Disneyland and Minnie Mouse. I think the trick to wearing polka dots is moderation with a sophisticated spin: I love the idea of polka dot accents. These sheer, polka dot tights from Madewell add an element of fun to an otherwise stuffy outfit. 

Of course, casual chic is my niche, so I adore everyday, polka dot ensembles. I especially love a sheer, dotted blouse paired with beautiful accessories, like the Michael Kors watch shown above.  

If you’re feeling overtly dotty, go for the DOUBLE dots! One of my favorite fashion blogs Atlantic-Pacific, posted this gorgeous, double-dotted outfit. The sweater is an understated, orange and white polka dot pattern, whilst the blouse underneath is a busier, navy and white polka dot. The rest of the outfit is casual and fairly neutral (although, don’t you love her accessories? I feel like the over-sized, pearl earrings set off the entire outfit—Don’t even get me started on the sunglasses–I want a pair!)

Of course, if you’re looking for a subtle way to wear the polka dot trend, why not try a dotted manicure? Check out this polka dot manicure from High on Lacquer.

Were you excited to see the polka dot trend strutting down the runway? What’s your favorite way to wear polka dots? Let us know! 

Grey Day! by gingerbreadcookielover featuring knit scarves

Juicy Couture polka dot cardigan, $188
7 For All Mankind white bootcut jeans, $210
Gabriella Rocha suede round toe boots, $71
Kate spade handbag, $325
H M knit scarve, £13
Jigsaw felt hat, £59
Giorgio armani sunglasses, $325
Eyeshadow Multi, £2.99
Halston Halston Woman Set, $140
Ralph Lauren Romance Value Set, $85
Silver Lining Nail Polish, $2.80
Gatineau Age Benefit Elixir RéGéNéRant Sc, €74

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