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Hey lisa! Since spring is arriving I wanted to ask you if you know any nice clothing items I should get to extend my wardrobe ?

 sure:) I looked at some online shops and picked items I liked for spring/summer time,and listed the links. so I ended up having found plenty of items, sorry, however I hope I could help you :)


-Striped T-shirt                   - Jersey Dress                  - A-line Skirt

-Plain White T-shirt            - Light Blue Jeans             - White Lapel Blouse 

Tops/ vests / T-shirt:

- Draped Top                     -Navy Tassel Vest             - Bandage Vest

- Coral Neck Top               - Embroidered Vest            - Royal Blue Vest

- Lace Vest                        -Grey Print T-shirt               - Crochet T-shirt

- Striped Shirt                    - White crop Vest                - Lace Crop Top


- Cropped Blouse            - Off-shoulder Blouse            -  White Hollow Blouse

- Floral Gypsy Blouse      - Geometric Print Blouse       -Lapel Pockets Blouse

- Striped Blouse               - Batwing Blouse                   -Polka Dot Blouse

Sweatshirts/ Cardigans:

-Mesh Sweatshirt             - Floral Sweatshirt                - Knotted Cardigan

- V-Neck Sweatshirt          -Loose Cardigan                 - Lace Cardigan

- Crochet Sweater            - Pink Knit sweater               - Striped Cape


- Rose Pink Blazer          - Blazer with Belt                    - Black Blazer


-Black Floral Kimono         - Lace Kimono                    - Floral Tassel Kimono

-Floral Satin Kimono         -White Floral Kimono          - Half Sleeve Kimono

-Loose Print Kimono         - Maxi Kimono                    - Orange Tassel Kimono


- Black Biker Jacket        - Rosy Biker Jacket             - Nylon Bomber

- Floral Zipper Jacket     -Embroidered Jacket           -Black Tassel Jacket


-Pea Coat                     -Blue Trench Coat                 - Army Green Loose Coat

-White Coat                  -Pink Lapel Coat                    - Loose Coat


- Black Ripped Pants      -White Pants                        -Pleat Tapered Pants

-Black Crop Pants          -Black Pu Pants                     -Baloon Line Pants


-Chiffon Shorts              - Black Pu Shorts                  -White Lace shorts

-Blue straight Shorts      -Suede Shorts                     - Black Tassel Shorts

-Striped Shorts              -Embroidered Shorts            -Apricot PU Shorts


-Blue Floral Skirt            -Black Strap Skirt                - Black Leather skirt

-Printed maxi skirt          - Striped Midi Skirt              - Crochet Skirt

-Khaki Pleated Skirt       - 60´s a-line skirt                 -Blue Skater skirt

- Black short skirt           - Navy A-line skirt                -Printed Midi Skirt


-Black Jumpsuits          - Denim Dungaree               -White Printed Jumpsuit

-Floral Print Jumpsuit     - Navy Jumpsuit                 - Bandeau Jumpsuit


-Mint Maxi Dress          - Black Pleated skirt            - White Lace Dress

-Green Backless Dress    - Flare Dress                  - Ruffle Dress

- Split Maxi Dress          -Light Blue Dress              - Floral Maxi Dress

-Off-shoulder Dress       - Lace Dress                    - Printed Maxi Dress


-Black Shoulder Bag         -Black Backpack           -White Envelope Clutch

-White Tote Bag             - White Shoulder Bag      -Apricot Shopper


-Sequin Sneaker           -Black Leather sandals      - Balltes

-Adidas Sneaker          -Blue pumps                         - Flat Sandals


-Cat eye sunglasses     -Oversized Sunglasses         - BrownSunglasses

- Brown Belt                 - Headband                            -Floral Sunglasses

 -Waist Belt                 - Straw Hat                             - Black Hat


-High waisted Jeans      - Denim Shorts               - Denim Jacket

-Denim Blouse              - Denim Dress                 - Denim Button skirt

-Ripped Jeans              - Denim Dress                 - Denim Romper

Drawing Board Part 1

Bucky x reader, sis!Nat x reader

Warning: some what annoying reader but in a cute way (more curious than annoying)

A/N: the reader is Nat’s sister like friend. I loosely based the character off Jess from New Girl. This will be very angsty in the next part I promise, just have to set the stage first. 

Flashbacks are in italics.

Earlier parts:

Drawing Board Intro


“She’s like my little sister, she will one be here for two weeks over holiday break and if any of you hurt her or anything of that nature,” She exhales to calm her nerves. “I’ll kill you in the most painful way I can imagine. Well, if she doesn’t beat me to it.”

“I felt like that was more focused towards me.” Tony states with an over dramatic frown. “Why me?”

“You’ll see.” Almost as if on cue you walk out the elevator, bright floral bag in one hand and a candy apple red book bag tossed over the other. “This is Y/n.” You weren’t what anyone was expecting, bright and cheery. That’s one of the things Nat loves about you, after a bad day she can always trust you to make things better.

“Hello.” Steve’s the first to greet you, extending his hand which you take and smile. Holy Halloween, Steve Rogers.

“Nice to meet you Captain. I’m a big fan.” You try and watch what you say around him, not wanting to go too excited but it’s hard not to get excited about meeting someone whom has experienced that much history being a history teacher. 

“Wow, you already blew the girl away.” Clint joked, Tony was the only person to laugh. Nat only rolls her eyes with a smile. 

“It’s hard not to, You’re so old! I mean, not like that, so much history in one human. God, this sounds terrible.” You look to Nat for help, you weren’t good at this, not that you have ever experienced this before. “Nat, it’s Captain America.”

“She’s a history teacher.“ Nat explains with a chuckle. “She goes crazy talking about any topic. She know’s almost everything in history. It’s crazy.”

“Really?” Peter questions, which you respond to with a nod while straightening out your black and white polka dot dress and pink cardigan. “I don’t believe you.”

“Try me, bug boy.” You say making them all chuckle. Peter blushed but soon had a challenging look in his eyes.

“French revolution.”

“Going easy on me? Okay.” You try and think of how to summarize all the information on the topic. It was easy for you to do, this is a general, high school topic. “ A period of far-reaching social and political upheaval in France that lasted from 1789 until 1799, and was partially carried forward by Napoleon during the later expansion of the French Empire. Demands for change were formulated in terms of Enlightenment ideals and contributed to the convocation of the Estates-General in May 1789. The first year of the Revolution saw members of the Third Estate taking control, the assault on the Bastille in July, the passage of the Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen in August, and a women’s march on Versailles that forced the royal court back to Paris in October. Shall I go on?” You smile widely and take a seat on the ottoman after Steve offers to take your bag and sets it to the side.

“Alright, that was easy, I’ve got a good one.” Tony says but then pauses, trying to think of a challenge. “Leonardo da Vinci.”

“His name is equated with genius and the cultural movement of the Renaissance, from where he got the nickname “Renaissance Man.” However, it’s really hard to define da Vinci’s actual profession since he mastered way too many things during his lifetime from sculpture to painting, architecture to music, mathematics to anatomy, and engineering among others. He was without a doubt the most diversely talented man of his time and many historians believe that a mind and personality like his comes only once every thousand years. Because of the multiple interests that spurred him to pursue various fields of knowledge, da Vinci is widely considered the archetype of the term genius and the greatest inventor who ever lived.”

“Holy shit.” Clint says, dramatically. Tony and Peter nod in agreement, both very impressed and entertained. You thought it would take more to impress them but you were happy when you did. 

“Well, if you boys are done using her as entertainment, I’m going to show her to her room.” Nat grabs your bag and your arm pulling you with her before she abruptly stops. “Oh and Steve, could you get Buck here for dinner. Y/n really wants to meet him.”


Its been a few weeks since that day, you were originally only supposed to stay for the Holidays but Nat begged Tony to find you a job in town since you hadn’t had a previous job. You and Tony had just ordered a pizza and waited for the others to arrive.

 “So I have been wondering, as a man of science myself, Why history?” Tony asks curiously while picking up to pizza from his plate and taking a bite.

 “Why science?“ You counter and take a quick drink of your soda with a half smile.“History was just my favorite so I decided to work that into my love for helping others.“ Steve walks in with a pep in his step and Natasha by his side, the look on her face made you uneasy.

 “Y/n, we have someone we want you to meet.” Steve says and glances at Nat. The elevator dings and a man walks out, longer hair than you remember and you notice his eyes are bluer than in pictures. “This is-”

 “James Buchanan Barnes of the 107th.” You say and jump up from your seat, eager to shake his hand. God, you thought he was handsome. His chestnut hair pulled back in a bun and a maroon Henley pushed up to my elbows. “It’s a pleasure to meet you, I’m Y/n.”

 “The pleasures all mine, Doll.” He shakes your hand with a smile on his face. You realize you have been shaking his hand for too long when you hear Tony chuckle. You retreat your hand with a blush tinting your cheeks.

 “Get out of your pajamas, we are going out to dinner.” Nat says with an arched brow and a smirk. 

 “Those are your pajamas?” Tony questions, you look down at your button up shirt and matching sky blue pants with white clouds on them.

 "Heck yeah.” You reply along with jazz hands before you scurry into your room to find something to wear. You rummage through your clothes and after ten minutes Sam and Nat come in, you can just barely see them through your closet door, she is wearing a tight black dress that fits like a glove. You groan at the fact she has such a perfect outfit and you have nothing. 

 “Y/n?” Nat calls making you walk out of your closet wearing overalls and black heels. Her and Sam laugh but then Nat looks at you and you know that look. 

“Nat, I’m fine. I’ll find something to wear in this mess.” You go to turn back you your closet but Sam is already in there.

“It looks like a 1st graders closet but the clothes are two times bigger.” Sam jokes making you freak out even more and shove your hands in your big pockets.

“Why are you so nervous?” Sam asks you but before you can respond Natasha does.

 “Bucky is her favorite.” Nat says while mindlessly picking up a trinket off your desk, twirling it in her fingers. Sam gives Nat a strange look almost asking her to explain which causes her to sigh. “Her favorite person in history. Him and Steve was all she could study for two months, even took a class in college about the Howling Commandos and another about Hydra. Even went to The Smithsoan just for their display.” 

 “Damn, girl.”


 “Come out you Nerd.” Nat yells from the living area, you were still in your room with nerves filling your stomach. Tony started laughing at Nat’s attire, over-alls and the heels she once wore. Tony’s laughter subsides as you walk in, heels clicking on the hardwood floors.

 "Wow.“ Clint says and for a moment you think he’s not actually going to have a smart ass comment but you have known him for about as long as you have know Nat, which seems like forever and with him, there is always a comment. “You finally look like an adult. Let me guess its Nat’s dress?”

All eyes in the room were on you. The outfit being so different from your usual attire. Bucky was in aw, he thought you looked good before, even if it was in cloud pajamas. As your eyes made their way to Bucky’s face is made your body warm up under his gaze.

 "Yeah, we switched outfits. I think she was going for country chic.“ You blush as you hear Bucky chuckle. “Well, I’m hungry and Steve promised dinner so lets go.”


Bucky and you have been close ever since you decided to stay at the tower, even staying on the same floor. You still taught, History of S.H.I.E.L.D to new S.H.I.E.L.D agents and even combat skills too, if you were feeling fancy.  

“Alright, Weirdos, that’s all for today. Good job, don’t use this on anyone unless needed!” You yell as the recruits all walk out of the gym, wiping sweat from their foreheads and panting. You were doing the same but also drinking your lemon infused water.

 “I hope you know weirdos can be taken offensively.“ Bucky says while leaning against the door frame, clad in a white button-up and dark wash jeans. 

 "That sounds a lot like something a weirdo would say.” You giggle while tossing you arms around his neck. His arms slither around your waist as he lightly kisses you but it’s interrupted by a smile. 

 "Get ready, Dinner is in an hour. Happy two years to us Doll.“ 

 You wish someone would have told you that was your last date. Perhaps you would have picked a different dress.

Perfect Pairing: Sweaters & Shirts

How to mix and match button-downs with sweaters like a pro

During this time of year, layering is a must. One of the key ways to stay warm while showing that you have style is by wearing button-down shirt under a sweater, and letting the collar and edges peek out. We styled a few variations of this foolproof look to show you some new ways to mix it up. From plaid to polka dots and cardigans to pullovers, see our choice combinations and shop your favorites below.

ASOS Sweater in 100% Cashmere

Checked Cotton Shirt

Tiny Hands Embroidered Ergo Sweatshirt

ASOS Smart Shirt In Long Sleeve With Button Down Collar And Contrast Buttons

Killa Whale Pullover

Eligh Woven

Grey Amsterdam Sweatshirt

Button Down Shirt

Four Eyes

ASOS Denim Shirt In Long Sleeve With Rinse Wash

Men Pure Blue Japan Sweat Shirt

Striped Long-Sleeve Button-Down

Native Youth Geo-Print Crew-Neck Sweater

Button-Down Collar Cotton Oxford Shirt